He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


12. Chapter 12


My head hurts. That's the first thing I think about when I wake up. I can still taste the alcohol on my breath. I don't have chance to think about what happened last night, as I'm too busy panicking about the warmth of someone's arm over my body. This isn't good, I just know it. I'm also naked apart from my knickers, at least I'm in my own bed.

I sit up carefully, gently knocking away their arm. I wish I'd have shoved his arm away, when I see his fast asleep face and realise it's Nathan.

Oh my God.

This isn't happening, is what I try to convince myself. But sadly it's not a dream at all.

At least he's fast asleep, I could get up and grab some clothes before he gets to see me naked again. I recall bits of last night, God was I drunk.

I thought even in my drunken mind, I respected myself enough to not sleep with this guy. Out of everyone, Nathan Harper! Why?

My dressing gown is hung on the end of my bedpost, I plan on quickly getting up and grabbing it. Just as I stand up, he wakes up. Typical.

"Morning beaut" he smirks, sitting up. I attempt to cover my chest with my arms, but it's too late, he's already seen it all anyway. I feel like I'm nervous more than anything. I can't deny that he looks good, just sat there. But his arms and naked body, make it hard not to look.

"Oh close your eyes or turn around or something!" I say, panicking.

"Why? I saw it all last night and on the photo last week" he teases. I just want to cry, I'm that humiliated. I grab my dressing gown and cover myself up, as quickly as I can.

The worst part is that I can't even get him to leave, Timothy made it clear I wasn't allowed to see him, so how can he go downstairs and walk out? Timothy or someone is bound to see him.

"You need to leave, how good are you at sneaking out the window?" I say, trying to avoid eye contact.

I feel sick, when I think about all the girls he's slept with in the past. Now I'm stupidly one of them.

"Calm down, why don't you come back to bed?" he replies, noticing I'm stressing out.

"Last night never happened!" I insist.

"You can say that all you want, but I'm afraid it did and it was pretty damn good" he says.

"Actually it was awful" I say, but from what I can remember, I enjoyed his company at the time.

"You're just saying that because-" he begins, before were interrupted by someone knocking on my bedroom door. My heart sinks in panic. Why am I so on edge around him? I'm not afraid of Timothy, but part of me is scared of what he would say, or more so what he would do if he found out I hooked up with Nathan.

"May, are you up-" Mom asks, through the door. Her voice doesn't sound as chirpy as usual, which reminds me of everything that happened during the speeches last night. She's probably really angry with me. I might have been drunk, but not one part of me regrets what I said.

"You need to hide, under the bed or in the wardrobe?" I say, quietly and quickly. This sounds so pathetic, having to make him hide in my room, but I don't really have another choice. Damn my drunken mistakes.

"I'm not going under you're bed" he laughs, not taking this seriously at all.

"Then wardrobe, now!" I insist, pushing him back to the door when he stands up. He's lucky it's a walk in wardrobe.

"Calm down, I've done this before" he says, frowning at me before laughing. The fact he says he's done this before grosses me out, it just proves how many one night stands he's had.

"Get in" I say, opening the wardrobe door, quickly scraping up his clothes that are all over the place and shoving them in his arms.

"Your a stress head you know that?" he smirks.

I take pleasure in slamming the door in his face.

"May?" Mom knocks again, before I open the door.

"Morning" I say, acting like everything is normal and there isn't a naked guy in my wardrobe.

"What's going on?" She asks, looking suspicious.

"Nothing, why?" I say casually.

"Then we need to talk darling" she says, rather seriously. Hopefully she isn't that mad at me, considering she called me darling.

"Look if this is about last night, then I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said what I said" I insist, not really sorry, I'm just trying to get her to go, but instead she walks straight in and sits on the corner of my bed. It's probably a good job that Nath didn't hide under there.

"What you said, did you mean it? Because I feel awful" she says, holding her hand to her chest, like she's trying to give me a really heartfelt explanation.

"Every word, no offence Mother, but you couldn't have pushed me aside more if you tried" I say, taking advantage of her guilt. I have every right to be hurt.

"Timothy merely suggested that you'd rather sit with your friends" she says, as though Timothy sat me away from the family table to suit my own happiness. What a load of cobblers.

"Sorry Mom but that is crap, the bastard hates me and you know he does" I say, not giving a damn about the way I'm trashing Timothy. What's more on my mind, is my stupid drunken mistake, that's lingering in my wardrobe.

"Language darling" she says, raising her voice, but then realising that shouting may make the situation worse. "... Timothy doesn't hate you, he loves you like you're his own" she insists. I'm really getting tired of this bull. If Timothy was my Father, I would go crazy, I don't know how Scarlett puts up with him.

"You don't understand, please Mom just leave me alone" I say, standing up and losing eye contact. I am hurt, so I don't particularly want to talk about it. Mostly, I just want her to leave so I can get rid of Nathan.

"Love, please listen to me" she says, pronouncing the pity in her voice. If anyone should be apologising, it's Timothy.

"No Mom, I'm sorry but I need to get up and dressed... So do you" I say, hoping she will finally go. I get that she wants to make things right between us, but I can't talk to her right now.

"You need to get your things packed, we've got to

be at the hotel in two hours" she reminds me. Going to the hotel means their wedding will be happening soon, I'm not sure if I'm ready for this. I don't want to be maid of honour anymore, technically I shouldn't be maid of honour anyway, considering I'm not married myself. My Mother has always been one to stray away from tradition.

She leaves and sighs on her way out, like she's irritated that this isn't resolved.

I sit back down on my bed, feeling guilty, when I really shouldn't. Part of me cares that I may have ruined their night, but I should speak my feelings, especially when it's something that's bothering me. I let my chin slump into the palm of my hand and almost forget that Nath is hiding in my wardrobe, now fully clothed. His dark hair is messy, in an attractive way as always. He is a complete dick head, but he's totally gorgeous.

"That was dramatic, you alright?" he says, looking surprised. The way he asks shows he doesn't really care, he's just making conversation. I don't want him to care, I just want him to go. I don't know how to act the morning after a one night stand.

"Fine" I say shortly, before getting up and grabbing a pair of skinny jeans and an off the shoulder jumper. I go to attempt at getting some clothes on under my dressing gown, but I know it will fail.

"Sure you want to do that" he says, now directly behind me. I feel his hand on my waist, which brings back memories from last night. I knock him off and walk back over to my bed.

"We need to get you out of here" I say, scared that for a split second there, I actually considered repeating last night with him. There's a sort of relief about it, it's as though hooking up with him takes my mind off all the other shit that's going on in my life; like this god damn wedding.

"Calm down... have you never done this before?" He says, surprised. Just because I'm not a virgin doesn't mean I've had many meaningless hook ups.

"No of course not, it may have escaped your notice Nath, but unlike you I haven't slept with half the people in our school!" I say, making him out to be the sleaze he is.

"Yeah and you're one of them, I'll add you to my list which is about two pages long" he jokes, but it's really not funny.

"God your so disgusting" I say, retorting my face. I casually take a look out of my window and notice that Timothy's car is not on the driveway. He must have already gone to the hotel along with his groomsmen.

"Timothy has gone, you could probably leave right about now" I say, assuming my Mother has gone to pack her own things. Scarlet is probably doing the same.

"What makes you think I want to leave?" He says, raising his eyebrows. He makes me nauseous.

"Get out! You've won you're stupid bet okay, now leave me alone, I mean it" I say, harshly.

"Alright, but I'm room 207 tonight, if you get lonely at your own Mother's wedding, I can always take your mind off it" he says, somehow reading my mind. How does he know that he takes my mind off everything else?

"Room? What? You're staying at the hotel?" I ask, feeling even more nauseated by the second.

"Of course beaut, everyone is" he says, as though it's obvious, he's always so patronising when he talks to me. This wedding has been in the back of my mind for a long time, I haven't really thought it through properly. My Mom told me I'm sharing with Scarlett; the joys. Other than that, I don't really know what to expect.

I open the door, check the coast is clear. Then I grab him by his shirt, which is now creased up after being thrown across the room last night. I push him out of my room.

"Get out before someone sees you!" I shout quietly, just so that nobody hears.

"Sure... I've got what I wanted anyway" he mutters, like a total tosser, as he strolls away from my door and across the landing to the stairs. I go straight in the shower, feeling like I have to wash away the germs. I sit in there for a while, just letting the water trickle over me. I'm trying to make myself believe that last night never happened. Before Nathan, I'd only ever slept with one person, how could I sink so low?

Once my bag is packed, I'm cornered by Scarlett as we are about to leave in the car.

"How is your head this morning?" She tuts, as though I'm completely hungover. I'm not at all, I may be wearing sunglasses, but that's only so that I can glare at her without her noticing.

"It's perfectly fine thank you" I lie.


"Seriously what?" I mutter, imitating her stupid, annoying voice.

"You're not going to apologise to me?" She says, as though she was expecting a sympathetic apology from me. She's kidding herself, if she thinks that's ever going to happen.

"What do you want me to say sorry for? You're the one that's trying to steal my Mother" I say, potentially overreacting just a little. I'm acting like a child, but I don't care.

"Oh please, get over yourself" she says, making me feel worse. She makes me doubt the way I'm acting, but at the end of the day, after last night I should be doing more than acting like a sassy little brat.

"Stay away from me today" I say, offering my case to the driver and getting in the car. I sit with my earphones in and arms crossed for the whole twenty minute journey to the hotel and wedding venue. I'm glad it's in the same place, just like last night, it means I can leave and go to my room whenever I like.

After ditching my bags in my room, I have a look around, sussing out the venue. That's when Finn finds me. I assume he's here early as his Mother is a bridesmaid.

"Have you smashed your own phone too?" He asks, without even saying hello.

"What are you talking about Finn?" I ask.

"I've rang you three times within the past twelve hours, what the hell?"

"Oh sorry, I haven't even checked my phone" I say, which is the truth, I just dumped it in my bag this morning. I guess I've had more pressing things on my mind.

"It doesn't matter... Are you alright? I would have came to see you after you stormed out last night, but I guessed you would want to be on your own" he says, knowing me well. I'm not the sort of person to sit up and talk about their feelings. It's a pretty good job that he didn't come up to see me last night, God knows what he would have walked in on.

I feel like I should tell him what happened with Nathan, but I honestly fear that he would disown me. I don't like keeping things from him. I couldn't even tell him I kissed Nathan, so how can I tell him I slept with him, he would loose all respect he has for me.

"I'm fine Finn, I'm over last night" I say, lying yet again. It's just easier to not talk about it, if we do then I'd feel obliged to tell him everything.

"Well good, I don't like it when you're down" he pouts, I don't like it when I'm down either, but it's not really something that can be helped.

"You've cheered me up" I say, he has a little.

"What room are you in?" He asks, looking at his own keycard.

"195, I'm sadly sharing with Scarlett, which won't go down well" I say, with a slanted face.

"She will probably be spending the night in someone else's bed anyway, so I wouldn't worry about it if I were you" Finn says, acting like more of a bitch than me.

"What makes you say that?" I ask, out of curiosity. Scarlett may be annoying, but I've never really stapled her as a slut, truthfully I think she's a virgin.

"She was talking to Grayson last night after you left, she was all over him like a rash"

"She must be desperate" I say, as it's the only explanation.

"Obviously, why else would she be interested in him? Only a dirty slut would voluntarily hook up with someone like him" he says, looking put off. My heart sinks, I'm a classic example of what he just described. What I did last night is not going to stop haunting me. In my defence, I was drunk and Nathan took advantage of me, but it still happened and I can't change that. I need to tell Finn, but where would I start?

We go our separate ways when it's time for me to have my hair and make up done. I put my dress on, still disapproving of it as I look at my reflection in the mirror. It's floor length and the top part from my chest to my waist is lace. The rest is chiffon type material. I'm still convinced it's pink, which makes me hate it even more. My hair is curled around one side and clipped up on the other, I mess it up a little so that it doesn't look so perfect.

"You two look beautiful" are my Mom's first words when she joins us, in her wedding dress. It's a slim laced dress, with long tight sleeves. Her blonde hair is in a plaited bun at the back of her head. She does look beautiful, it's a shame she's marrying Timothy of all people. Scarlett is about to pay her a compliment, but before she can, I speak over her, as loudly as I can.

"Mom you're the one that looks beautiful, you're going to turn so many heads" I say, making her blush. She's the sort of person that doesn't take compliments well, it's as though she doesn't believe what you're saying.

"Darling don't make me cry" she teases. We share a look for a moment, like she wants me to forget about last night and pretend that it never happened. I can forgive, but I can't forget. This is her big day, I don't want to spoil it.

"Are we all ready? It's time" Meredith says. Mom looks nervous, like she should, I would be on the verge of passing out if I was marrying that tosser. I should be playing the supportive daughter, but every part of me has a need to sabotage this wedding, by any means possible.


The service was such a bore, I was near enough ready to dose off halfway through. I've never really been a fan of weddings, but my Mum forced me to come. I don't get the whole thing, people are together, why do they have to have a big ceremony just to put a label on it. The only positive about coming, is what I hope my night is going to entail. I haven't kept my eyes off her, she obviously looks fit, but it's something more. After last night, all I want is for it to happen all over again and that's really not like me. I sleep with a girl and then I'm usually done with them. I don't want to get serious, that's not me at all, but I just want her again. She's like an addiction I can't get enough of. I'm not entirely convinced that she still hates me as much as she lets on.

The only entertaining thing about this wedding has been the moody look on May's face throughout the whole thing. I'm assuming she hasn't sorted things out with her Mum and Timothy, so I doubt she's in the best of moods today.

"How lovely was that service" my Mum says to my Dad, who agrees. It didn't seem like anything special to me.

"It's a shame she's married to the Wanker now" I mutter, under my breath.

"Nathan! None of us are his biggest fan, but have some respect it's their wedding day" My Mum moans.

"I agree son" My Dad says, receiving a glare from my Mum.

Just as we are seated for the meal (which is the next part of the afternoon I have to bore through), I notice my sister's name card next to mine. I forgot she was coming home for the wedding, she's allowed to skip the actually ceremony but I have to sit through it, how is that fair?

"Izz!" My Mum says, practically squealing as she opens her arms to my sister. She turned up quick. It makes me think that she was already here and purposely decided to skip the past boring hour. My parents fuss over her for a good five minutes before she even acknowledges me.

"Hey little brother" she smiles, hugging me. I hate hugs, they're the worst.

"Good to see you too Izzy" I say, removing myself from this sibling bond pretty much straight away.

"Come on let's go and get a drink" she says, dragging me to the bar. She knows perfectly well that I have fake ID, hell it was one of her friends that got it for me.

"How's school or uni or whatever?" I ask, clearly not really that interested. It pisses me off sometimes, she's this golden child and in a way I'm jealous of her success.

"Fine, how's St. G's?" she asks.

"Same old same old" I mutter, annoyingly having to show my ID before the bloke behind the bar will give me my drink.

"I hear you've been up to no good" she says, smugly, as though she thinks she knows more about me than I do.

"You're gonna have to be more specific" I say, as I've done a lot of bad things this term, it's hard to say which one she's thinking of. I don't see why my parents feel the need to complain about me to her.

"May" she says, looking at me blankly.

"Why won't everyone quit going on about that?" I moan, kind of sighing, everyone is so over dramatic.

"Because you're cruel and horrible and you should learn your lesson" she says, acting like Mum.

"Give it a rest Izzy, it wasn't even that big of a deal" I say.

"No Nath, Mum told me you got suspended, if you keep doing stupid things like this then you won't even get accepted at uni"

"It's me Izz, I always work my way out of things, besides what uni wouldn't want me?" I say, acting like an ego maniac just to grate on her. I don't appreciate being told off by my sister of all people.

"Okay onto the next thing then"

"Do go on" I say, not very enthusiastically.

"Smoking Nath, really?" She tuts, crossing her arms. "You told me you were done with that" she says, acting motherly.

"When you call Mum, is this all you talk about?" I say, not taking her seriously one bit.

"It's all that's on her mind, you stress her out so much"

"Look you lot need to stop questioning me about all this and let me get on with my life" I say, just as I notice May walk in. Finn is with her, Scarlett just behind, May is keeping as much distance from her as possible.

"You're a reckless idiot and you need to sort yourself out" she snaps, although I'm now not really paying attention to her.

"Hello? Are you even listening to me?" She tuts, clicking her fingers in my face. It's fair to say I was easily distracted by the memory of May last night.

"Nope I'm not, now if you don't mind, I've got more important things to be doing" I say, finishing my drink, looking fairly determined towards May.

"Like what?" Izzy moans.

"It's more of a like who" I joke as I wonder off.

"Hey get back here little brother!" She says, failing to keep calm. I walk away, more interested in where I'm going, than continuing talking to her. I guess you could say that I'm being rude, but I don't really have a care in the world.

The whole room's attention is drawn when Timothy and Cassandra are announced. Everyone's fake clapping and displays of emotion make me feel uncomfortable, weddings are such a cliché. If I thought last night was awkward, then tonight is going to be ten times worse, the speeches will be even more sickening. I suppose I'm being quite hard, but I just don't really have any interest in emotions, I'm not that sort of person. I've never had feelings for a girl, unless you count the feeling that I want to hook up with them. I've never even really acted particularly brotherly with my sister and I'm not the best son in the world. But I like the way I am, it's easy.

Once that awkward display of the new 'mr and mrs' is over, I go back to being as bored as I have been all day. I haven't been bored all day, that would be a lie, waking up this morning was extremely interesting. Thinking of that, I wonder where May has gotten to.

Conveniently, Finn walks past me, so I grab his attention. He follows May around like a dog, so he's the best person to ask. I'm still unsure of how he feels about her, it's tough look if he likes her. Although, I'm almost certain he doesn't, because if I were him then I would have done something about it by now.

"What do you want dick head?" He says, not very friendly. The guy hates me and in all fairness, I'm not that fond of him either.

"Woah calm down girly" I joke, it's harsh I know, but he asks for it. He in no way acts like a girl, he's kind of the complete opposite, but I like to push people's buttons. Maybe that's the reason I have this 'dick head persona' that some people prefer to steer clear of.

"Piss off man" he says, walking away.

"Hey wait, have you seen May?" I ask, walking away with him. I may seem a little desperate for May, but I'm bored out my box, I need some form of enthralment to keep me going.

"Why do you want to know?" He asks, coming to a stop, crossing his arms and looking suspicious. I would say he has nothing to be curious about, but that would be a total lie. The guy acts like her brother, so it's easy to say that he would go completely mental if he knew what happened between May and I last night.

"I want to know where she is, what's it to you?" I say, looking down on him. I can't help being the intimidating person I am sometimes.

"After everything you've done to May, you can stay the hell away from her!" He says, sizing me up.

"Something tells me she wouldn't be happy about that" I say, meaning every word. The way she reacted last night to the things we did in her bed, make me think that she would be up for it again.

"What do you mean? What have you done now?" He asks, getting angry. He loosens the grey tie around his neck, whilst I just stand there trying to understand what that was supposed to prove. I'm not the sort of guy that would get into a fight, but that doesn't mean I couldn't. I do my fair share of weights so it would probably end badly for him.

"Nothing mate, or maybe I have done something" I say, just to irritate him even more. I stand there with my hands in my pockets clearly not giving a damn about what he's going on about.

"You better say something or I'll-" he begins, in a pathetic threatening tone, just before he's interrupted.

"Finn calm down, what is going here?" She says. The tone of her voice turns me on just a little.

"Here she is" I say, raising my eyebrows at Finn, as now I've got what I wanted anyway. I return my eyes to May, she looks good but I preferred her in black last night.

"Didn't think pink was your colour?" I say, in a slightly patronising way.

"Thank you! I'm trying to tell everyone it's pink, but no one else thinks so" she says, not realising what she's doing. She's too caught up in our mutual understanding of the colour of her dress, to realise how nice she's being to me. I'm almost sure that she's never spoken to me without shouting or being sarcastic before.

Finn looks at her, sort of seeming confused, that's when it clicks and she remembers how much she 'hates' me.

"What are you two shouting about?" She asks, folding her arms and looking at the floor, seeming a little embarrassed. I don't see how being nice to me embarrasses her, but never mind.

"Nothing, I'm just telling him to leave you alone" Finn says to her, whilst glaring at me.

"Oh give it a rest Sanders, why don't you quit acting like a melodramatic fool" I joke, but neither of them look remotely amused.

"Me the fool? You're the sickest fool around here" he says, shoving me. May intervenes, clearly not wanting two guys to have a scrap at her Mother's wedding.

"Finn stop! Nathan walk" May demands, pulling Finn back and pushing me away. She surprisingly follows. Don't tell me I'm going to get a lecture from her now.

"May he's not worth even talking to, just drop it, food is being served soon" Finn says, trying to persuade her to stay, but she's not having any of it.

"I don't care Finn, you need to go and calm down!" She says, getting a little tetchy. Finn does as he is told and buggers off, meanwhile May drags me out of the room and down to a deserted corridor. It's kind of kinky, I'm not going to lie.

"What are you playing at?" She demands, crossing her arms in frustration. That wasn't what I was expecting her to say, she seemed very eager to get me out of there, I guess I thought it was for other reasons.

"Has anyone told you today how much better that dress would look off?" I say, purely changing the subject to increase her pissy mood.

"Answer me!" She demands.

"I don't know what you're talking about May, I was talking to Finn because I was looking for you" I say, shrugging my shoulders and laughing at how on edge she is.

"Did you tell him?"

"Did I tell him what?" I reply.

"What happened last night idiot" she says, making it seem very obvious.

"Oh, you mean did I tell him we had some pretty great sex last night?" I say and I take it that the frown on her face is her response to that question. "No I didn't tell him, I thought you would have though, keeping secrets from your best friend doesn't really sound like you beaut" I tut.

"Yeah well it's not really something I want to be shouting from the roof tops!" She yells.

"I don't know what you've got to be embarrassed about, you enjoyed yourself" I insist.

"No I did not! You took advantage of my drunken behaviour" she says, speaking to me like I'm a repellent and vile person. I guess she has a point.

"Stop denying it" I say through a breezy laugh, as I let my hand find the curve of her waist.

"Denying what?" She says, noticing my touch, but not shoving me away. There's a small part of her that wants me again and there always will be.

"Denying how much you want to repeat last night, right here, right now" I say, noticing her shiver a little. I'm taking that as a positive sign.

"You're repulsive" she says, clearly trying to convince herself.

"Then why is your hand clutching my chest?" I ask, looking down at the way she is delicately holding on to a bunch of my shirt. It's as though she doesn't want to admit how much she wants to hook up again.

"I must admit Nath, last night took my mind of a lot of crap that's going on at the moment"

"That's what I'm here for beaut" I say, lifting her chin so that I receive her full attention.

"What makes you think you know me so well? Because you really don't-" she starts yapping before I shut her up by pulling her into a rough kiss. She lets herself enjoy it before she realises what's going on.

"I can't do this, it's my Mother's wedding! Food is being served, I have to socialise with guests, I have to-"

"Would you quit moaning already beaut?" I say, eager to take that previous kiss further.

"We can't do this" she says, trying to tell herself this is wrong, because I'm fully on board.

"Yes we can" I say, with a look of determination. My eyes can't seem to stay away from her dress, I want it off right this second.

"We're in a corridor!" She says, holding her arms up and looking around. I'm surprised she's sober and actually considering it. It's as though she's just like most girls, she can't get enough now that she's had me once. But then again, she's still different to most girls, as she's still trying to tell herself how much she hates me.

"Room 207 remember" I say, waving my keycard in her face. I notice the change in her facial features, it tells me this is definitely going to happen.

"What floor?" She asks, snatching it from me and starting to make her way there.

"Follow me" I say, grabbing it back and pulling her by her hand.

Once we are in the lift on our way to floor five, I've already got her against the lift wall. It's fair to say that it would be awkward if someone walked into the lift right now.

"You shouldn't be doing this" I tease, in between kissing her and grasping a handful of her dress so that it reaches up. I wish this damn lift would move faster.

"Shut up and kiss me" she demands, tugging on my tie quite roughly. She loosens it from my collar, clearly eager to get my shirt off.

"Whatever you say May" I reply, kissing her again. You can hardly call it kissing, as everything is so rushed that we are all over each other. We both pull apart when the lift pings and opens onto my floor.

"You're right, I really shouldn't be doing this, food is being served" she says, following me anyway.

"Shut up and get this over with then" I say, talking to her like she was just talking to me. Surprisingly she actually laughs at me. That's definitely the first slight smile I've gotten out of her since she's been back.

I swipe my keycard and she pulls me by my blazer into my room. Once she sees the bed, I notice she's a little shy as she isn't drunk this time. That soon passes when I take control. The first thing I do is let her dress fall off when I undo the zip. She has her legs around me when we both fall onto the bed. In between kissing me, he pulls my tie up and over my head, before almost ripping the buttons off my shirt.

I easily undo her bra, just as she pulls open my belt buckle.

"I thought you were hot last night, but you're even more experienced when you're sober" I laugh next to her ear.

"Don't remind me of last night or right now ever again" she says, confusingly. How is she letting herself do this? I'm not complaining, but I'm just curious.

She desperately grasps at my jeans, so I help her pull them off.

"Out of interest, have you been drinking?" I ask, still hung up on curiosity.

"No, but after this I will be"

"You didn't seem to happy during the service, I'm surprised you didn't do anything to stop it" I say, not really knowing why I'm bringing that up, I guess you could say I'm ruining the moment.

"It's my Mom's life not mine, If she wants to marry a tosser like him then that's her decision" she says, very quickly as though she's sick of answering my questions.

"That's enough talk then" I say, noticing her smile just a little, which confuses me. She's obviously enjoying herself, but she still hates me, right?

I take control and switch around so that I'm on top.

In my eyes this is just friends with benefits. But the situation between us is odd, I wouldn't call us friends. She might call it hate sex, but whatever I call it doesn't even matter. It's what I've been waiting for, I'm bored of all the other girls at school, including Vivian. There's something even more attractive about May, even though we've already had sex once, I still see her as a challenge.

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