He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


11. Chapter 11


The past week has been bliss. But that's only because Nathan has gladly been suspended, but him and Isaac are back on Monday. Even Gray has kept his distance, he's probably a little wary of me since I smashed up his phone. Tonight however, is not going to be bliss at all. It's my Mother and Timothy's wedding tomorrow, meaning tonight is the rehearsal. Not an inch of me approves of Timothy, I know I have no say in the matter, but I wish my Mother could see how horrible he is. I'm not that bothered about seeing Nathan tonight, sadly he's going to be there, but what's more on my mind is this wedding. Timothy as a stepfather and Scarlett as a stepsister, I'm entering virtual hell.

I have to crack open the Prosecco whilst I'm getting ready, just to make the night go quicker. Who even has a rehearsal dinner now-a-days? It's not like I had any other plans, but this is such a waste of my life. At least it won't be as bad as the actual wedding. That's tomorrow, thankfully it's in the afternoon, so if I get totally wasted tonight (which is a big possibility), then I've got the morning to sleep it off.

The stupid bridesmaid's dresses Scarlett chose are awful, she also pointed out that we should all wear the same colour tonight; which my mother and Meredith (Finn's Mother) seemed delighted by. I had no say in the matter, the bridesmaid's dresses were picked out before I even got here. Meredith would have gone along with whatever Scarlett said, because Scarlett is manipulative like that. It's fair to say that the way I feel about Scarlett, has returned to the way I felt when I moved back here. She was really sweet to me when the photo got released, but over the past week I've remembered what a little spoilt brat she is.

Thankfully I don't have any red dresses; at least that's what they think. Due to it being a last minute suggestion, there's no time to get me one. I pull on a tight, black, strappy dress, with a sweat heart neck line. I put some smokey eye shadow on my eye lids and make some flicks with eye liner. I'm the maid of honour, let's just say that's the reason my dress is different. They say the bridesmaid's dresses are red, but in my opinion they are more pink than red and I hate pink. So I kind of hate Scarlett for choosing them.

I'm interrupted by someone knocking on my door, before I have chance to say they can come in, Timothy yells something.

"Hurry up May, guests are arriving and your mother wants you downstairs!" He says, firmly and harshly from the other side of the door. Why is my mother marrying this monster? He's a complete tosser.

"I'll be down now" I lie, I'm not entirely convinced on

my hair situation. It's half up and half down. Before leaving my room I pull out the bobble, so that it's all down, it looks a tad wild, but I'm past the point of caring. Besides, there's no one here that I plan on impressing.

I'm glad this party is at the house, it means I can ditch it whenever I want. As I walk downstairs, I realise how grand everywhere looks, considering how grand this house is already. There's people everywhere, how many did my Mother invite? This isn't even half of the people that are coming to the actual wedding.

This staircase is so huge, it's like I'm making a big entrance. I look so awkward; as usual.

I have to socialise with a few aunts and uncles before I can go to find Finn and Willow. Finn was invited anyway, but I decided to ask Willow too, so that she didn't feel left out.

"Late to your own Mother's rehearsal dinner" Finn tuts, jokingly as I find them.

"I know... I suppose you could say it's bad that I don't really care" I say. I know I should support my Mother, but I can't, I hate the man she's marrying so I don't see how I can be their number one fan.

"Cold" he laughs "you look great by the way".

"Thanks, but I don't think my darling soon to be stepsister will be pleased, as she wants everyone to wear the same!" I say, getting a bit tetchy.

"Well to be honest I was just practicing my compliments on you... But you do look nice" he smiles.

"Yeah, say that to Louisa and your golden" I joke.

"Really?" He says, looking sort of intrigued.

"No of course not you fool" I laugh.

"Then I guess I'm forever a hopeless romantic" he says, bowing his head.

"You just need to pick the right girl Finn, Louisa seems like Alyssa's decoy" I say, it's true she seems to cling to Alyssa like her twin.

"No she doesn't"

"Yes she does" I say, as we begin this dispute, we act like brother and sister most of the time, so it's nothing unusual.

"No she does not-"

"Hey guys shut up!... how come Grayson is here?" Willow asks, randomly. She knows how to catch our attention, because that sentence makes us both look up faster than anything.

"What? He shouldn't be" I say sort of panicking.

"Yeah he's in there with Nath" she says. For a moment I forgot that idiot was coming, which is surprising, considering how much joy he received in reminding me over text last week. For some reason, he has this crazy idea that I have a weakness when it comes to him, he's convinced that I'm desperate to hook up with him and I'm really not. Thinking of having to put up with him and Gray tonight gets me really frustrated. I can't stand Timothy, Scarlett has pissed me off and now Gray has gatecrashed, I need another drink. Like right now.

"Well he shouldn't be here!" I snap, already getting stressed. I've grown used to the fact that Nathan is invited, but I'm fairly certain Gray didn't get an invitation. I'm maid of honour, it's my job to kick out people that aren't invited, right?

I hurry into the room and see my Mother socialising. I need to sort this out. I rudely interrupt her conversation, which she doesn't react well to.

"May what is-... Why are you wearing black?" She says, looking at my dress, not seeming too pleased. Of course she would side with Scarlett throughout all of this.

"I told you I don't have a pink dress!" I say, getting a little tetchy.

"The theme is red! And Scar said she would lend you one of hers" she says, annoyingly nicknaming Scarlett.

"Ha, no thanks" I say, not meaning to laugh, does she really think I want to borrow a dress from my 15 year old step sister? (Soon to be stepsister, she hasn't earned that title yet).

"Well now you look out of place" she moans, I can tell she's starting to get stressed too. But she has no right, there's more important matters going on than my choice of clothing.

"Oh whatever, I'm just letting you know that Grayson is here for some reason, so I'll tell him to leave" I say, looking repulsed as I search the room for him. All I hear is her laughing. Is this funny? Because I really don't get it. I don't care if I'm acting like a bouncer, someone's got to sort it out.

"May love, he's invited, your not the bodyguard you know" she teases, finding this hysterical. I guess I would know that if I had paid more attention to the wedding planning, but you can't pay attention to something you're not interested in.

"Ew why?" I say, not knowing why she would want to invite him.

"His Father works for Timothy" she says, still laughing and now her friend has joined in. Them mocking me is starting to make me feel like a fool.

"Well you're going to regret inviting him" I say smugly, as I walk away. I don't appreciate the two of them laughing at me like I'm stupid.

I'm angry already. I start my storm out routine, but then Scarlett appears out of nowhere and nearly bumps into me. Her dress is pink, of course. I notice it's a little longer than mine, maybe my dress is a bit too short, for this occasion. I guess in a way I'm glad, at least it will piss everyone off just a little more.

"May what are you doing? Your supposed to be wearing red, I-"

"For goodness sake! Will everyone quit telling me I need to wear sodding red, I really couldn't give a crap!" I say, totally loosing it at her. She looks surprised at my reaction and decides to walk away, which was a good call, as I've already had half a bottle of Prosecco, I'm quite capable of yelling at her more than I already have. The thing that annoys me the most, is how on board she is with this whole wedding. Then again, she doesn't have a problem with my Mother like I have a problem with Timothy.

I take a deep breath before carrying on in my direction. The room is getting more full, but people are thankfully starting to take their seats.

"Are you okay May?" A woman says, in a worrying voice. I don't know who it is because my face is still buried in my hands. That's how much I'm enjoying tonight so far; sarcasm intended.

"Yes I'm-" I being to scream in this poor woman's face, before I look and see that it's Francis. Just behind her, Nathan and Grayson are stood looking wide eyed at me.

At this point, I'm purely trying to accept the fact that they just saw me go mental at Scarlett. Francis probably thinks I'm a total bitch. I'm used to embarrassing myself. It makes me feel a little better when I realise that Francis is probably still feeling embarrassed, after Nathan's little 'mistake' with the photo. When they came over to 'apologise' last week, it was as though Francis was more guilty than Nathan, he really didn't give a crap. He must get a buzz from upsetting girls.

"Oh, Hi Francis, yes I'm fine thank you" I say, very politely. I didn't want to raise my voice at her, she's only ever been nothing but nice to me; which is more than I can say of her darling son.

"You look lovely sweetheart, ignore what people are saying and you've grown into a lovely young lady" she says, which is a classic example of how nice she is. Compliments like that just make me feel awkward, I look awkward too, which isn't a good thing.

"Thank you, you look great too" I say and she smiles before walking away. That was so random.

Now I'm weirdly stood with two sets of eyes on me, Nathan is giving me an intimidating look and Gray is staring at my cleavage, like a perve. Nathan is in a fitted white shirt, black trendy blazer and skinny jeans. Gray has gone full out in a posh suit, just to point out his family's wealth.

"You look hotter in black" Nathan says, shrugging his shoulders. I roll my eyes and walk away, as quick as I can. How do I get myself into these situations? I'm still attempting to black out what happened last week. How could I let him kiss me after everything he's done? That's twice now and I haven't even been back a term yet. He always looks at me with such challenging eyes, like he's absorbed by this idea that I'm into him. His ego is so huge that it would be his assumption of any girl. Yes he's physically flawless, but the good looking ones are always the heart breakers. A girl would have to be stupid to give him their heart anyway. Saying that, he's only ever had one night stands, so he has never been with a girl long enough for them to develop feelings for his devilish soul.

Before rejoining Finn and Willow, I grab myself a pink champagne from a tray, receiving a frown of judgement from the waiter carrying it. It will be gone in five seconds, then he can frown at me again when I have another. It's the only thing that will get me through tonight. I haven't even eaten, so hopefully it will kick in quicker. The more people drink, the bigger the bill on Timothy's card, so in my opinion everyone should drink as much as they can.

"I just got you a drink" Finn says with another one in his hand. I take that one off him anyway.

"So did you kick Gray out?" Willow asks.

"Nope, turns out he's invited" I say, not wanting to be reminded of the fact.

"I hate that guy" Willow says, not looking too pleased that he's here.

"Yeah no offence Willow, but I hate your cousin too" Finn says. Sometimes I think he hates Nathan more than I do and that's a lot. Even Willow dislikes her cousin, he is a complete sleaze bag.

Just as I join everyone to be seated for the appetisers, I walk past Francis' table and she calls me over. She's lovely, but what could she possibly want now.

"Our table is that round one in the corner, I'll catch you up" I say to Finn and Willow, part of me knows this is going to be a long conversation. Francis can talk for England. I give Finn one of my glasses, just so that I don't look like an alcoholic. I don't want Nathan and Gray thinking I've returned to the person I used to be.

"Hello again, hi Mr Harper" I say, being overly nice to Francis and her husband. I always find it hard talking to Nathan's Dad, calling him by his first name just doesn't seem right. I avoid looking at Nathan and Gray (who is sat beside him), but that plan doesn't work for long.

"May, have you met my Father?" Gray says, making me have to introduce myself to him.

"Ah Cassandra's daughter, May... Lockwood" he says, drifting his eyes down to the table and looking at Gray's phone that is now new to the one I smashed. I'm guessing Gray told him about that. Partly I do feel a little guilty, I know Gray actually had nothing to do with it, but he was still being annoying at the time. His Father widens his eyes at him, I assume reacting a little surprised. I swear that when people look at me, they don't realise what I'm capable of when I'm pissed off.

"Where's your Mother?" I ask him, looking for any form of conversation to avoid the current one.

"Quite possibly getting drunk in Barcelona, on her 'business trip'" his Father says. I sense a little tension, his parents are never around so I can't really picture them being a happy little family.

"Are you excited for the big day May?" Francis says, pulling a chair out for me. I didn't intend on staying for a conversation, but I guess I have no choice now. I take a seat, forgetting how much I've had to drink already and nearly missing the actual seat. Thankfully they don't seem to notice.

"Yeah I can't wait" I say, being sarcastic, but she doesn't realise.

"You seem very excited" Nathan says, leaning forward in his seat, closer to me. The spare chair Francis pulled out, was conveniently next to him.

"Thrilled" I lie.

"How is your Father? We haven't seen him since... Well since you left" Francis asks. I feel like I have to stick up for my Dad, none of these people bothered to stay in contact with him. They think my Mom is the happy one, when in reality, my Dad is so much happier in Spain.

"He's great, him and Juliette are happier than ever" I say, just to rub in the fact that my Mother isn't the only one in a serious relationship.

"Oh... Good" she says, caught out by my enthusiasm.

The conversation stops for a little while.

Nathan randomly knocks off his napkin so that when he bends down beside me to pick it up, he not only stares at my bare legs, but he also takes it as an opportunity to taunt me.

"How're you coping with this whole resisting me thing then?" He asks quietly.

"Dream on" I say, quietly, but harshly.

"That's not the impression I got last week when you kissed me" he mutters. I lean back as I assume the others are starting to notice us talking. I don't even bother to point out that he's the one that kissed me.

"Wow a kiss, your pretty close to winning your little bet then" I joke, practically whispering. He looks fairly surprised by my response, as though he thought I would be a little more up tight with him.

"How much have you had to drink May?" He asks and I really wish he would talk a little bit quieter.

"What makes you say-"

"Because you're abnormally chilled out... Not returning to your old habits are you?" He asks, jokingly frowning.

"This is like my first glass" I lie, as I pronounce the glass in my hand.

"Yeah you tell yourself that beaut" he smirks, before leaning back in his chair.

"I should probably... erm... get back to my friends" I say, pointing to Finn and Willow. I need an excuse to leave. Nathan lets out a slight laugh, he can tell I'm tipsy. Which is annoying, how come he's the only one that can tell the difference between sober me and drunk-ish me.

"Oh yes of course, have a lovely evening darling" Francis says. Nath irritatingly offers me his hand as I get up, like he thinks I may have gone dizzy from the alcohol. I knock his arm aside and find my way to my actual seat with Finn and Willow.

When my plate of food is in front of me, I realise I'm not even in the mood to eat. I'm now on my third glass of pink Champagne and I had all that Prosecco earlier. The room has gone a little dizzy or maybe I have, but that's a good thing, hopefully this dinner will soon be over. Or maybe I could get drunk enough, that my Mother will have to send me to my room. In a way I'm pissed off about the seat I've been given. I'm on a round table with Finn, Willow and a few random people that I hardly know. Scarlett is sat on the long table at the front, next to Timothy and my Mother. I'm her daughter, surely I should be on that table. I feel like an outcast, this was definitely Timothy's doing.

During the break between the two courses, I pop to the toilet. I'm starting to loose sense of the floor, it appears to be wobbling slightly, but I manage to make my way in and out.

"Hey Beaut" I hear, as I'm about to walk back to the other room. It doesn't matter how many drinks I've had, I know who that is.

"Are you stalking me?" I say, exaggerating the way I turn around to see him. I can't deny it, he looks very nice. He has a sort of trademark for dressing good. I like that about him. Actually no I don't, I hate him, entirely.

"I did follow you to the bathroom, but I wouldn't call that stalking" he says, standing upright, as he was just leaning against the wall. He really knows how to get to me.

"I would" I say, holding onto the wall for a bit of support.

"Wow, you've had a few haven't you" he says, seeming impressed. I've been drinking to get through everything I was dreading about tonight, like this conversation that I'm having right now.

"Only like... Two" I lie, which he doesn't believe anyway.

"Yeah sure" he teases.

"Hey it's true" I insist.

"You know you're killing me right" he says, looking me up and down, completely changing the subject. He's still leaning against the wall casually, with his arms crossed.

"And why might that be?" I say, pretending I don't have a clue what he's going to say.

"That dress" he says, rudely running his hand down the side of my dress; I can't help but feel exciting shivers when he does.

"Not so bad yourself Harper" I say, smirking back at him, as I begin to walk away. It must be the champagne talking, as I don't think I've ever complimented him in my life

"Hey" he says grabbing me back. I laugh, which does not help me try to prove that I'm not drunk.

"I want you" he says, with those intimidating eyes. I feel both his hands hold either side of my waist. I'm on the verge of thinking the same thing, he is really good looking tonight (as always) and he's kind of bad which can sometimes be an attractive quality. For a moment, it's all I'm thinking about. Him and me. Something about that idea, makes me want it so badly.

"May!" I hear someone say, interrupting us. I loudly sigh at Nathan, he himself doesn't look too impressed.

"I might be totally off my head Nath, but I meant what I said last week, you're never getting me"

I say, that slight thought of me and him drifting right away. I pull his hands from my waist and leave him. Timothy wants to talk to me, much to my appreciation.

"What?" I say, avoiding eye contact, as I reach him.

"I'm sure I've mentioned this before, I don't want you seeing Nathan Harper and that's final!" He says, shouting quietly. In this tipsy state I'm in, I can barely remember him saying that. Like it would stop me anyway. He is never going to control me like he wants to.

"I can see who I want and anyway I'm not seeing him" I say, attempting to defend myself.

"That's where you're wrong May, you'll do as I say" he demands. I wonder if my Mother knows how controlling he is.

"Why? Because it will tarnish your great name? Hate to break it to you Tim, but everybody hates you" I say, maybe taking advantage of my drunken vocals.

I must have said that a little bit loud, as I notice one or two people start to listen in. At that point Timothy drags me away to a quieter place. The way he pulled my arm has made it hurt now, I can't deny the fact that he scares me sometimes.

"You listen to me, firstly, it's Timothy to you. Secondly, you do not talk to me like that in front of our guests, you will not ruin our big day! Am I clear?!" He yells, straightening his navy tie to reach his blue collar. I think I might be the cause of the stress lines on his forehead.

"Crystal" I say, shortly. I walk away before he can piss me off anymore. How can he control me like this? It isn't right and it isn't fair. I've already been downgraded, by being seated as far away from the family table as possible. He knows how to make me feel like a peasant.

I ignore Nathan on my way back to the my table, he barely even notices me. He's already talking to some other girl, some daughter of a family friend of ours. I couldn't care anyway.

I grab two glasses off a silver tray, before I go back to my seat.

"I don't really like champagne" Finn says, assuming the other glass is for him.

"Good because it's mine" I say.

"Don't you think you've had enough?" Willow suggests, trying to lure me off it.

"Nowhere near enough"

"What's the matter with you?" She asks, looking concerned. I shake my head. Timothy's little chat has gotten to me a bit, but not enough to get me down.

"She's right May, somethings up, what is it?" Finn now asks.

"Nothing guys, just drop it" I say, relieved that they are now serving main courses. Purely because it means we don't have to talk any longer. People never believe me when I tell them how horrible Timothy can be.

I hardly touch my main course, I'm not interested in eating. I feel uncomfortable, every few minutes I get a warning glare from Timothy, like he's checking I'm far away from Nath.

"You need to eat something May" Finn encourages, he always has been a caring friend.

"I'm fine" I say, pushing my plate forward. I soon help myself to another drink when the waiter comes along.

"May" I hear a girl say, I look up and see Scarlett crouching between my chair and Finn's chair.

"What do you want?" I say, emphasising the 'you' part.

"Actually forget it... I came to see if you were okay, are you still going to talk to me like that when I'm your sister?" she says, acting like a brat. She's wound me up enough over the past couple of days.

"Afraid so and for the record, just because our parents are getting married, does not mean we are sisters!" I say, loud enough for the next table to hear. I look over and see half of them glaring at me, including Nathan. He's now leaning forward in his seat, taking note of the current situation. I really don't get him at all.

"You need to control your temper May" she says, walking away.

"Little slut" I say under my breath.

"Okay you're at that gobby stage now, you've had enough" Finn says, pushing my glass away. I shrug my shoulders, pretending not to care.

When all the main course plates are cleared, it's time for the speeches. Basically it will be a load of corny, bullshit, that no one wants to listen to. Timothy goes first, the tosser. I'm so angry at him right now. He blabbers on for about six painful minutes, saying how good his life has been since he met my Mother. Then he makes a dig at me, by saying that they would have wed sooner if I'd have came home.

"... So to put it shortly, I can't wait for the moment this wonderful lady becomes my wife" he says, at which point I imitate fingers in my mouth discretely, showing how much his speech made me want to puke.

"Shut up" Finn says, laughing. He nudges me lightly, he can't help but agree with me, I know it.

"What are you two laughing at?" Willow asks, quietly.

"Nothing" Finn says, holding in another laugh. Suddenly our attention is drawn when someone else speaks up. Of course it's Scarlett.

"Father, I'd like to say a few words" she says, which I find pathetic. What could she possibly have to say? She always has to be that one step more than me, always the better one. She like Timothy, says a load of crap for a few minutes. Then what she's saying starts to make me listen, it makes me angry.

"...Cassie, the minute I met you, you weren't Cassie to me, you were my Mother and its a privilege to be your step daughter..." She says, which is enough. I notice my Mother tear up at what she's saying, that makes me even angrier. She's such a little brat, up everyone's asses all the time. She's just trying to seem like the better daughter, when she's not even my Mom's daughter, I am and she should know that.

"Honestly what a loud of bullshit" I say, maybe a little too loudly, as it silences the room and now everyone has their eyes on me.

"May, why don't we go and get a drink?" Finn says, noticing the silence. He can't persuade me with more alcohol, I'm too angry and he knows that. Timothy gives me a death stare, the vein in his head is about to pop out of rage.

"What are you all surprised at? I'm your daughter Mom, but clearly that doesn't matter anyway, she's the one that's at the 'family table' and I've been booted aside, but don't worry it's nothing I'm not used to" I say, losing my temper. I'm sort of swaying so I have to hold onto the table. Scarlett acts like she doesn't know what I'm talking about. My Mother is speechless, like she should be and Timothy looks like a raging bull. I've got the whole rooms attention, I may as well make my point clear.

"I'm sorry... I don't want to ruin your... Perfect little family" I say spitefully, before walking away. They let me go which proves they don't care, I'm sure that in their opinion, they don't want to create anymore of a scene than I already have. Everyone is still silent and they all watch me leave. There's at least 50 pairs of eyes on me, there would be more if this were the actual wedding.

I grab myself another drink on my way out, I think I need it. My confidence just now has surprised me, I should stick up for myself more often.

Clearly what I said was true, in reality my Mother should be here insisting that I've got the wrong idea. But she's not. I may be off my face right now, but I've never wanted to be back home, in Spain more. Dad and even Juliette, have always made me feel like part of their family. At their wedding I would be sat right between the two of them, Juliette wouldn't anyway, but if she didn't want me there then my Dad would definitely have something to say about it. But now I'm back here with my own Mother and I don't think I could feel like more of an outsider. Timothy has 100% changed her.


Did that really just happen? I think it did, I'm not dreaming that's for sure. May has just kicked off and walked out of her own Mother's wedding rehearsal. People are muttering about it while May's Mum and Timothy have a quiet discussion.

"She was so drunk" Gray says, finding it funny. It is a little funny, but she had a reason to say what she said.

"Oh the poor girl, she's probably crying her eyes out" my Mum exaggerates.

"I doubt that" I say, not believing she could be right. May isn't the weepy type. I didn't think she was the type to have a go at her Mum and Timothy like that, but she proved me wrong. I knew she was feisty, but she has some guts.

"Oh have some compassion son" she says, really laying on the sympathy thick.

"What? She only lost her temper, she always had a short fuse" I say, it's sort of an attractive quality she holds. Just as Mum is about to say something else, my cousin walks past and Mum makes her sit with us. I've never really had much to do with her, we're two different people at St George's. It's pretty handy that she's became friends with May.

"Willow love, do you know if May is okay? Perhaps someone should go and talk to her" Mum says, I don't know why she's so concerned, surely it should be May's Mum that's getting all frantic. Her and Timothy don't seem to be bothered at all.

"She's had a bit to drink, Finn said to just leave her when she's like this" Willow says.

"Why's everyone being so dramatic? Can they just get on with the speeches so we can go?" I say, now that I haven't got May to look at and flirt with, I no longer have any urge to stay here. Actually I have spied a few hotties across the room, so maybe there is pleasure in staying. Surely one of them is a potential hook up.

"Can't you understand how she must be feeling?" Willow says, drawing my attention back to her. She makes me sound like I'm some kind of freak for not understanding.

"No" I say, laughing a little. I never really pay attention to people's feelings.

"Her whole family is on the same table except for her, she feels like an outcast" Willow says.

"Oh the poor girl" my Mum mutters. Now I think about it, I do understand. It's a pretty harsh thing to do. Everyone goes quiet when Timothy speaks up.

"That was a lovely speech darling" he says to Scarlett "you make us so proud" he adds, treating her like the golden child. Since I've known her, Scarlett has always came across as a bitch.

"... Anyway my business parter and close friend has a few things to say" Timothy says. As soon as this guy starts to speak and bore me to death, I realise I need a get out card.

"I'm just going to the toilet" I say to my Mum.

"You went to the toilet five minutes ago" she exaggerates in that suspicious motherly voice.

I walk out in the middle of this guys speech, not really caring. I'm surprised at how they've reacted to May's little disturbance, they're acting like it didn't even happen. I know that if this was my family and for example it was my sister that walked out like that, then my Mum would have gone straight after her. I don't understand why May's Mum doesn't seem to care. Surely her daughter is more important than her wedding rehearsal.

I thought that perhaps I might bump into May, but she's no where. She must have gone to her room, I doubt she would have gone out. I find myself going upstairs to her room, this could be interesting. It takes me two guesses to find which room is hers, there's a lot of bedrooms up here. I knock on the door before pushing it open more and going in.

She's laying on her back, staring at the ceiling. I could be immature and take advantage of the view, her dress has risen up slightly and if I crouched down a little, I'd definitely get a shot of her knickers.

However, I'm thinking I might get more than a quick glance of her sexy underwear.

"I don't want to talk okay" she says, not even looking up to see its me.

"I don't want to talk either" I say, leaning against the door frame.

"Nathan" she says, recognising my voice. She sits up and straightens her dress. I look around her room and shut the door behind me.

"Tell me, am I the first guy that's been up here?" I say, giving her a cheeky smirk, I know it gets to her. I think she's too out of it to let it bother her tonight.

"Afraid not, Finn was"

"Well I'm guessing you and Finn aren't a thing?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

"Course not, he's like my brother! But, you can be the first guy to sit on this bed" she says, surprisingly gesturing for me to sit next to her. She sits back against her pillows. I sit as close as I can. She usually looks so innocent, but right now she looks kind of bad and I like it.

"I think you need to talk to your Mum" I say, knowing that no matter how drunk she is now, it's definitely playing on her mind.

"Do you know what I think?" She says, acting flirty with me, she lets her hands run over my legs, I feel them edging closer to my crotch. I don't need her to, the view down her dress is enough to make my jeans tighten.

"What do you think beaut?" I ask in reply to her question, letting my arm stretch over her shoulder. Replying to her comment is the only way to relieve my need for her right now. The constant feel of her fingers running down my legs, makes me near enough desperate for her. There's something about May, there always has been. She's not easy like Vivian, her resistance is sort of sexy. Her rejecting me ever since she got here has just been a build up to right now.

"I think I need more alcohol, maybe I'll go and rage the alcohol cupboard" she says, about to get up. Her leaving is the last thing I want.

"Woah, where do you think you're going... here" I say, holding her back. I grab my hip flask out of my inside blazer pocket and take a swig before handing it to her.

"Nice" she mutters, before taking some. Her lips go sour at the taste.

"Is that bourbon?" She asks, gritting her teeth. I nod, laughing at her reaction. I have a little more before she grabs it from me.

"We're practically kissing" she winces, taking another huge sip.

"We've already done that remember" I say, winking. I'd usually do that to annoy her, but in the state she's in now, it doesn't bother her one bit.

From the look on her face from each sip of bourbon, she clearly isn't enjoying it, so it's obvious she's just drinking to get more drunk.

"That's enough for you" I say, having to tear it from her grip before I put it away. I can see her accepting the challenge I set her last week, maybe it's the drink, but she definitely wants me right now, I can tell from the look in her eyes.

"Oh is it?" She says, getting vocal. I quieten her by putting my finger to her lip.

"You're so damn hot" I say, making her smirk devilishly. That only turns me on more, I casually lift her chin and kiss her. It's soft at first, but it soon turns rough. She struggles to tear off my blazer, so I do it myself. I laugh as she begins to unzip her dress.

"Hold up beaut, let me do that" I say, I don't know what it is, I just like to be in control sometimes, but girls like that.

"Hurry up then, I'm sick of waiting" she says, which she will regret, once I show her what she's been avoiding ever since she came back here. I yank down the zip of her dress which makes the top part fall down. I have to unbuckle my belt when I see her charcoal grey lacy underwear. Her bra is one of those corset effect ones that pronounces her chest, they really turn me on. Her matching tiny knickers are too much, I need her now.

I unhook it and I fool around with her for a bit, which she seems pleased by, definitely regretting telling me to hurry up.

"You're amazing-" she begins before I kiss her to stop her talking. I'm good in bed I know that, but I also know that what she's saying is definitely the drink talking. I can't believe we are actually here doing this. I'm not even thinking about the damn bet, I'm thinking about how hot this girl is and how much she turns me on. I might be taking advantage of her, but what guy could resist?

"Your turn" she says, sitting on top of me. I pull her bra up so that it comes completely off, she just sits there and let's me do it. I could control myself until now.

"No, lets fuck first" I say, smirking. Sometimes I realise that I kind of don't have much respect for girls, but that's just the way I've always been. I can't change now.

"Sure" she says, lying beside me, not an inch of regret in her voice. She grasps my boxers and slowly pulls them down. I can't wait any longer, so I do it myself.

I sort of black out from then, but this is definitely the best I've had in a long time. May is hot sure, but I had no idea she was that good in bed. Spain changed her, I was disappointed when I found out she was no longer a virgin. But experienced May is as equally sexy. Two years ago, this is exactly what I wanted, but she wouldn't give it up to me. I never saw her as naked as I've seen her tonight, she was worth the wait.

"You're better than I thought beaut" I say, as I catch my breath. I look to her lying beside me, that's when I notice she's fallen asleep. That's probably due to all the alcohol. I was hoping for more, but what's the rush?

I can't exactly sneak out now, everyone is downstairs and it's too suspicious. My Mum would kill me if she knew what I'd done. It will be very interesting to hear what May has to say in the morning. So I decide to stay. I give her the majority of the bed sheets and soon fall asleep, pleased with myself. I said I didn't take bets lightly.

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