He's Dangerous

May returns to her old school St George's Academy and soon falls back into the lifestyle. Posh boy Nathan, her ex flame sees her as his target and continues to taunt and flirt with her. May begins to fall for him, but her step father does not approve, will that stop her?

Written from Nathan and May's points of view :)


1. Chapter 1


Strange. Being back here is strange. Private school never was my thing, I guess I have no choice now.

I feel his eyes on me. When I get a glance, they're dark and intimidating, but in an attractive way. He was always good looking. But that doesn't change the fact that he's a complete arse. I won't forget what happened between us before I left, I'll be keeping as much distance between us as possible.

As soon as the bell goes for tutorial, I hurry off, hoping to catch up with Finn, my best friend. The whole reason I rushed, was to get as far away from Nathan as possible. Nathan being the guy that hasn't kept his glare off me all morning. I sharply turn a corner, trying to make my way around this place.

"Avoiding me already beaut?" He says. I know it's him without looking around. The confidence and boldness in his voice is getting too familiar.

"Do you really blame me Nath?" I say, turning around and crossing my arms. He's got his hands casually in his pockets, his shirt untucked and his tie hung low. I remember him receiving a thrill from going against school uniform regulations, but then again who doesn't? These uniforms we're forced to wear are a joke. Instead of a blazer, (which he should be wearing) he's got a black jumper over his shirt, with the sleeves rolled up a little.

I realise I've been looking him up and down a while, so I try to snap out of my daze.

"Seen something you like?" He teases.

"Hell no" I say, trying to act casual, like I wasn't just staring at him.

"Come on May, when are you going to forget about the past?" He says, raising an eyebrow.

"Look lets get something clear, you're going to keep away from me! And anyway I've got to get to reception" I insist, but as I begin to walk away, he stops me with his arm.

"I look forward to seeing you around" he says, lifting my chin to look at him. I feel the coldness of a plain silver band ring on his middle finger, against my skin, but what's more sensitive, is the warmth of his hand.

"Well I don't!" I say in his face, before storming off gracefully.

The reasons I left this school in the first place are starting to come back to me. I can't put up with Nath again and there's a whole list of other people I can't put up with. Why am I doing this to myself? This school was never a good idea.

Two days earlier

I hurry down the last few steps of the staircase and check everything is packed whilst I'm waiting for my Dad. Most of my belongings have already been sent back to London, these are just the last few things. It's still light out, as its early hours of the afternoon. My flight is at 4:30. Thankfully it's only around two hours from Spain to England.

"All set?" Dad asks, as he pulls on his jacket ready to go.

"Yeah I think so" I say, pulling my face. I've made it quite clear that I don't want to go.

"Come on love, it's for your own good" Dad says. He's totally right, the only reason I'm going back to live with my Mother, is because of my education. I'm returning to my old academy to finish my last year. It just gives me a better chance in getting into good universities.

"I know, but I don't want to leave you guys" I say, looking from him to my Dad's girlfriend Juliette, she's purposely came home from work early just to wave me off. I've been living here in Spain, with the both of them for the past two years. It's been the best two years of my life. Things are so much more relaxed over here, compared to home.

"I'm going to miss you too darling" she says, giving me a huge hug, I lift my head to save messing up my make up.

"Promise you will both call" I say, with a grump in my voice.

"Of course we will, now let's go, you don't want to miss your flight" Dad says, picking up my suitcase.

"Bye Juliette" I say, exaggerating the sad look on my face. She tries to give me an encouraging smile as I walk out. Dad kisses her bye, he's only going to be out for less than an hour.

Dad finally trusts me to hold my passport and ticket when we reach the security point. This is as far as he can go, so I suppose this is goodbye.

"Bye then" I say.

"Come here" he says, giving me a huge hug, which involves squishing my head.

"Yeah I'll miss you too Dad" I joke, as this hug has gone on for too long now.

"You take care of yourself yes? And call me when you land and when you're back at your Mother's" he says.

"Yes and yes, I am an adult in a few months Dad" I say, he acts like I'm still a child sometimes.

"I know, I'll see you at Christmas then" he says, bless him, he looks really emotional. Dad and I have always been close, that's one of the reasons I chose to live with him, when my parents divorced. So not seeing him and Juliette until Christmas will be sort of hard.

"Bye Dad" I say, trying to give him a smile.

He stays until he's watched me walk around the security ropes. I board the plane and do the one thing I've been dreaming of, sleep.

The flight wasn't bad, what was bad, was waiting for my suitcase to arrive. I call Dad before I forget.

This is so weird, being back here, I haven't since I left two years ago. Mom came to visit me in Spain, I never came here. I never wanted to.

You know your arriving in England when it's raining like hell. Typical. I'm sure my lovely tan will start to fade soon, from the lack of sun this place has.

I asked my friend to pick me up at the airport. My Mother thinks I'm coming back tomorrow. I'm not trying to surprise her, I just don't want her to make a big deal out of my arrival.

There's a huge crowd of people, so it takes me a while to notice him.

"Finn!" I say, close to shouting. I rush over, dump my suitcase and give him a huge hug. His Mom is my Godmother and my Mom is his Godmother. So I guess you could say he's my God-brother, but also my best friend. Purely platonic of course, he's like an actual brother to me. Out of everyone, I think he's visited me the most whilst I've been in Spain.

"You alright?" He smiles.

"Except for being massively shattered, yeah great" I reply.

"Coffee then?" He suggests and nothing has ever sounded so good.

It's been a few months since I last saw him, I notice he's changed slightly. He keeps on getting more mature every time I see him. His short, brown/blonde hair has became more fitting around his face and he's grown a bit, he will always be taller than me. His blue shirt brings out the colour of his dark green eyes.

After getting a Starbucks, he drives me back. Not a lot of people in my neighbourhood drive. They get driven around. Not to sound modest, but the people that attend St George's Academy come from extremely wealthy families. My Dad said I could learn to drive, but my Mom said there was no point.

"So does your Mother still not know you're coming back today?" He asks.

"Nope, so it'll be a funny surprise" I say, trying to make a joke out of the situation.

"I've missed you May" he says.

"Well I'm back now and sadly I'm not leaving" I say and he laughs at my lack of enthusiasm.

The main reason I never wanted to stay and live with my Mother, was because of one person. Timothy. He's her fiancé, they would be married, but Mom refused to have the ceremony until I was back for it. So I've got that to look forward to at some point. Timothy is okay in small doses, but he's a very successful businessman, all he ever seems to care about is his work and money. Along with Timothy comes Scarlett, she's his daughter and my soon to be stepsister. I've spoken two her twice, which made me decide I don't like her. She's a year eleven, meaning she's fifteen, sadly we will be going to St George's together. She was still at middle school when I left.

"You look like your having a deep thought" Finn points out.

"Yeah, I'm kind of dreading this" I say.

"You'll be fine, you've got me" he says.

About half an hour later we go down a street. I recognise the private area. But not as much as I'd have hoped. When they divorced, Mom and Timothy bought a new house together. I've never once visited. Mom has always said there's a bedroom for me, which I assume is a room with a few boxes of my old things; nothing quite homely.

"I know why I recognise this area, you live on that estate" I point out, sort of pleased this house won't be far from his.

"Yes just round the corner" he smiles, it's one positive about being back here.

He drives down another private road and reaches a row of three huge houses, each one is separated by stone walls and electric gates. There is one in particular that is stunning and massive. Surprisingly that's the one Finn drives up two. Thankfully the gates are open, I didn't want to have to say hello over the intercom.

"Is there a party going on or something?" I ask, confused by the loudness coming from the house.

"I don't know" Finn says, easily parking his car on the huge drive.

We get out and for some reason, I've got butterflies in my stomach. I'm so nervous, probably because she thinks I'm coming tomorrow. I wish I could just retrace my steps and hop back onto a plane to Spain. It's 8pm and starting to go dark, in Spain it would be 9pm. Usually at that time I'd go for walks down the beach with one of my friends. I did make a few good friends over there that I'll miss. But I'd rather spend time with Finn.

"What the hell have you got in here May?" Finn says, lifting my heavy case out of the back of his car.

"Girl crap" I joke. Now it's time to knock on the door and socialise, the part I've been dreading.

"Come on then" he says, walking up to the door. We were so close as kids, my Mom practically acted like his Mom, so he's always been welcome in our home, I wonder if things are different now she lives with Timothy.

"Do we have to?" I say, struggling to follow in his footsteps.

I quickly text my Dad to tell him I'm here, he worries a lot.

Finn knocks the door for me, as the butterflies have now been replaced with my heart pounding. It takes a few minutes for the door to open.

"May, what a surprise, I thought it was tomorrow you were coming" Timothy says, looking sort of shocked. I was expecting my Mom to answer, so I haven't prepared for this. He could have said 'it's nice to see you' or something, but no, he's a cold man.

"Yeah change of plan" I say, shortly.

"Oh well never mind, come on in" he says, finally welcoming us inside. He says hello to Finn, but I hardly listen, I'm too busy admiring this massive house. The house Mom and Dad used to live in was big and stunning, but this is ten times bigger and better.

"Well we've got a few friends over from your Mother's ladies club, but never mind" he says, expecting us to follow him into the next room. This hall alone is massive, the staircase is double the size of a normal one and the ceiling is high, with a huge light hanging down. Finn dumps my case by the door, which now looks out of place in this house.

We follow Timothy and I hear a few voices. Perhaps this was a bad idea, coming a day early. It sounds as though they've got a bit of a party going on, I feel underdressed. I'm wearing a black mini skirt and a grey tucked in turtle neck. Flat shoes which make me even shorter. I'm glad I decided to at least wear a skirt this morning, although most of my wardrobe consisted of skirts and shorts as its a lot hotter over there. I plump up my hair in a mirror, it's a sort of auburn colour with natural brown, almost blonde highlights; which I get from my mom. It's curled and bouncy, the way I usually style it. Thanks to my recent hair cut, it flows just past my shoulder blades.

He leads us into an even bigger room, it's like it was made to be a party room, Windows for a ceiling, which show the spits of rain outside, it's calmed down now that we're inside. There's more people here than I thought, I really wish I'd have told her I was coming now. I'm just glad Finn is here.

"Cassandra dear" Timothy says, as he taps my Mom on the shoulder. "Look who's just arrived" he says, still not sounding too thrilled. She stops socialising and turns around. Her blonde hair is pulled in a twist at the back of her head, held together by a large clip; the way it always is. Pink lipstick and eyeliner above her bottom lashes. Her mouth drops open when she sees me, making her put her glass of what I assume is champagne, down on a table beside her.

"May! What on earth? Oh darling" she says, wrapping her arms around me. I stand there awkwardly while she does so.

"Good to see you too Mom" I say.

"I thought you would be here tomorrow, why didn't you tell me?" she says, her face still beaming as she lets me go.

"Surprise" I say, lying of course. It'll avoid the questions.

"It's a marvellous one! How did you even get here, we could have sent a car" she asks.

"No it's fine, Finn offered anyway" I say, gesturing to him behind me.

"Oh hello Finn love, thank you for being so kind" she says, still overwhelmed by my presence, I suppose It's fair enough, as I haven't seen her in three months.

"It's no problem" he smiles.

"Your mother is here somewhere" she says, looking around the room.

For the next five minutes I'm introduced to at least six people and there is many more to come. All I want to do is unpack and go to sleep, but now I've been given a glass of champagne, as though I'm expected to stay.

"This is my beautiful daughter May" I hear her say, for about the third time, at least she's proud of me. I hate meeting new people, it means you have to answer all kinds of questions about yourself and pretend to be interested when people tell you things.

"Hello May" I hear a girl say, I turn and see Scarlett. My future step sister. Her blonde hair would be shoulder length, but she's clearly got extensions in, making it reach her lower ribs.

"Scarlett, how are you?" I say, trying to be friendly. She's 15 and yet she's wearing more make up than me and very high heels making me look like a midget and I'm actually not that short. Her dress is also quite short, looking at her you can tell she hasn't completed puberty yet. We have a short conversation before she returns to a small group of who I assume are her friends.

"I might go and say hello to my Mother" Finn says.

"No no, you cannot leave me" I say, almost begging. Thankfully he stays.

"How did you not know there was a party if your Mom was coming?" I ask him.

"I don't know, she's been working a lot lately" he says. By working, he means socialising. His Mom and my Mom have inherited plenty of money, they don't need jobs. But they have stupid things to deal with all the time, like this ladies club and the school council and so on.

"What's she been doing? Lots of shopping? Lots of lunching?" I joke, Finn and I have this running joke, we've always taken the piss out of their ladies club.

"Oh May, look who this is" Mom interrupts, I'm still laughing when I look to see who she's pointing out to me. It's another lady her age and there's a guy just behind her, when she moves aside I notice he's quite attractive. Very attractive. Dark brown, thick tousled hair, brown eyes with dark pupils. He's a lot taller than the people surrounding, including me. Black skinny jeans and a matching black t-shirt that hugs his abs.

"Nice to meet you" I say to them, which is something I've said about five times already tonight. That's when I notice he's giving me a look, it's half intimidating and half like he's impressed. Maybe I'm just getting confused because I'm so tired. Mom laughs for some reason and so does the other woman.

"She doesn't remember me does she?" The woman smiles. This is like when your parents start talking to people and they say they haven't seen you since you were a baby, then they leave and the first question you ask is, 'who the hell was that?'.

"May, it's Francis and you must remember Nathan here" Mom says, nodding to the guys in front of me. It clicks when she says his name.

"It's Nathan Harper" Finn mutters, discreetly next to my ear. It's no surprise I didn't recognise him, he looks completely different. I don't have good memories with him. Remembering them, makes me feel awkward. I guess you can say we had a sort of a past, but it wasn't that much of a big deal. If it was then I probably would have recognised him as soon as I saw him.

"Come on, you two shared baths when you were babies" Francis says, making the situation worse. I hear Finn chuckle slightly, I don't know what he's laughing at, I'm nearly 100% sure the two of us shared baths together at that age.

"Yeah, I remember, I've been away a while" I say, just so she won't bring up anything else from the past.

"Well it's lovely to see you again dear" she says, kissing either of my cheeks. She then looks at Nathan expecting him to do the same. He leans in, making my cheeks go red and burn. Purely because of how weird this is. He puts his arms on my shoulder and pulls me in as he kisses my cheek.

"It's been a long time" he smirks, I choose to ignore him. It's only been two years, not that long.

"Did you miss me?" He asks, with a cheeky grin on his face. What I want to say I can't say in front of my Mom and his, so I just roll my eyes at him.

"Alright Finn" Nathan laughs, playfully punching his shoulder, as guys do. Finn does nothing but roll his eyes.

"Well we will leave you to catch up" Mom says, looking from me to Nathan.

"Erm actually Mom, I want to unpack, I've had a long day and I just want to relax" I say, exaggerating my exhaustion.

"Your flight was like two hours" Finn says, like its not a big deal. He is right, it's not a big deal, but that was my excuse. I hear Nathan laugh slightly, he's clever, he knows I'm searching for reasons to leave.

"That's what the maid is for darling" Mom says. I wouldn't want the maid to unpack my suitcase anyway.

"No I'll do it myself, which is my room?" I ask, As I have no clue.

"You'll know when you see all the boxes" she laughs to herself.

Finn goes off to find his Mom and I head back into the hallway. I roll my suitcase to the staircase, then realise I'm going to have to drag it up there. This house is so big why can't it have a lift? I look stupid trying to carry it. Maybe letting the maids do it wasn't such a bad idea.

"Need a hand?" I hear someone say.

"No I'm good" I reply, before even noticing who it is.

I look back and notice Nathan, did he follow me?

"If you say so" he replies, with a look of disbelief.

I carry on pulling it up, expecting him to go away.

"School starts on Monday, I'll be looking forward to seeing you there" he says with a sort of determined look on his face. Before I have chance to respond he walks off. That's a classic example of the kind of guy he is. I was totally a damsel in distress, I declined his help, but he should have helped me anyway. It must be twenty steps later when I'm finally at the top.

Mom could have at least shown me to my room, there's at least eight rooms up here. How am I supposed to know which one is mine? I come across three bathrooms and a typical teen room which I assume is Scarlett's, before I come to a room full of cardboard boxes.

At least all my stuff has arrived. I spend the next hour sorting everything out, before I decide to give my Dad a call.

'Hey love, how's it going?' He asks, keen to know.

'I want to come home' I say.

'That is your home now May' he says.

'I know, I guess I'll just have to make the best of a bad situation' I say, mimicking what he's always said to me. We have a little chat before I say bye and decide to get ready for bed. By the sounds of it, the party is practically over.

I've been trying not to think about it, but I can't help it. Nathan has changed so much. When I left, things weren't that great with him. I would never call him my friend. I take back saying he was good looking.

We used to have a little thing, so we went on a date back in year eleven. The date was the single worst night of my life. Shortly after, I moved away, so seeing him earlier was pretty horrific.

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