Ashley don't know how to live after loosing her mom. She has no idea what she should be doing with her life and it doesn't help the fact that she just got out of a toxic relationship...

I won't go on explaining anymore of it, because it'd be too hard to describe, so all I can say is the usual..

The whole story is about me and my life but I changed up a few things.



2. Red Eyes.

Ashley *Point Of View*

Sitting on the couch after Dupree just walked outside to say goodbye to Kayla's dusty ass. Dupree has been doing well for himself. After he got that good job, working with Delta and he still gets money from his dad's death. This is a nice ass house. He needs to hurry up though, knowing damn well he sees Kayla every day. I heard the alarm Front Door. Pebbles started barking. Dupree came downstairs and sat right next to me.

6:01pm on the clock. Now we were waiting on the weed, he usually always have weed but Kayla and him smoked the last of it. Smoking wasn't always something I did, but my junior year in high school I decided to try it. I can be persuaded easily. We waited for about 17 minutes and then Dupree received a call and went to the door. I stayed on the couch, my feet was hurting from the shoes I was wearing earlier. Finally Dupree came back with some boy. I was caught off guard.

"Ashley this is Justin," Dupree said.

"Hey," I said, trying so hard to play it cool.


He kinda smiled and then him and Dupree started talking and then gave me a rello to roll. I couldn't focus on rolling because Justin was so sexy. He was really tall, had freckles. He had on a nice t-shirt with some jeans and Jordan's. They both started looking at me and laughing.

"What's so funny?" I said sounding confused.

"You dropped the weed, do you want me to do it? Justin asked. Dupree phone started to ring and he went upstairs.

"I don't need you to do anything, I got this."

"If you say so...."

I made the perfect blunt. We didn't wait on Dupree and started smoking right away. Every time I inhaled and exhaled I could feel Justin eyes on me. He had some nice big eyes and he looked so strong, like he works out a lot. His cologne made me melt, smelled like heaven. After a few minutes, we were sitting on the couch talking and laughing.

"You look high asf, your eyes so red!" I said laughing.

"I know, you've been drooling over me since I've been here!"

"You wish!" I couldn't believe he said that.

"So what made you wear all that black? You going to a funeral or something..." He asked laughing.

"My mom's was today."

"Oh shit, my ba-"

"Damn, y'all couldn't wait?" Dupree said coming down the stairs interrupting our conversation. We ended up smoking 4 more blunts. I was high. Afterwards I decided to turn my phone back on. I felt like checking it. I needed to see what my sister was up to. She gets worried. Alexis always expect the worst out of everything. One time I wasn't answering my phone for five hours straight and when I finally got home, the police was there. She thought I was kid napped and filled out a missing person's report. I had an older brother too. His name was Anthony, my mom decided to name all of us with a names. She never did say why though. My brother was like Rob Kardashian, people would sometimes forget that he exist. But I'm only kidding haha.

Justin *Point Of View*

Ashley has been kinda quiet ever since Dupree came down here. She's been glued to her phone and I've been feeling bad about what I said. Dupree was so damn stupid bruh. How are you not going to tell me she went to a funeral today and just invite me over here like it ain't nothing? She was so cute too and I knew from the moment she laid her eyes on me... she wanted me. Let's just hope she still feels the same way after my little comment. I can't remember the last time I was actually interested in a female. There's something about Ashley. Yeah, we just met and she most likely have a boyfriend, but I don't care.

"You good?" I said.

"Yeah I'm chilling," Dupree said.

"Not you... Ashley?"


"Are you straight?"

"Yeah I'm good."

She was still glued to her phone.

"You must be texting your boyfriend."

"I don't have a boyfriend!"

Dupree started playing music.

"Why not?" I said.

"Why you so worried about me!"

She started to smile. Her teeth was so straight. I was trying to figure out if she had braces or not.

After a few hours, it was getting late and I had some where to be. I told both of them I was headed out and told Dupree I'll hit him up later. I could tell Ashley wanted a hug, but I gave her a hand shake instead. This won't be the last time I see her.

Ashley *Point Of View*

After Justin left I slick was ready to go. Dupree was tryna to smoke again and invited some more people over. But I was hungry, I haven't ate since this morning. I was bummed that Justin didn't ask me for my number, but I figured he had a girlfriend. Guys that look like that don't usually be single. Happy: by Pharrell started playing on Pandora. I'm so tired of this song, my god.

My girls were all at Megan's house so I decided to meet them there. When it comes to driving, I always find myself killing a squirrel. Other than that I was a pro. I pulled up to a Wendy's.

"Hi welcome to Wendy's, would you like to try our new ocean salt French fries?"

"No thanks!"

"Ohk, order when you're ready."

"I'll take a home style chicken sandwich, the meal-"

"What would you like to drink?"

"Lemme get a chocolate frosty!"

"Small, medium or large?"


"Ohk $8.59!"

Ugh, Wendy's is expensive. *Shrugs* It will be worth it. I stopped to think about Justin. Why didn't he ask me for my number...? Maybe he's not into Afros. I got my food and pulled to a parking spot, so I could eat before going to Megs. My girlfriends would say, "Why you didn't bring us anything?" and I'm not tryna to spend $32 tonight. Britany's ass is always hungry and she's a savage. They are great friends though, the best. Britany has been my best friend since the 9th grade. Megan too. Megan and I met Nessa through Britany but we all just clicked. We've been through so much together in just 6 years, we have matching tattoos and they will definitely remain my besties for life.

I don't know why all of a sudden I started thinking about RJ. I remembered feeling like I wanted to end things. He was always assuming too much, over thinking everything, then I remembered seeing nudes in his phone of some random bitch and he kept lying to my face. I was always faithful to his dumb ass and never cheated on him. That was my longest relationship and I actually did love him. He WAS good to me. Just not the one for me.

Finally I was done eating. I started to drive and eventually I pulled up in Megan's drive way. Megan's house was nice, it was just her and her mom. It was huge though like a mini-mansion. They had a nice lawn and enough space on their drive way for at least 6 cars. 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. We always would meet over here and have sleepovers over here because there was so much space. I called Nessa and told her to open the door. The garage door opened and I locked my doors, even though I didn't need to. This was a nice neighborhood. I closed the garage and went inside.

My friends knew how to make me feel loved. As soon as they saw my face they all just jumped on me. Nessa kissed me on the cheek, Britany started twerking on me and Megan was recording a video. Their so stupid, I could tell they've been drinking.

After taking a couple of shots, 4 out of 4 was tipsy. We went to the basement, Nessa and Megan were on the couch, I was in this fuzzy chair that was in the corner near the pool table and Britany was laying on the floor caked up on the phone with her boyfriend. I was the only one, out of my friends that were single. Nessa have at least 3 boyfriends, Megan was dating some guy that was 7 years older, and Britany and her boyfriend just got back together.

That was a regular for them, they've been on and off for three years and always repeat the same cycle.

Suddenly, my phone rings.



"Hey Wassup?"

"My nigga was asking about you!" Dupree said. My eyes lit up.

"You're lying, what he-"

"Who's that?" Megan asked.

"It's Dupree!" I said.

"Who's that?" Dupree said.

"Megan!" I said.

"Tell her I said wassup!"

"Jesus!" I screamed. "Meg, Dupree said hey! Now what did Justin say?"

"Justin who?" Britany said.

Since my friends was all up in my conversation, I decided to leave the room. Dupree told me that Justin came back to his house and that he was asking Dupree about me. He was asking if I gotta boyfriend and shit like that. I told Dupree to text me his number. Usually, I would wait for a guy to ask me for mine but I was feeling bold.


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