Ashley don't know how to live after loosing her mom. She has no idea what she should be doing with her life and it doesn't help the fact that she just got out of a toxic relationship...

I won't go on explaining anymore of it, because it'd be too hard to describe, so all I can say is the usual..

The whole story is about me and my life but I changed up a few things.



3. Girls Night.


Waiting for anything is always a buzz kill. I texted Justin, about 20 minutes ago and he still haven't respond. Vanessa was sleeping, Britany was still on the phone, and I have no clue where Megan went. She told me she was about to leave real fast. I hate waiting, hopefully Justin don't think I'm thirsty. The difference between him and RJ was that RJ immediately asked for my number. He even said that he wasn't going home without it. The more I continue to think about him is the more I realize that things really went south when he dropped out of high school. All I ever wanted was the best for him, and for us... But you can't make a person change. They have to be willing to change for themselves, not for you.

May 21st, 2012

*Graduation Day*

My family threw me a graduation party and we were all here celebrating. They really made a bitch feel special. None of my friends were here because they had their own graduation parties and this was more of a family occasion. RJ was the only non-family member here, but that was ohk. Everyone met him already. We went upstairs to my bedroom and I closed the door. My sister's room was next to mine, my brother's room was near the stairs and my parents room was a crossed the hall. We started kissing, he grabbed me, wrapping his arms around me and whispered in my ear, "Congratulations." I didn't come up here to do anything but talk.

RJ dropped out of school about 8 months ago. When senior year began, he was working a lot and stopped showing up for school. We didn't go to the same high school, and I didn't want him dropping out but I told him I will still support him as long as he gets his GED. That was in September and he still haven't done anything regarding the GED. I don't know if he changed his mind or if he's just a turtle. What I do know is that he needs to get his shit together, if he plans on staying with me.

"Bae, wait... stop..." I said.

RJ looked at me. "What's wrong?" I didn't wanna complain and I didn't wanna argue but I needed him to know how I felt.

"When are you getting your GED?"

"Why are you still nagging me about that?"

"What do you expect me to do, it's been 8 months and I haven't seen you study or do anything towards getting it."

He was starting to look annoyed.

"Damn, you really starting to get on my nerves, even my mom don't be bugging me about that shit like you do!"

"I'm only bugging you because I care."

"You think just because you graduated today and I didn't you're the only one with a future?!"

Now he was in his feelings. "Rob, I'm not tryna to argue with you." He took his phone off the charger and headed towards the door.

"Ohk, I think Imma just head home then." RJ said.

"Alright then!" I said. Every time we got into a small argument, he never wanted to finish. He would always be ready to go and we would never solve anything. When he did that, it drove me crazy.

*Back to July 16, 2014*

"Hey Ash, where's Meg?" Britany asked, finally hanging up on Devin.

"I have no idea." I said. Megan texted us in our group message saying that she was about to leave but we'll be right back. We checked to see if her car was still here, and it was. That means that someone had to come pick her up, most likely her boyfriend. None of us met him yet, but we know that Megan can take care of herself and wasn't worried.

"So, who's Justin...?" Britany asked. "You really ran off when I asked you earlier."

"He's nobody... I don't know, one of the Dupree's friends. We met at his house-"

"Was Kayla there?"

"She was, but you already know I didn't say anything to her ass... Anyways he was so damn cute, and he had freckles... and I thought he had a girlfriend because he didn't ask me for my number, but then Dupree called me and told me he was asking about me, so I got his number from Dupree and I texted him like an hour ago but he still haven't texted back."

"He's probably sleeping, do he have an iPhone?"

"Yeah it said "I message" when I texted him, and it delivered."

"Well, most likely he will text you back tomorrow morning."

"Hopefully, I need someone new in my life, I'm tired of taking these L's when it comes to guys."

"I'm tired of taking these L's with Devin's ass."

"HERE. WE. GO. AGAIN! Don't tell me you're going to break up with Devin again bitch... What is wrong with you?"

"I don't know," Britany said laughing. "It's not me... it's him."

"No, it's you... keeping doing this, and one day he's not going to come back to your ass."

We kept talking all night. Took some pictures, messed with Nessa while she was sleep, and finished the rest of the Jack Daniels.

The next morning, I woke up to Vanessa playing loud ass music. She would be the first to fall asleep and then the first one to wake everyone up. Megan's mom was gone, and Megan still wasn't here either. This wasn't the first time Megan disappeared at night and didn't show up until the morning. I tried to face-time her but she ignored it. My head was hurting really bad, not because I had a hangover, but because Vanessa music was loud asf.

"TURN IT DOWN!" I said.

"Yeah, it's too early for all that." Britany said.

Nessa was trying to act like she didn't hear us, making me wanna throw her phone and speaker in the toilet. She finally came to her senses. Finally, I could hear myself think again. Checking my phone and still know respond from Justin. *Shrugs* It's not like he didn't know it was me... I did say,

"Hey Justin, It's me Ashley." with the cutest emoji.

My phone started to ring, it was Megan... she told me to open the garage. I opened it and we came downstairs.


I left my friends at my house last night and bae picked me up. I didn't plan on seeing him, but he texted me out of nowhere and said he was on the way. My friends haven't met my boyfriend yet, which isn't that weird. They think we just started dating but we been on and off for a while. All they knew about him was that he was older than me.

We met when I was 15, but we didn't really start dating until my senior year in high school and around that time he was 25. I always had the biggest crush on him, and I knew he was feeling me too. He just wanted to make sure I was 18 before we ever dated or anything. He always would say, "I'm not trying to go to jail!"

Anyways, last night he picked me up and we went over to his place. He had a really nice apartment in the city. I've only been over there a few times though. He was so gorgeous and crazy romantic. He had the whole place set up, candles lit, rose petals everywhere... I knew from the moment I walked in, he was trying to seduce. The fact that he would try so hard to get in my pants always made me laugh. Acting as if it never happened before. We played video games all night and then watched a couple of movies. I was so happy I didn't have to go to work today, otherwise I wouldn't have spent the night last night. I worked at the movies and it was on the other side of town, not even close to his apartment. I was so tired of working there.

My boyfriend already graduated from college and had his masters. When he first got out of college, it use to be so hard for us to be together. He moved back in with his parents and he still haven't told them or his sisters that we dated. My mom and my family and friends haven't met him either. They knew of him, but that was it. It was almost like the only people that knew about us, was me and him. Our little secret.


"Where have ya little fast ass been!" Britany asked Megan.

"You already know where she's been..." Nessa said.

"She came in here walking funny," I said. We all were laughing.

"Y'all hoes stupid." Megan said finally. Her face was red.

"If you must know... I was with bae last night... thank you very much."

"Who is this mystery man and when are we going to meet him?" Brit said.

"More importantly... Do he gotta brother?" Nessa said.

"No bitch you don't need any more boyfriends." I said to Vanessa.

"Oh yeah, Ashley's the one that need that D in her life... How long has it been?" Nessa said. She was so vulgar.

"Yeah, me and Ashley need boyfriends." Britany said.

"Britany what the hell you talking bout?" Megan asked.

"Oh she told me last night she was breaking up with Devin." I said.

"AGAIN!" Vanessa said.

"Why you keep doing that to that boy, you wrong," Megan said.

"I can't help it...." Britany said.

We all kept laughing, spilling tea and gossiping. At last, guess who finally texted me.....



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