my life dariy

i will rite about all of my days just like a normal dairy


2. day 2


7th of january thursday:

it was just a normal morning like yesterday.

i went to school we had danish and then a break me and I was talking about justin bieber like we always do.

after the break we had english and i made my new years speech done.

after english we had a break again and F always say to me that i´m not a fan of justin bieber but i am i think she says that because i wince was fan of christopher and it was only for a week, i just did´t listen to her and went over to I.

after the other break we had sport i literately hate sports but this time i had my calvin klein  underwear on and i showed to my friends and they liked it i know its a bit weird.

after sport we had math it was normal.

i went home with F we had to change to sports clothe cause we are going to fitness center.

after that i went home and i eared dinner and i went in my room and read movellas.


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