my life dariy

i will rite about all of my days just like a normal dairy


1. day 1


6th of january wendsday : 

i woke up early 6:00 cause i had to get in bath. i was done after about 8 min so i just went to sleep again. 

i woke up 6:30 and i put some withe skinny jeans and a black shirt that said "fabulous", i made some tea and i took a yogurt and putted some crispy on the top.

7:00 i was done eating and went to dry my hair, after that i putted some hair oil in my hair.

7:12 i had to get out 7:30 so i took my school bag in the living room and i waited on the sofa and read a story on movellas  it was a good story.

7:30 i had to get to school now so i went to the window and looked out omg it was snowing so i took on my winter jacket, hat, scarf and cloves i opened the door and went out it was so cold.

7:43 i was in the school and i meet my good friend f (i can´t say her full name so i just say the first letter in three names) we said hey and just talked  about how cold it was outside when we got in our class i sow some of my other friends but then I comes she´s one of my best friends, yesterday i found out she was a justin bieber fan  so i was glad because i allso was but i had been hitting it cause i did´t not wanted to tell someone about it but when I was it i also said i was cause now there was another belieber i said my secret to all i was so happy about i could say it.

i rain over to her and we just talked about all those quiestions we asked justin bieber on cause we really just wanted to get tickets to his purpose tour.

8:00 the hole day we had english ( im from denmark so i learn english at the school) i liket english cause our techer she wanted us to make fudge in a english recipe and we did.

all the day went with us make fudge and make a new years speech.

14:00 the school was over and i was going to play with snow with my friends but i really wanted just to get home and read so i said to my friend that i was going to the shopping with my mom because i did´t want to hurt them so i went home but on the way i looked every ware in my bag to find my keys but i fund out that i forgot it home and my dad had locked the to so i went home praying for my littlebro to be home but when i saw that my moms car was there i just got in and i was happy about i could come in.

i took some food to eat and read the story in movellas after i was done i lay on my  bed and reading i was giving my self some masage on my bag and i could feel how fat i was and then i started to think about anorexia and i wanted to throw up my food and when i was thing i could just stop it i got into the toilet and put to fingers in my mouth and down to my neck but i could´t trow up i think it was because it was 3 hours since i had eaten.

18:30 my mom said there was food and i went in the kitchen and started to eat after i had eat i waited for about 30minutes and started to put 2 fingers in my mouth but i could`t not trow up but i started thinking about stop it and just dont eat anything else than salad and vegetables and work more out.


23:00 i went to sleep zzzzz


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