I am Skylar (being non-binary)

Hi. I'm Skylar. And I'm non-binary (genderfluid, gendergqueer, whatever you wanna call it). This is my story. I never really talk about this to people that aren't queer, fluid, trans, or whatever, because I never really thought people would accept me. But now, I really don't care. Because for the first time in my life, I have accepted me. And I love being who I am. Because let me say....being genderqueer is pretty fucking awesome.


2. coming out

the first person i told was my trans friend. not gunna give out names. he basically told me to be myself and not let anything stand in my way of figuring out Me. next, i told all my friends from one of my clubs. they were all really accepting and just told me they were genuinely happy for me. next, i came here and told everyone in a mumble. the next day, i basically told all my friends. they were pretty accepting overall and told me if i never needed help, i could go to them. i never told my parents, because to be quite honest, i already knew what would happen if i told them. they would freak out and tell me no and say that's not who i am. but i don't care, because even if i can't be who i am at home, i can be myself everywhere else, especially here. the only struggle i currently have is my hair. i totally want to cut it short, but am forbidden by my parents. they don't want me to cut my hair, because of the time i thought i was trans. when i told them, they freaked out and ever since then, every time i mention my hair, they shut down. so when i'm in school and am presenting as male, or somewhere in the middle, i tie my hair back into a beanie and it passes for short hair. for any of you struggling with coming out, just know that there is no pressure. you can be hidden as long as you need to, do not feel like you need to come out right away. take time to figure yourself out, and I promise, it will get better. 

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