I am Skylar (being non-binary)

Hi. I'm Skylar. And I'm non-binary (genderfluid, gendergqueer, whatever you wanna call it). This is my story. I never really talk about this to people that aren't queer, fluid, trans, or whatever, because I never really thought people would accept me. But now, I really don't care. Because for the first time in my life, I have accepted me. And I love being who I am. Because let me say....being genderqueer is pretty fucking awesome.


3. binding

i've never really binded safely, i've been told. i have used bandages to bind my chest, not an actual binder. i wouldn't really know where to get one, the only places i know of are really far from my house and i couldn't get there without a lift. i need to gather some money and my friend will get some for me, until then i can only bind with bandages. I wouldn't recommend this, though. it isn't very safe, but i'm really desperate. another thing you can try is using two sports bras on top of each other. if you are very large chested, i recommend a binder always. if you can't do either, and if you don't want to bind with bandages (i wouldn't if i were you, even tho i do it myself) and if you are comfortable with no binding, then good for you! let me remind you that you do not need a binder to be genderfluid/queer/non-binary. it is absolutely your choice. for some, like me, it just helps with body dysphoria. hope this helped :)

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