Secret Superhuman

As I walked down the street I found myself standing in front of a café. I looked in through the windows and saw how people were filled with joy and talking to each other, but I started walking again. I had left my emotions behind me, emotions are only filled with pain and loss.


1. Prolouge

I Heard my mother yell at me from downstairs but I pulled the cover over my head to try and get a few extra minutes of sleep. I didn't get many before my mother came into the room and took away the cover to throw it down the stairs. Slowly but surely i got up and put on the clothes that my mother had forced me to prepare the night before. I started making my way to the bathroom when my little brother of 10 ran past me and locked the bathroom door before I even got there. I let out a big sigh and made one simple knock on the door but in that exact moment I got insanely dizzy. Everything happened so fast, the room started spinning and i could hear every sound in the house. I heard how the living room clock was ticking, and I heard it loudly. My brother came out of the bathroom and yelled:

 - Mom! Somethings wrong with Aaron!

The yelling in my hear was louder than anything that I had ever heard before, in a fast reflex I threw my arm towards the sound and hit my brother in the head. After I hit him I could not see him, but just a second later I heard a big thud from the wall at the end of the corridor. The room was spinning to much for me to see anything, but from the sound I could understand what just had happened. I heard the loud steps coming from the kitchen and a couple seconds later the immense yell of a very familiar female voice. I got down on my knees and screamed and then I blacked out...

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