Hayley Williams book 1

Hayley Williams thinks she's just a normal witch. But she keeps on having the same dream. Who is the woman in her dream? Why is Hayley having the same dreams? Is Hayley really who she thinks she is? Is she going to follow her mothers footsteps with her sister, Riley? Or is she going to find out who she really is?


7. Update

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't been writing in so long! I'm actually getting really into this movella and I hope you guys like it. I hope I will be able to update more as well. If you guys like it please say so in the comments and I am also thinking of writing it in other peoples point of views instead of a narrator. Like Dracos point of view and Hayleys, but sometimes i'll do the narrators P.O.V. Please leave constructive criticism/feedback in the comments. Thanks 'Dumbledores Daughter' for giving some good feedback that really helped!


~Lilly xoxo 

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