Hayley Williams book 1

Hayley Williams thinks she's just a normal witch. But she keeps on having the same dream. Who is the woman in her dream? Why is Hayley having the same dreams? Is Hayley really who she thinks she is? Is she going to follow her mothers footsteps with her sister, Riley? Or is she going to find out who she really is?


5. Real Bad

When they got off of the boats, they were escorted to the castle by a big man, with very bushy hair."Alright, you kids, this is professor McGonagall, she will be taking you to the great hall." The busy haired man said, with a thin, tall, lady with a bit of a strict face. She escorted them to the great hall.


There was a wooden stool with an old hat on it. Professor McGonagall started calling out names."Hermione Granger." She got into Gryffindor. Harry got into Gryffindor too. Pansy got into Slytherin. Then Hayley hears Draco's name."Draco Malfoy." He looked at her and gave her a little wink. She felt butterflies flying up in her stomach, she was crushing real bad. The hat barely touches his head... "SLYTHERIN!" The hat yells out around the great hall, bouncing off the walls. He ran down to the Slytherin table everyone congratulating him."Riley Williams." She looked at Hayley and scowled. "Little smartie, uh." Hayley is now very mad, and she holds grudges for eternity. Riley sat on the stool hat placed on her head. "Oh, I see. Uha. GRYFFINDOR!" She runs down to the Gryffindor table with a big smile on her face. "Hayley Williams." Hayley looks over at Draco, he nods his head. "Be happy Hay." She tells herself. Sitting on the stool is Hayley Williams, waiting to be sorted, she blocks out everyone but the hat. "Oh, your different, very different. This will suit you best. SLYTHERIN!" Hayley opens her mouth in shock, but then a little smirk takes over her face. She runs down to the Slytherin table and sits next to Draco.


"Hay, your in our house!" Pansy says with so much happiness. "Yep, it's gonna be a fun year." "What do you mean?" "We are all in the same house, and we all know what the possibilities are!" Everyone looks at Hayley. Then Draco looks her straight in the eye. "It's gonna be real fun." He says laughing. Hayley smiles and looks over at the Gryffindor table, her sister staring at her. "Guys we should go." Hayley started to feel very uncomfortable. "Are you ok Hay?" "I'll tell you later Pans." Then everyone started to move to the common rooms.

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