Hayley Williams book 1

Hayley Williams thinks she's just a normal witch. But she keeps on having the same dream. Who is the woman in her dream? Why is Hayley having the same dreams? Is Hayley really who she thinks she is? Is she going to follow her mothers footsteps with her sister, Riley? Or is she going to find out who she really is?


3. Getting ready to go!

{Two weeks after diagon alley}



Hayley woke up the day her and Riley were going of to hogwarts. She woke up in her room and grabbed her phone."It's only 7 o'clock, this girl needs more sleep."Hayley sleeps in, a lot. She slept for another 2 hours until Riley bursted in the door."HAYLEY WAKE UP WE ONLY HAVE AN HOUR TILL WE HAVE TO GO TO GET ON THE TRAIN, WAKE UP!" As I've said before, Riley is very loud."I don't wanna get up."Hayley said, half asleep."Hayley, we are going to Hogwarts today."riley started to get really angry."OMG I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS TODAY!"Hayley grabbed her phone and ran downstairs to eat breakfast, Riley went into her own room.Hayley just grabbed a strawberry flavoured up-and-go and ran up the stairs into her room. She went into her massive walk in wardrobe and grabbed some high wasted denim shorts and a crop top that has 89 on it. She put that on and got her brush and put her hair in her normal side part with the rest of her long hair down. She put her makeup on and put on her favourite perfume and went intoner bathroom to brush her teeth. She knew that they would be leaving soon so she grabbed her black boots and put them on then she chucked her robes on."Ok, its a magic school no need to get nervous, your mum went there everything is fine, calm down."Hayley started to give herself a pep talk and then started thinking about Draco Malfoy."He's so cute, can't believe he's going to the same school as me." And then she starts talking about him, young love.


"Hayley are you ready to go?" Hayleys mum yelled out."Yes!" Hayley replied grabbed her iPhone 6s+ (They're rich Btw) and bubbles and ran downstairs."You excited Haley?" Riley asked, smiling. Hayley knew Riley was really excited because she was counting down the days till they would leave, Hayley tout her sister was a complete weirdo."Yes Riley." Hayley replied." Ok girls and dad lets go to get on the train!" Their mum was so excited then went to the train.




Hey guys!! Hope you like my book so far! I will be updating regularly because I'm always bored and have nothing else to do. In the next chapter Riley and Hayley will be on the train going to Hogwarts. Comment if you like this book, i want to know if you guys like it. BBYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE

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