Hayley Williams book 1

Hayley Williams thinks she's just a normal witch. But she keeps on having the same dream. Who is the woman in her dream? Why is Hayley having the same dreams? Is Hayley really who she thinks she is? Is she going to follow her mothers footsteps with her sister, Riley? Or is she going to find out who she really is?


6. Emotional Roller-coaster

Following everyone from the Great hall to the common rooms, Hayley was really down. "Hayley, are you ok?"Asked Pansy."Pansy, I said i'll tell you once we get to the common room to our dorm." "Ok then." Everyone was already assigned their dorms, and In Hayleys dorm is Pansy and two other Slytherin girls that Hayley knew nothing about. 


They got into the common room and Hayley ran straight to her dorm. "Hayley!" Pansy ran after her. "Hayley, whats wrong?"She looked at her worryingly. Hayley jumped on her bed and cried. "Hayley, you can tell me whats wrong." "Pansy, I don't know. Riley has always been my sister, and I don't think I want to be her 'sister bestie' anymore. She's just acting completely weird around me now. This may not make sense but she's been looking in this weird way like I'm some murderer and she's scared of me. I just hate her." Hayley poured her heart out to Pansy all the time, Hayley always feels different emotions and she just can't push them away."I know that she's hurting you, but you need to let it go. She's just another person trying to get to you. Don't let her get to you." "It's hard though." Hayley mumbled."I know Hay, but you're so tough and you know that, and you know I'm always here for you." "Thanks Pans." Hayley wiped her tears away and hugged Pansy."Come on, let's go eat bertie bots every flavoured beans." "What the hell are those!" "Come on let's go." 


Hayley got up out of bed because she couldn't sleep. She got changed into leggings and a hoodie and tied her long blonde her up in a messy bun. Hayley quickly ran out of the dorm, as quite as a mouse. It was pitch black outside. You aren't supposed to be out at the time Hayley was, which was around 11pm. She was just roaming around the castle, seeing what hogwarts is. Hayley decided that she'd go outside down to see the black lake. When Hayley was walking she felt confused, sad and a mix of emotions, but she felt happiness too. She sat down and looked out at the black lake. She felt someone was there, someone watching. She heard footsteps on the grass, coming toward her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a white blond haired, pale skinned guy. Draco Malfoy. "So, what are you doing out here 'Hayley'?" Hayley looked at him and he looked at her, and he smirked."I need to take a breath of fresh air, you know away from everything. What are you doing out here 'Draco'?" "Well I wanted to see if you were ok." Draco looked down at his knees and swallowed and looked back at Hayley. She started to get tears in her eyes, but she trusted Draco."It's just, Riley is looking at me in this way like she thinks I'm some terrible person and I've done something wrong. I just hate her." "Yea, I'm lucky I don't have siblings hehe." "Draco, your really bad at making people feel better, no offence."Hayley laughed."Yea I know, I've never been good at it. I don't usually try to make people feel better. What I do when someone is annoying me and I hate them I act like I hate them because I do and it makes them hate me even more but who cares, oh and I burst all of my anger out on them, trust me it makes you feel much better." "Well thanks Draco, totally helps." "I can tell your being sarcastic…" "Haha sorry, it's a habit, but really thanks." "Well do you wanna go back to our dorms, remember owe have our first classes tomorrow." "Oh shoot really, I didn't know that. Come on let's go."Hayley sprinted to the common rooms and Draco followed."How-can you-run so-fast."Draco huffed and puffed and looked like he was about to pass out."Well, your obviously not the running type Draco." "Of course I'm not! I like quidditch, and it obviously does involve running." "Well, why don't you try out for the Slytherin team?" "Na, i'll do it next year." "Well ok then, I'm gonna try and sleep. See you tomorrow Draco." "Bye hay."

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