Hayley Williams book 1

Hayley Williams thinks she's just a normal witch. But she keeps on having the same dream. Who is the woman in her dream? Why is Hayley having the same dreams? Is Hayley really who she thinks she is? Is she going to follow her mothers footsteps with her sister, Riley? Or is she going to find out who she really is?


2. Diagon Alley

"Okay so what the hell is this place?"Their Father said because he knows nothing about magic."This is Diagon Alley."Their Mother exclaimed.


They got some supplies while Riley went to get her wand, then when Riley came back they went to get the pets. Riley got a brown and black owl and called him Willow. Hayley got a super fluffy white cat and called him bubbles.

"Okay Hayley you can go get your wand now while we go get some other supplies. And when you get back your gonna go get the books you'll be needing, with your sister."Their Mother said.


Hayley walked into Olivanders Wand shop in awe. She looked around her and whispered to herself,"wow.""Hello." Olivander said whilst appearing out of nowhere."Miss.Williams, I think, are you here to get a wand?""Yes." Hayley replied, but she thought to herself, why did he say 'I think'? He gave her a wand to try."Go on give it a wave!" She flicked it and knocked heaps of wands off of the shelf."No, no, no, defiantly not!"Olivander grabbed another wand."Try this one."She gave it a flick and papers went flying everywhere."No, no way!" She tried another 10 wands, but none of them fit her just right."Hmm, maybe I do have something in the back. Just wait there Miss.Williams." Olivander went to the back of the store to get the wand."This should be the one, I thought i'd never use this." Olivander said and grabbed the wand and took it to Hayley."Try this." He gave it to Hayley. She gave it a flick and it lit up."Wow."Hayley gasped in awe."Your one of a kind Miss.Williams." Hayley didn't know what to say. She got the wand and headed back to her parents and her sister."Do you like your wand Honey?"Their Mother said."Yes I do, very fascinating."Hayley replied.


They went into a store to get some more books. Riley and their parents went to get some books together while Hayley went somewhere else in the store. Hayley was by herself but then she saw a very cute boy. He looked at her and Hayley looked away. The boy walked up to her, Hayley was getting nerves, even though she was a very polite and sweet girl, she didn't want to snap at him."Hi, i'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."Holding out a hand for her to shake."Nice to meet you, i'm Hayley Williams."She said politely shaking his hand."So what school are you going to?"The boy asked."Hogwarts.""Same!!"Hayley looked at him."Well Draco, see you at school, Bye.""Bye."Draco replied, happier than usual. Hayley went and bought some of the books and met Riley and her parents outside."Okay girls, lets get back home."Their mother said looking very accomplished."

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