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21. Chapter Twenty

Third Person P.O.V.

Throughout the whole day, the five lads ate junk food, and watched movies ranging from 'American Sniper' to 'Inside Out'. (Nobody cried... Wink Wonk) At about 8:26, everyone had grown tired and fell asleep.. Except for Louis. He refused to let his eyes close, unless he was blinking. The demon didn't want to sleep yet, because he had some planning to do. He was going to get revenge. How dare Liam tell Harry about his dreams? How did he even find out about them?

Louis stopped thinking about how Liam found out, and started to focus more on what he should do to the man.

He went to his room, and grabbed all of the markers he could find. The colors consisted of : Pink, Brown, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, and Green.

'This is going to be fun.' He thought.


Halfway throughout drawing on Liam, Harry woke up, and stared in shock at the poor man's face.

'I love cocks' was written across his cheeks; every letter a different color. Penises, and quotes were made on his beautiful face.

Harry was about to laugh. Louis, of course saw this, so he jumped up to cover Harry's mouth with both of his hands.

He made a gesture for Harry to follow him, and they both made their way to Louis' room. There was a dresser in his walk-in closet, and when he opened it, Harry's eyes widened.

Inside was a megaphone, whipped cream,paint, masks, the lot.

Louis grabbed the megaphone, two whoopee cushions, and a unicorn mask. He gave the mask to Harry and told him to put it on.

"Harry, I need you to lean over the couch, and in front of Liam's face. Not to close, or he'll head butt you." Louis explained, " I'll set up everything, just wait here for a sec."

Harry nodded, and the shorter of the two left the room.

Five minutes passed, and Louis finally came back into the room, he was beaming.

"Harold, I need your help." He whispered, as Liam slept soundly on the couch. Louis almost felt sorry for him.. Key word : Almost.

They both walked outside, and Harry was once again shocked to see a camera in the living room; recording the whole thing. 

"Oh my god." Harry said, " Louis, d'you think we're going to far?"

"Harry, he recorded me while I was sobbing over a Disney movie, and recorded me when I was having a wet dream about y--" Louis abruptly stopped himself.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "About who, Lou?"

"Nobody, just-- just help me with this door." Louis huffed.

They walked to Liam's guest room.

"Umm.. What are we going to do?"

"Sweet, innocent, Harold." Louis mock cooed, " We-- We are going to take the hinges off of this door, and we are going to hide it."

"Louis! Where are we going to hide a door?!" The younger hissed.

"In my huge closet, duh. Loam would never look in there."

Harry sighed, but smiled anyways.

They both rushed to take the hinges off, and once they succeeded, they both carried it to Louis' beautiful closet. They set it down, and closed the closet door.

Larry smiled at each other, and Louis nodded to Harry, telling him to put the mask on.

Harry put the amazing creation on his head, while Louis cheekily grinned at him; pure mischief glinting in his cerulean orbs.

The duo worked their way over to the victim, and Louis made a funny face to the camera, while giving it a thumbs up. They both got in their positions, and Louis grabbed the megaphone, and a can of whipped cream.

He turned it on, and looked at Harry who was standing behind the couch and the sleeping figure. The unicorn nodded, indicating that he was ready.

Louis sucked in a deep breath, and put the megaphone up to his mouth.

"WAKE UP, BITCH!" He yelled, while spraying whipped cream all over Liam's face and body. The sound startled Zayn and Niall from their slumber. As they looked around, and their eyes widened.

Niall and Zayn both suddenly burst into laughter, leaning on each other for support.

Liam, on the other hand was confused, angry, scared, and was feeling every  other emotion out there; apart from happiness.

He quickly sat up, but the whoopee cushions made fart noises, and he turned red, and tears brimmed his eyes. He ran out of the room, and didn't take notice of the half unicorn/half man that was now standing in the corner. All Liam knew at the moment, was that he wanted to be alone.

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