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27. Chapter Twenty Six

Recap : "You know, Louis.. I wrote this song when I was going out with Taylor."

Louis' smile faltered, but he managed to hide it. He couldn't show his disappointment to Harry.

"That's cool." He managed to respond.

"I didn't really like her, though." Harry said with a sigh.

Louis didn't get a chance to ask why, because Harry had cut him off.

"She was a PR stunt.."

Louis' eyes widened.

"Louis.. I'm gay."


"Y-you are?!" Louis managed to stutter out.

"Yeah.. Is that okay?"

Louis almost turned around to punch him again.

"Is it o-- of course it's okay with me, you idiot!" Louis yelled.

"Yeesh, no need to yell in my face!"

"I'll yell if I want to!"

"Okay, okay!" Harry put his hands up in surrender, "So it's fine that I'm gay?"

"Yes, dip-shit" Louis replied, exasperated. 


"Yes, Harold?"

"Are you--"

Louis looked at him from the rear-view mirror.

"Are you.. gay too?"

Louis' eyes widened.

"Y-yes, I am."

Harry just smiled.

"Hey Harry what's the smiling for?"

"Louis, pull over"

"Pull over? What?"

"Pull . Over"

"O..kay" Louis said, confused.

He hesitantly signaled, and pulled over at the side of the road.

"Harry, why am I--"

Before he could answer, Harry grabbed his face, and pulled him in for a kiss.

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