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26. Chapter Twenty Five

Third Person P.O.V.

Louis stomped down his steps, and practically ran to his car. He opened the car door and jabbed the keys into the ignition.

Once the car started, the voice of Harry Styles blasted through the speakers.

"I see your a big fan of me." A voice said from the back seat.

Louis screamed and turned around. He punched the person straight in the face.

"Ow!" The man yelped, while holding onto his probably bleeding nose.

"Harry!",  Louis yelled, " What the hell are you doing in here?!"

"I was going to surprise you.." Harry replied, " Looks like I did."

"Yeah. You did, and I'm not sorry at all.", Louis huffed.

"Why not?" Harry asked.

Louis just glared. "How'd you get into my car?"

"It was unlocked." 

"No it wasn't.. I had to unlock it.." 

"While I was in here, I locked it."

"Oh" Louis responded, "That's nice."

"Yeah, so what are you doing?" Harry asked, curiously.

"Well. like I said while texting you, I need to find out what those three stooges are doing."

"Hmm." Harry hummed in agreement. As they drove, it was very quiet. To quiet. Louis turned up the radio, but it was playing Harry's fourth album called 'FOUR'

Harry looked at Louis with an eyebrow raised in amusement. Louis quickly clicked eject, and the CD was taken out. Harry went to put the CD in Louis' glove compartment and when he opened it, all of his albums were sitting there.. As if waiting to be found.

"What's this?" Harry asked in pure amusement.

"Uhm.. I'm kind of.." Louis started as Harry glanced back at him, " obsessed with you? Maybe?"

Harry only smiled, and Louis let out a breath of relief.

"So, Lou.."

Louis turned a little to face him.

"Do you read fanfics about me?

Louis flushed red.

"N-no" He stuttered out.

"It's fine if you do, you know.. I was just asking." Harry replied.

"Oh, take that smug look off, before I smack it off."

"Rude." Harry retorted.

"Yes, very." Louis replied back.

He was about to change the song, when Harry's hand smacked his own away. 

"Ouch!" Louis yelped, while retracting his hand, "What'd you do that for?!"

"I want to listen."

"To your own songs?"



Harry smiled, and put Midnight Memories in.

A song called 'Happily' came on, and Louis grinned. It was his favorite song on the album.

Harry caught the grin, and smiled at Louis. 

"So you like this song, huh?"

"U-uhm, yeah.. It's my favorite song on the album." Louis said, light red tinting his cheeks.

"Is it?"


"You know, Louis.. I wrote this song when I was going out with Taylor."

Louis' smile faltered, but he managed to hide it. He couldn't show his disappointment to Harry.

"That's cool." He managed to respond.

"I didn't really like her, though." Harry said with a sigh.

Louis didn't get a chance to ask why, because Harry had cut him off.

"She was a PR stunt.."

Louis' eyes widened.

"Louis.. I'm gay."





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