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4. Chapter Three

Hello, here's a recap of what just happened...

"Whatever, Rita. See 'ya later"

As I sprinted up the stairs to my room, I bumped into something really hard and almost fell backwards down the steps.

Luckily, the thing/person grabbed my arm before I could have my "little" fall.

"Oops!" the person said. I froze. I would've recognized that voice anywhere.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Louis' P.O.V.

I froze. I would've recognized that voice anywhere. I looked up to meet the bright blue eyes of Niall Horan. The Niall Horan. Who's he? You might ask, well, Niall is best friends with Harry-Sex-On-Legs-Styles. I can't believe he's right here! Harry always brings Niall with him on tour, so that means that Harry should be here too! What if he's staying at a hotel around here?! Oh my gosh, that would be fantastic! If only I could get my hands on-

"You okay, mate?" Niall said, interrupting my thoughts. 

"Y-yeah, I'm fine.." I managed to stutter out.

"Are ya sure? Y'almost had quite the tumble there!"

"Y-yes, I'm sure.." I took another look at him. "Y-y-you're Niall Horan, aren't you?" I asked, even though I was sure he was.

"Yep! The one and only! You a fan of Harold's?"


He raised an eyebrow. My eyes widened when I realized that I had just yelled.

"I mean.. My sister's a big fan?" I tried. He only laughed. 

"It's fine, mate!" He grinned, showing his white teeth. "At least I don't have to tell him all about you, I mean, you probably know everything already!"

'Everything but his dick size..'  I thought. I heard Niall bark out a laugh, so I looked up to find him clutching his stomach.

"What?" I asked.

"D-d-do y-you realize what y-you just said?!" He managed to spit out before laughing again.

"What did I-- Oh." I guess I didn't really keep the thought to myself.




End of chapter three!! Hope you like this story!! It's a short chapter I know. Tell me yo opinion in Le comments!

~Pheap xx

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