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14. Chapter Thirteen

Third Person P.O.V. Louis stared at the curly headed man, for what felt like an infinity. "Louis, honey!?" A loud voice called from outside. Louis groaned. "Yes, Liam?!" "May I ask why there are people in the studio?" "No you may not, Liam!" "...Okay!" Louis turned around to face Niall, who was still grinning like an idiot. "What is wrong with you, mate?" Lou asked the strange man. "Nothing, it's just that.. You didn't tell me you could sing!" "Yeah, cause I can't!" "Oh? Why would you record yourself if you can't sing?" "Because it's fun?" "Really?' Niall asked, "Because it's fun?" The leprechaun turned to Harry. "Do you sing because it's fun?" "Well.. yeah, but not only that, because it's my job.. And I'm told to be really good at it, soo.." Louis scoffed. 'Somebody's really cocky to day.' He thought 'Really hot too.' He mentally slapped himself "But I'm not a good singer! Really!" Niall huffed. "You guys are not smart. When I see talent, I see talent but nobody listens to me! Nobody!" "I'm gonna go talk to Liam. Bye Harold, bye Lewis." He stomped away like the toddler he truly is. "For what it's worth, I think you're a really good singer." Louis scoffed again. "What?" "You're going to compliment me?" "Yes, is that a problem?" "Uhh, yeah! After what you said, I'm surprised we're even talking!" "What?" Harry looked appalled, "What did I say?" "Remember when you and Niall came to my house?" He nodded. "Remember when I went to get drinks?" There was another nod. Louis sighed. "Remember what you said to Niall while I was away?" Realization dawned on him, and his eyes widened. "No! I didn't mean what I said!" "Oh really? What did you mean to say?" Silence "Yeah, that's what I thought." Louis turned, and was about to walk away, when.. "I don't know you." He turned around again. "Huh?" "I don't know you." "I know, you said that already." Silence A loud voice boomed, and made them jump. "Harry! You have a meeting to attend at..' Niall paused, "Four el clock-o!" The Irishman called. "Look.. I have to go... See you later?" Louis crossed his arms, and nodded. "Uh huh, know go. You have a meeting to attend!" he yelled, mocking Niall's voice. Hey guys!! I'm SO sorry that I haven't been updating in a long time.. I'll make it up to you al, though.. ;) Question : Do you think Louis is warming up to Harry? Or is he going to be beef jerky all the time? ~Pheap xx
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