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11. Chapter Ten

Third Person P.O.V. 

After eating, Louis was quiet. He wasn't ever like this. Usually, after eating, or drinking something with sugar in it, Liam would've had to tie him down, because he would've been bouncing off the walls, so Liam definitely noticed something was wrong.

"Mate." Liam worried.


"What is the purpose of your face?"

Louis groaned. "You watch to many freaking Disney films, man."

"Hey! You watched them with me!"

"Yeah, cause I wanted you to feel better about watching them all by yourself!" Louis retorted playfully.

"Oh, come off it! You cried so much during that one movie, Inside Out!" Liam argued.

To Louis, shit just got serious.

"Did not!"

"Did to!"

"Did not"

"Did freaking to!"



Louis gave up.

"Fine! So I cried! Are you going to try and blackmail me now?"

"Maybe. When I need to, I will."

Lou sighed.

"But seriously, mate, why aren't you even talking about him?

"About who?" Louis asked, even though he knew what Liam was talking about.

"Come on, you know who!"

"He who must not be named?"

"Why won't you say his name?"

"Because he's evil."

"What? What did he do?"

"Well, for starters, he killed Harry's mum and dad, Lily and James Potter--"

"What? What the he--

"Harry Potter."

"I know it's from Harry Potter, but--

"The Dark Lord, Voldemort. Isn't that who you were talking about?"

"No! I was talking about Harry!" Liam said, exasperated.

"Wow, Lima, you sound out of breath."

"Because I am!"

"Yeah, anyways, Harry who?"

"Harry Fucking Styles!"

"Ooh.. That makes sense."

"Yeah! It does!"

"Mmm, I dislike him at the moment."

"What?! Why?"

"I don't wanna talk about it."

Liam pulled out his phone, and brought up a video of Louis crying. 

~In The Video~

Louis clutched onto Liam's shirt, sobbing.

*"Li! Why did Bing Bong have to jump off?!"

Liam tried to hold in his laughter, as he answered the poor boy.

"He jumped off the wagon so Joy could make it, Lou."

"But why?" Louis whined.

The video was six minutes long.

~Real Life~

Louis stood, gaping at the phone. 

"You wouldn't!"

"I wouldn't what?" Liam replied innocently, "I wouldn't dare post it on Instagram, and Twitter, and all of that great stuff, if that's what you're implying." He batted his eyelashes.

Louis groaned as loud as he could.

"That was a loud sound." Liam teased.

"I fucking hate you, you little fucking--"

"Little? Why are you calling me little? I'm like seventeen feet taller than you!"

"Too much! Waaay to much!"

"Mhmm, anyways, tell me everything that happened to you and yo man.'

Louis sighed and told him everything.

At the end of Louis' tale Liam was shocked.

"That mother fucker!" He exclaimed, " How dare he hurt my baby brother's feelings?!"

"Baby brother? I'm older than you, dip shit!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever... Are you sure you're okay, though?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." Louis smiled, reassuringly.

"D'you want to watch a film?"

"Yeah... Can we watch the Little mermaid?" He said quietly.

"What was that? I couldn't here you over your tough guy persona." Liam teased.

Louis glared, and stood up. He walked to his room, and looked through his drawers to find something.

He could hear Liam's laughter from there.

When he came back, he was holding a big notepad, and three markers.

Louis turned away from Liam and wrote.

I'm not talking anymore, 'cause you is fucking mean.

Liam laughed again. "Okay, Princess, now, what did you want to watch?"

The Little Fucking Mermaid, you asshole. Btw, I know you heard me the first time I said it.

Liam nodded, while chuckling, and put the disc in.

After thirty minutes into the movie, Liam spoke up again.

"We have work tomorrow."

Louis sighed and wrote something down.




OKAY, THAT'S THE END OF THAT CHAPTER! What do yah think of the Lilo friendship? Cause it's only gonna be a friendship. Nothing else, cause I'm not into incest. :DD

~ Pheap xx
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