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20. Chapter Nineteen

Third Person P.O.V.

The next day, Louis was awoken by his neighbor's stupid new dogs. They were constantly barking, and Louis needed his beauty sleep.

 As he started to drift off, someone knocked on his door.

"Mother fucking--!"

He got out of bed, and sprinted to the door, ready to bash the person's face in.

"Why the hell are you knocking at this hour, you unholy piece of--"

He finally took in the sight before him. Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn stood there. Harry's eyebrow was raised.

"What? It's 3:00 in the morning, how do you expect me to react?"

"First of all, it's not 3, it's 11--"

"I don't care anymore, Loam."

"Who the hel--"

"Shush, Loam."

"I give up!" Lo-- I mean, Liam. Liam threw his hands up.

He pushed pass Louis and sat down on the couch with a huff.

"Someone's on their man period..."

Harry and Niall snickered at the comment, while Zayn just smiled.

"As the three walked in, Harry ruffled Louis' hair. The victim scowled.

They all sat down, and it was just awkward. Just silence.

"So!" Niall clapped his hands.

"Harry, Louis has wet dreams about you." Liam blurted, but he quickly covered his mouth with wide eyes.

Niall was in hysterics, even Zayn was laughing, but Harry and Louis were both blushing like mad men.

Louis was gaping, but he controlled himself, and walked over to Liam.

He sat down next to him and smiled.

You could hear Liam gulp.

"Hey, LiLi!"

Liam was scared. He knew Louis was capable of many things, and Louis would definitely get his revenge.

"Are you scared Liam?"

"Yes. Very much so."


Louis walked away from the poor lad, and sat down next to Zayn and Niall. 

"Something funny, boys?"

"No, not at all, Sir." Niall saluted, even though he kept laughing.

Zayn was also laughing.

Louis glared at all of them.

"Fucking assholes.. Stupid fucking Loam."

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