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10. Chapter Nine

Third Person P.O.V. 

      Louis couldn't stand it anymore, so he threw his sock at Harry's grinning face. (His poster face of course. All though, he would actually throw it at the real him.) He couldn't stand how Harry was so fucking perfect, and he couldn't stand how Harry called gays fags. The list of reasons why Louis couldn't stand Harry Edward Styles at the moment could go on for an infinity. His phone rang. Looking at the collar I.D, he was glad it wasn't Niall. It wasn't like he didn't like Niall, he did, he just didn't want him to talk about how sorry he was about Harry. He didn't like to be pitied. He didn't like for people to feel sorry for him. 

Louis picked up his phone and listened to Liam talking.

"Sooooo.. I heard you talked to Mr. Styles! How was it? Did he like you? Did you embarrass yourself? Did he flirt? Did you flirt? O M G, DID YOU GUYS HAVE SEX?!"

As Liam rambled on, asking Louis if he had used protection, Louis was raiding his fridge, looking for something edible to eat.

When Louis started to actually pay attention to the rubbish Liam was talking about, his eyebrows furrowed, and his forehead creased.

"Payno, what the bloody hell are you talking about?"

"Oh.. I was asking about his.. dick... size.."

"WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!" Louis stopped him, " Why the hell are you asking me this?"

"Cause you've been obsessed with this fucking hipster for five years straight."

True statement that is.

"Oh.. Well I'm not going to answer those questions, and I will not help you plan an orgy of some sort with us."

He heard a snort.

"Orgy? Mate, what the hell have you been reading?"


"What? You know, I don't even want to know.."

"Yeah. Anyways, how was your day?"

"I don't know.. Boring?  Yeah, boring."

Louis was once again diverting his attention away from the phone and Liam's voice. Instead, he was raiding his fridge again. Grinning, he took out mayonnaise, lettuce, ham, and cheese. Louis walked over to the pantry and grabbed the bread.

"Mhmm, that's great."

"Are you even listening?"

"Nope, I'm making sandwiches."

"I'll be right over"

Liam hung up.

~Ten Minutes Later~

Louis heard the door open, and footsteps come to the kitchen. Liam walked through.

"Thanks for knocking, LiLi."

"Why would I knock if I have a key?" 

Louis just sighed, and smiled, passing his bestie a sandwich.







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