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16. Chapter Fifteen

Harry's P.O.V.        

~Four/Five Hours Later~

It's not that I don't trust Louis... Well, I don't... Not completely, if that helps. I mean, I just met him, I'm not going to open up to him just like that! I'll have to get to know him more, then maybe I could tell him that I'm... gay.

I checked my phone for any messages before going to sleep, and found three from Louis.

Louis : heeey hazzy!!!1

Louis : how was your fday/?

Louis : Mine waas GRETA!

I chuckled. Was Louis drunk? Even when drunk, he was cute! What the hell?!

Louis : I THInk my bUMm's to big!1

Louis : whatd o youu think haery?

My eyes widened.

Me : Louis, you're drunk.

Louis : NO, IM LUOIS!

Louis : haha im soooo funny!

Me : Oh? I thought you were luois?

Louis : i cna be both!Me : go to sleep, lou

Me : have someone take care of you! Get Liam!!!

Louis : okauy. i loooooovee youuu

I knew he didn't mean it, so I laughed to myself as I turned off the light, and drifted of to sleep

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