The Music Store


12. Chapter Eleven

Third Person P.O.V.

Louis had fallen asleep when the movie ended, and Liam decided to leave after Louis fell asleep. He would've stayed, but they had work the next day, and he had left all of his belongings at his flat. Liam crept by and was about to open the door when he heard it. He walked back over to Louis.

"Oh Harry, harder!" Louis moaned.

Liam's eyes widened. He snickered, and instead of feeling sorry for the lad, he recorded it.

Ten minutes later, Liam shut off his phone, and went home, laughing to himself.


Louis woke up the next morning alone. His phone rang. He thought it was going to be Liam nagging him about  getting up and going to work, so he answered it without a second thought.

"Hey, is this Louis?" A deep gravely voice said.

Louis froze.

"Y-yeah... H-H-Harry?"

"Yeah.. look, Louis I really like you and all, but I'm not a fucking faggot, okay? I don't take it up the arse like you do, and I will never like you like that, I want you to stop liking me, because the feeling is definitely not mutual. Oh, and your room is pretty freaking disgusting too. You're waay to obsessed. What are you, ten? Real mature."

Tears pricked Louis' eyes, and a sob made it through his mouth.

"Are you crying now? Ha! How pathetic!"



Louis woke up with a start. He was breathing hard, and his hands were clammy. He couldn't believe what just happened. It all seemed so real.

His phone rang, and he was hesitant to pick it up, afraid that his dream might come true. He let out a breath of relief, when he checked the collar I.D. and saw Liam's ugly (Not my opinion, okay guys?! Put that pitchfork away, Freddie!) face on the screen. He picked up the phone.

"Lewis! You're freaking late again!"

"I know, I know, you don't have to tell me, Loam."

"What the hell is a Lo-- You know what? I don't even care right now, just come to work, dip-shit" And with that, he hung up.

"Rude." Louis mumbled as he walked over to his bathroom. "So, so rude."

Louis P.O.V.

~Ten Minutes Later~

Stepping out of the shower, I tied a towel around my waist. I went to my dresser and tried to find a decent outfit to where to work.

I found a shirt that I made. It said, 'Louis Tomlinson Is My Boyfriend' and it is a great shirt. (It's the shirt up there if you haven't noticed...^^^)

Yeah, I made a shirt that says I'm dating myself. Got a problem? 

So I put on this shirt, and a pair of tight black skinny jeans. I'm going to 'wow' people today.

~At The Music Store~  (< Heh Heh)

"Wow. I'm surprisingly not surprised." Liam said when he saw me. What'd I say?


"Your shirt. I can't even."

"I know right, I made it my self!" I said proudly, while beaming. I had a really good feeling about today.

"We're not that busy today, we've got about four demons in there. You shouldn't worry though, I've got them."

"What? No, Liam, I can't let yo--" I tried to argue.

"Yes you can. Oh! Maybe you can record in the studio, out back! A cover, maybe?"

I brightened up. I did love doing covers back there, And I had just heard a song that I wanted to do..

"Deal." I said.


End of chapter! I should warn you though, about the cover he's gonna do.. I love Adventure Time, and.. yeah, you get the point. ;D

~Pheap xx

p.s. Freddie was a Halloween decoration I made. He was hella freaking scary. Just sayin.. I might put a pic of him on here, someday.... BYE AGAINN!

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