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9. Chapter Eight

Third Person P.O.V.

Harry and Louis talked the whole day, completely ignoring Niall, who just watched. At 9:09 or so, Harry said he needed to use the bathroom. Louis pointed him in the direction of the toilet, and when he left, Louis turned to glare at Niall.

"What?" Niall asked.

"Why did you bring him?" Lou exclaimed.

"Don't you love him, though?"

"Of course I love him! I'm just surprised that you brought him here. To my house. Without me knowing."

"Ooh.. Yeah, sorry about that.."

"It's fine, Neil."

Niall glared, and slapped his arm.

Louis glared back, and slapped him.

Soon, it was just the two slapping each other.

~Two Minutes Later~

They stopped at the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Harry was standing in the hallway with an eyebrow raised.

"NEIL STARTED IT!" Louis yelled. He ran to the couch, picked up two pillows, and threw them at Niall and Harry.

It didn't hit Harry, actually, it didn't even get close to him. Since Niall was closer, it hit him straight in the face.

Louis sat down and smiled in victory as he saw Niall's face scrunched up, because of the pillow, and Harry doubled over in laughter.

Harry finally stopped laughing, walked over to Louis, and plopped down next to him. Louis tried to stay calm, but he couldn't contain his blush. He especially couldn't contain it when Harry draped his arm over his shoulder.

'Fuck this shit.' He thought.

He stood up, and nearly yelled, " Who wants drinks? Snacks?"

Harry and Niall both raised their hands like obedient children.

Lou stood up, and nearly ran to the kitchen.

As he prepared the snacks, he heard something, so he pressed his ear to the door. 

"I know you like him, H." 

"No! I don't! I'm not a fag, Niall!"  Louis' heart sank.

"Yeah, I know that, but can't you at least try?"

"No! I like him as a friend, that's all." Louis' heart officially broke.

Louis couldn't stand this anymore. He took his ear off the door, and opened it.

"Louis!" Niall exclaimed.

Louis ignored them, and walked up the stairs with his head down. It was late, anyways, he was going to sleep.

Louis' P.O.V.

~Fifteen Minutes Later~

I still wasn't asleep. I just couldn't fall asleep with the two arguing downstairs, and all of the things on my mind. Plus, I hadn't had my tea yet.

Just as my eyes started to droop, I heard the door slam. I got up with a jolt, and ran to my window. When I looked outside, I saw Harry stomping down the driveway. I then saw Niall scampering towards him, they both got in Harry's car and left.

~Ten Minutes Later~

I got a text. It was from Niall.

Neil : What did you hear when you were in the kitchen?!?!?!

Me : Nothing.. Just that Harry isn't a fag like me

Neil : Oh..

Neil : I'm sorry about that..

Me : It's fine.. I'm used to it..?

Me : Goodnight Nialler

I shut my phone off.

So much for a good night.


End of chapter eight!!

This is kind of a sad chapter.. What are your opinions on wittle o Hazza?

He may be a bit of a jerk in this chappy, but WHATEVSS!

Tell me if you like the story or not in the comments!!

~Pheap xx

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