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1. Prologue

Louis' P.O.V.

      I was awaken my my stupid alarm clock ringing. I got up and checked the time. 8:00. What an early start. I stretched as I sat up in my warm bed, and pulled off my blankets. The poster of Harry Styles at the head of my bed was staring at me. Yes, I have Harry Styles poster, got a problem? Not only do I have posters, but I have a bunch clothes, all of his albums, some folders/binders with his face on it. I even have some of his duct tape, and more. Yes, I am obsessed with him, but who wouldn't be? Being that beautiful should be illegal.

My phone blared and it indicated that I got a text.

Lima : Are you almost ready yet? Cause your late!

My eyes widened. I hadn't even taken a shower yet. 

Me: yes..?

Lima : You're not ready are you?

Me : (:


Me : you love me, though

Lima : Yes, yes I do. Now get ready for work CAUSE YOUR LATE FOR IT

Me : Of course.

I sprinted to the bathroom, but tripped on the shirt that was lying on the floor. Ouch. Carpet burn sucks.

After I had taken my shower, I put on my clothes. Just a sweatshirt, skinny jeans, and my favorite pair of TOMS. (His sweatshirt is up there ^^)

I grabbed my keys, and ran out the door to my car, and drove to the shop. It was called "Got tunes?' " I know what your'e thinking. 'Wow, great name'. But trust me, it wasn't my idea. It wasn't Li's either. It was his dad's idea, and he died, so Liam inherited the shop. I gotta say, though, it is a really cool place, because it has this backroom with a little recording area that I like to hang out in.

When I got to the shop, I saw Liam. He looked star-struck. I got out of the car, and walked over.

"You missed him." He said.


"YoumissedhimandIknowyoulovehimandIamsososorry!" He rambled on, and looked terrified.

"I missed who?!" I am seriously about to call for some help.


"Who is 'him'?


"Spit it out!"  

I pulled out my phone.

"H-Harry Styles" He stuttered back.

You know the phone I was holding? Well, it's on the ground now.



~Pheap xx

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