Through The Dark -ON HOLD-

Mikayla Stones has been best friends with Harry Styles since they wore diapers. The two started catching feelings, but fame ruins everything, doesn't it?


3. Chapter 3


I smiled at Harry. He smiled a genuine smile back at me and intertwined our fingers. I looked down at our hands and my smile was like the Cheshire Cat's silly grin, scared that if I smiled anymore the grin would be plastered on my face forever. Harry chuckled at my expression, and I blushed. 

  "I was wondering.." Harry started, but stopped. I stared at him questioningly.


  "Nothing. It's kinda dumb." He said, using his free hand to scratch his neck. I raised my eyebrows, easily making him spill.

  "Well, it's just that, I don't want this," he said, directing to the both of us, "to ruin or friendship, or make it awkward for Scarlet and Jake, you know?" Harry explained. I laughed at Harry, making him put on his 'what's so funny?' expression.

  "Is Harold Edward Styles being considerate of others?" I exclaimed, pretending to be surprised. His cheeks flushed a tint of pink and he rolled his eyes.

  "Just for you." He responded, leaning over and pecking my cheek. 

  "Don't go all cheesy on me after only five minutes of-" I stopped, unsure if we were dating. Harry caught on, and smirked. He got down on one knee, placing his two hands on his leg, and looking at me. I laughed at his serious expression.

  "Will you, Mikayla Sarah Stones, take me, Harold Edward Styles, take me to be your beloved boyfriend?" I laughed and I could tell he was forcing back a smile.

  "I do. And you?"

  "Why of course, my dear." I leaned down and pecked him on the lips and he stood up. 

  "Already starting pet names, are we?" 

  "Only for my princess." He wrapped his hand around my waist, and we walked back inside the poorly lit McDonalds. Our parents looked at us, expectantly, considering they were used to us holding hands and wrapping our arms around each other. We smiled at each other, and our parents easily caught on. 

  Harry and I walked home in peace,  letting the cool breeze blow us. It was silent. But the comfortable kind, and I intertwined my fingers with his, letting him know that I love him, and he squeezed me hand. I cherished this rare moment, and hoped it went into my long term memory. 

  Because things like this do not last forever. 


  "Harry, your gonna be fine." I said over the phone. The crowd was easily heard in the background, and I could hear a male singing. 

  "I know, but I'm just nervous."

  "You always tell me that's a good thing, and now I'm telling you. Every time I have a karate tournament or a swim meet, you always tell me that the nerves are what makes you try your hardest." I said to him. I heard him take a long inhale, and exhale, before he responded.

  "Thanks Mickey, I really needed that." He said. "Hold on a sec." I waited before he spoke over the phone. 

  "Ok I'm on deck so I have to go. Bye princess." 

  "Bye. Break a leg." I sighed and threw my phone onto my bed, drawing my attention to the TV. My heart fluttered with excitement when I saw Harry walk out onto the large stage, and I instantly heard girls start screaming. And I'm not going to lie, that did make me a bit jealous. 

  Simon questioned Harry a bit, before Harry was ready to sing. Harry sang beautifully and my heart fluttered which each word that came out of his his pink lips. The judges loved his performance and I couldn't be anymore happy for him. As he walked off the stage my stomach filled with butterflies. I stuffed my head in my pillow and all that was heard was a muffled scream. I didn't know if it was possible to felt this happy for someone. The only problem now is who the judges are going to pick.

  Awhile later, I sat on my bed, watching anxiously as all the boys walked out onto the stage. I smiled when I saw the boy's familiar curls. This may sound cruel, but if Harry doesn't get it, I'd really like for the sweet blonde boy that was on earlier to win because he seemed like a good candidate.

  "Did I miss anything?" My good friend Grace said as she walked back from the bathroom and plopped down on my bed. Grace has long wavy brown hair and beautiful blue eyes and she, like me, is a fan girl. 

  "Nope." I said popping the p. Simon started talking and Grace and I fell silent. It was quiet enough that you could hear a feather drop in my room. 




  Harry looked devastated when his name wasn't called. His eyes welled up with tears and the one boy, Louis I think his name was, was motioning towards someone sadly. I cried as I watched Harry leave the stage, devastating facial features on all of the losing boys. I turned off the TV and laid down on my bed. Grace patted my back soothingly. I laid there and closed my eyes, listening to the sound of the wind outside. 


"Ughhhh." I groaned as my phone ringed for the seventh time this night. I opened my eyes and saw Harry's face flashing on the small screen. I reached my hand out and grabbed my phone, sliding it to green.

  "Hello." I said, more like a question.

  "M, why haven't you been answering my calls?" He asked, a bit of anger but a bit of worry in his voice.

  "Sorry I've been sleeping." I said groggily. 

  "Oh. Well?" He asked.


  "Did you see me tonight! The boys and I were all crying but now five of us are in a band and we're continuing on the show!" He exclaimed excitedly.

  "Oh my gosh! Seriously?" I said, waking up and jolting up from my bed. 

  "Yeah! Dead serious!" I laughed and I could see his smile on the phone. 


  "But what?" I toke an intake off breath before what he said next broke my heart.

  "I won't be returning for a couple months." 

  "Oh." I said after a few moments of silence.


  "Harry, I think we should take a break." I said after an uncomfortable silence.

  "What?! Why?!" He exclaimed.

  "Long distance rarely work out and I don't wanna be crushed when in doesn't." I said, trying to break this off fast. 

  "Fine. I gotta go. Goodbye." Harry said harshly, cutting off our conversation quickly. 

  "What was that all about?" Grace asked. I didn't say anything as she could see the emotion swelling in my eyes. 

  "Oh my poor baby." She said, pulling my head onto her lap. I sat there for hours crying my eyes out. My salty tears were endless.

  I know I'm losing Harry as my boyfriend but he'll still be there for me, as a friend, right?




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