Through The Dark -ON HOLD-

Mikayla Stones has been best friends with Harry Styles since they wore diapers. The two started catching feelings, but fame ruins everything, doesn't it?


2. Chapter 2

"You know Scarlet, you should teach be how to dance." Harry suggested. 

  "And why is that?" She asked, putting her auburn colored hair up into a bun. 

  "Well, you know, for the X Factor." Harry said, quite embarrassed. I laughed at Harry, whose cheeks were turning red. Harry was going to audition for the X Factor, and was super nervous, but we all supported him. Well,mall but me. I'm scared that I could lose him if he ever ended up becoming famous. And knowing Harry's voice very well, I know that that very well may happen. 

  Right then, Jake came up behind us. We were standing by my locker, waiting for Jake so we could all head to first period together. We started walking to our first class of the day, Science. I walked in between Harry on the edge of our group. 

  "What does Harry want for the X Factor?" Jake asked, being the newbie to this just started conversation.

  "He wants to know how to dance." Scar explained to Jake. He nodded his head understandingly, and smirked at him. 

  "You know...we could teach him." Jake said from the other side of our group. I smirked at him, and walked over to his side. I saw Harry eyeing us cautiously. 

  "Yeah we could teach him how to shimmy." I said doing the movement as I walked. Jake and I started frolicking around the hallway, apologizing to the people we bump into. Jake took my hand and twirled me around. I looked over at Harry, still smiling, but he had a frown on his face, with-wait, is that jealousy in his eyes? I pondered that, but when he saw me look at him, he faked a smile. I looked at him with confusion, but shook it off. We walked into class, laughing. Well, all of us but Harry. What is with that kid today?

  I went with Scar to our seats in the middle side of the class, next to the window where if you look out, can see the kids outside playing footbull in gym class, or whatever they were learning. I sat by the window, whereas Scar sat right next to the aisle. Harry sat directly behind me, and Jake behind Scarlet. The boys were sitting on top their desks, looking about the classroom. 

  The skimpy slut of the school, Adriana Smith, and her group of friends followed behind her. She twirled a piece of her long blonde hair around her finger, smirking as she walked over to Harry. 

  "Hello there pretty boy." She said, sitting on his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. I rolled my eyes. Gosh this girl is stupid, I thought. Before Harry could reject her like he always does, I butt in. 

  "Sorry Smith, Harry's not into sluts. Haven't you heard?" Her attention averted from Harry to me as quick as a cheetah. 

  "What did you just say to me, bitch?" She asked. I smirked and stood up, crossing my arms. 

  "You heard me." I said with a challenging glare. She was about to lunge at me, before she remembered that I am a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and that the bell had just rung. Our Science teacher, Mr.Hoffman, has a strict rule where everyone has to be in there seats when the bell rings or your considered tardy, so she scrambled back to her seat. 

  I quickly sat down in my chair, and took notes as the class moved on. I felt something uncomfortable slide down my shirt from the back. I knew it was a piece of paper. I quietly took it out from the bottom back of my shirt, and opened it sneakily. 

What was that about? -H

  I took my pencil and pretended to be taking notes, but was actually writing back to Harry. 

Can't I defend my best friend? -M

  I pretended to be stretching, and dropped it on the his desk behind me. He quickly read what I wrote, and wrote something back. 

Could u come over after school? -H

  Instead of writing back, I crumpled the piece of paper in my pocket, and faced him. He raised his eyebrows expectantly, and I nodded. He flashed me a quick smile, before returning to pretending to listen. 

  The rest of the day was a bore, having the same old stuff in all my classes happen. I have Chinese Global Studies second hour, which is basically Global Studies in Chinese and Chinese Immersion which are both within the same hour, Lunch, Choir, Language Arts, Math, and Creative Writing/Drama, depending on the day.  

  After school, I met up with Harry outside the main entrance, and instantly started walking towards his house. Harry and I are next door neighbors, so we have always walked to and from school together. Sometimes when my parents are gone on business trips, Harry's mom, Anne, would let my brothers and I stay at their place until they returned. 

  "So whatcha wanna do?" I asked him as grew nearer to his house. 

  "I wanna practice my audition." He stated simply. I looked at him questioningly. 

  "And you want me there...why?" I asked. I felt like I kinda knew the answer, but I still wasn't one-hundred percent sure. 

  "Well I need you to play the piano for you to be the judge." He said, the last part a bit wearily. 

  "Okay. I'll be...Simon." I said, deciding which judge I wanted to be. 

  "And why is that?" He asked me. 

  "Cause he is the mean one and the hardest to get by." I said. I wanted to prepare him to be the best he can be for the X Factor. 

  "So you don't think I'm good enough?" He asked jokingly, raising his eyebrows and a cheeky grin spread across his face.

  "Oh get over yourself, Styles." I said and punched his shoulders. He chuckled and put an arm around me shoulder. I tensed up for a second, but instantly relaxed knowing that it was just a friendly gesture...right? 

  "Just imagine a crowd screaming my name." Harry said trying to put a picture in our brains. 

  "Harry! Harry! Harry!" I whisper-cheered. Harry laughed at my weirdness. 

  "Your such a dork." He said, ruffling my hair. I glared at him, he messed up my hair. 

  "Yeah but I'm your favourite dork." I said, pulling his beanie off his head, and running away. We had just reached our neighborhood, and Anne's house was right there in front of us. I could hear Harry's footsteps pounding behind me, but I've always been the faster one. I ran up the porch, but sadly, Harry had the key, so I was stuck. I stood there, trying to find a way to escape, but I was too late to escape. Harry grabbed my from the front in a hug. 

  "Gotcha." He said lowly. My heart fluttered, and butterflies erupted in my stomach. I've had a crush on Harry since we were 12, but I've always kept the secret to myself, though I may have once told Scarlet, who totally freaked. My head was dug into his chest, which smelt like his cologne. I pulled my head out of his chest, the smell still lingering. 

  I was surprised when his face was only centimeters from mine. I saw something in his eyes. It looked Lust? 

  But either one of those would be insane. We stared each other in the eyes for a couple minutes, so many different emotions swirling through his green eyes. We were interrupted by the honking of a car horn. We jumped apart, and saw an old lady sitting in a running red car. 

  "I'd just like to say you two make an awfully cute couple!" She exclaimed, looking at the too of us. I looked down and blushed, embarrassed. But Harry stared at me, amused. 

  "Thank you!" He yelled back, waving her away and wrapping his arm around my shoulder. He kept laughing while I regained my confidence. 

  "That would be weird if we were ever know." I said as Harry unlocked the door and we walked through it into the house. Harry didn't answer as he threw his backpack on the couch. I set mine next to his, and sat down on the electric keyboard seat. I could Harry very clearly, but it would be hard to judge, so I told Harry to wait a second, and I recorded the song on the keyboard, before moving the seat in front of Harry. 

  I pushed play on the recording, and he started to sing the song, but instead of his eyes never daring to look at me like he normally does, he stared directly at me. I felt my cheeks starting to heat up. It was like he was serenading me. After the song, I really felt like I really had to go home and think. Harry stared at me intently, not saying a word. 

  "I...gotta go." I said awkwardly, pointing towards the door. He stood up with me and led me out the door. 

  "I'll walk you home." He said. That's one of the many things I love about Harry. Even though he is always super cheeky, he also finds a way to be a gentleman. And I adore that about him. My house was only a few meters away, and was on the porch in no time. It was awkward for a second. I gave him a quick awkward hug, and turned towards the door, and was half way through when Harry mumbled something I'll never forget. 

  "What if it wouldn't be weird?" 



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