Through The Dark -ON HOLD-

Mikayla Stones has been best friends with Harry Styles since they wore diapers. The two started catching feelings, but fame ruins everything, doesn't it?


1. Chapter 1

He was dead. 

 I sat in the bland funeral home, processing what had happened a week ago. I sat alone in a simple black knee-length dress, black flats, and my dark brown hair styled in my natural curls, hanging halfway down my back. I was alone, surrounded by empty chairs. 

 My brown eyes stayed staring at the fake tree planted in the corner. He can't be, he just can't, I thought still in denial. He was too young, he had a whole life ahead of him. My eyes started watering, and I had to place my fingers under them to keep my mascara from leaking. I calmed myself down returning to what I had been doing before. 

 I had been sitting here for an hour, looking back in forth between from his coffin, his portrait, and the fake plant. 

 I felt a cold blow of wind on my neck, before feeling a hand rest on my shoulder. I didn't have to look up to know who it was. 

 "We have to leave." He spoke. My eyes looked back at the coffin. 

 "Just one last look." I said. I stood up and walked around the scattered chairs up to where the coffin sat, my feet not making any sounds. I stood above it and looked down at the peaceful face. His brown hair hung just above his eyebrows, his eyes shut, closing his soul. His lips were sealed shut, unlike when he was still alive, it was always open, talking about everything and anything. He wore the black tux he had bought for homecoming, but never wore. I stared at him for a good minute, trying to memorize every detail of his face. I heard footsteps behind me and chairs scratching the floor. He grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers. 

 "Come on, let's go." He said calmly. I took one last look at his delicate features, before turning away. 

"Bye Harry." 

I woke up with a fright, and sat straight up. I looked around the room, where everything sat where it should be. There was a dim light light shining through my curtains, showing me that it's 6 am, and I am up early enough to walk to school.  I took a deep breath. Harry's still alive, I thought as I got up and out of my bed. Harry Styles is my best friend ad has been since we were little kids. 

  But why do I keep dreaming about him?

  We live in Cheshire, England, and go to England High School in Cheshire (I think that's actually a real school), where life is great. The weather is okay, and I have 3 really close friends that I know I can always rely on. Harry, of course, Scarlet, and Jake. I have known Scar just as long as I've known Harry, and Jake has been my friend since middle school. 

 I walked over to my closet and picked out what I wanted to wear today. I grabbed my leather jacket made out of real leather, my leather boots also made of real leather, my black Jacob Whitesides Summer Tour shirt that I wore under my jacket, and my medium blue colored jeans. I know all this leather is weird and expensive, but my French family is filthy rich, so I end up with high quality clothes and such. I looked into the full body mirror and just made sure I looked good before going over to my small makeup table, and only applied some mascara to make my dark brown eyes pop, and concealer that matched my dark tan skin, to cover up any blemishes, which I didn't have a lot of today, thankfully. I did this  before deciding I was good to go. I let my hair down in my natural curls, and headed out of my room.  

 I went down the stairs into my kitchen, and saw my brothers arguing in Chinese. 

 "我的天啊,闭嘴!(Oh my gosh, shut it!)" I said in Chinese, making them shut up. I've been in Chinese immersion since my first year of school, and my mom is from France, so I'm fluent in French and Chinese. (I actually speak Chinese and French so none of these things will be wrong, hopefully). I walked over to my mom who wore her red business suit and was drinking some coffee. 

  "Bonjour maman." I greeted my mom. She smiled and nodded in return. She probably has a headache, I thought, making myself a piece of toast and spreading the silky Nutella all over it. I sat down next to my brother, Isaac, and munched on the toast. It was silent in the kitchen, meaning that my brothers had probably gotten in trouble with my mom before I came down. I finished my breakfast, and went back upstairs to brush my teeth. I heard the doorbell ring, and spit out the toothpaste in my mouth. 

  "Crap." I muttered as I used a white wash cloth to wipe my mouth. I put some Chapstick on, and ran downstairs, to see my best friend conversing with my mother. They heard my feet running down the stairs, and both looked up and smiled at me. I picked up my backpack from the stool next to the door, and slung it over my right shoulder. 

  "K. Let's go." I said, looking at Harry. He nodded, and bid goodbye to my mom. 

  "Au revoir." My mom says. I gave my mom a kiss on a cheek, and followed Harry out the door. 

  "Did you finish your language arts homework?" Harry asked me as we walked on the sidewalk on the way to school. I smiled at his laziness. 

  "Yeah I'll let you copy it in choir." I said. 

  "Thank you!" He cheered gratefully, punching his hands in the air. I laughed at him, and we talked about nonsense on the rest of the way to school. 


A/N: Is this good so far or...What do you think? 




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