Unknown Connection

Megan JoLynn Samson's life was forever changed the summer before her junior year. Derek Jordan Stacy, a fellow student at Megan's school, fell in love and doesn't know how or why. Will they unite with their mysterious connection, or will Derek chose popularity over personality and push Megan away? Will Megan ever recover from the life threatening events of the summer?What will they do when school starts in September?


4. Chapter 4

Still June 13th

"Micah is Derek's biological father." 


"What?" I say in confusion. "I thought Robert was?" I looked at Mrs. Stacy's face and she smiled as I said Robert's name. I look over to Derek and he now is peeking over the blanket looking back at me.


"That's what we want everyone to believe." I look at them puzzled as ever,but Derek continues, " Micah is just a sperm donor. He's been in a gang since he was a teen, and now is the head guy. 17 years ago he found out my mom was pregnant and stabbed her. He was short of the uterus by two centimeters. He was attempting to abort me by himself since my mother wouldn't do it." His face turned into a slight smirk in a cocky way. " We wanted everyone to think Robert was my blood father because well he is my step dad and has loved me like his own, well as much as he can I guess." He scrunched his nose. " But he loves my mom very much." At this point I'm completely speechless, but some how he still has more to say. "The reason I haven't gotten a hold of you since, THE, night was because Micah doesn't approve of you." His face dropped and was obviously on the verge of tears.


I look at him in complete shock then it hit me, why? His mom sits by me and wraps her arm around. I look at Derek and bite my upper lip trying to hold back sadness and anger. 


Derek starts to speak, and his mom softly rubs my back. "Micah knows, well knew, your father. They were what you say are "frenemies". You're dad was the popular kid." I scoff, no wonder why he thinks he's all that. " And Micah was the bad boy." He laughs a little to himself. "Micah refused to let me see or even contact you the moment he saw you outside and asked what your last name was." Confused I look at him, I have my mother's madden name. Derek hesitates a little bit then looks out the window to his friends. 


"Mom can you please close the shades, I think I need some privacy." His voice mumbled and his mom slowly got up and shut them for her ill boy. " But I knew you had your mom's last name, which completely confused me why he was talking about your father." He scratched his head and reached out gesturing for me to hold his hand."Micah was dating your mom's best friend while fucking with my mom. He was engaged, well until your dad told him that he was messing around and got another woman pregnant. That's why he wanted my mom to abort me. He was so close to marriage and your dad ruined it all for him." He kissed my hand slightly. His face looked drained and exhausted. All this chattering made me forget why I was here, Derek's in the hospital. Mrs. Stacy got up frantically and left without saying a word.


"Derek," I say slowly." what happened?" My face soft and eyes full of worry. He pulls me closer and kisses me. Lips I haven't felt since that muddy morning of May 29th. He deepens the kiss and I sit, well lay, on the hospital bed without breaking the kiss. The door opens , but we ignore it. We continue to kiss until we hear a deep, powerful voice clear his throat and open the shades up. We both stop, both not daring to look at who it might be. I look at Derek's face he knows exactly who it is, Micah.

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