Unknown Connection

Megan JoLynn Samson's life was forever changed the summer before her junior year. Derek Jordan Stacy, a fellow student at Megan's school, fell in love and doesn't know how or why. Will they unite with their mysterious connection, or will Derek chose popularity over personality and push Megan away? Will Megan ever recover from the life threatening events of the summer?What will they do when school starts in September?


3. Chapter 3

Still June 13th

We got to the hospital and we signed in at the ICU front desk. I spoke my name and as soon as a nurse heard my name she rushed over to me, yanked my arm and pulled me into a room. I stood there for a few moments just staring at the pale grey curtain.I take a deep and quiet breath and took a small step in. My eyes travel across the floor to the hospital bed. Derek's seeping, motionless and bruised body laid there in peace. I sit by him and inspect his battered arms and face. My eyes stop for a few seconds at his neck. The little anchor was  just as healed as mine. I touch his hand and rub it softly. I put my head to his hand and let it rest. After a few minutes I felt his hand twitch and I lift my head to look at his face. His eyes opened slowly.


"Megan" He whimpers out, "You actually came?" He tries to sit up but the pain was too unbearable causing him to fail and plop down. His head slowly turned towards me only he wasn't looking at me but the large, cheering crowd out the glass wall behind.  I take a glance out and see the entire football team along with the head cheerleaders. I turn my face quickly in embarrassment.


"Are you sure you even want me here?" I speak softly, still clearly embarrassed. His face looked dumbfounded, but then he smiles and nods his beautiful head. I look at him and smile. His face is a lot paler than usual. His eyes are glossier and softer. My voice cracked while I spoke, asking the most terrifying question that I've been wanting to ask since I grabbed my shoes, "Why?"


He looks at me and smiles. "Megan you are well just you when you're a round me. " He closes his eyes and bites his lip. Then reopened his eyes and spoke again." You're not like the other girls who want me because I'm popular, or even just for sex. Megan, you're the only true person I have in my life that I trust with everything including my life. He reaches out and touches my collarbone. At this point the football team is howling. Stupid, pathetic, sex crazed boys. " I don't know what happened the night we got these tattoos and woke up in the muddy grass but I sure in the hell wouldn't have changed a thing." He smiles greatly and continues. " I'd never thought that I would've fallen in love at seventeen, that's just some chick-flick shit, I thought at least, but I did. It takes so much for me to say this because all my life I've been broken and battered by the ones I show love to. " He pulls his hand away and looks away from me, but I can still see a smile of hope on his face." Megan, do you think you're in love with me?" a hundred thousand things rushed through my mind at that moment. I'm in love with him, I truly am, but why didn't he try to contact me the past two weeks? or even just stop by the cabin. Is this all for show? Does he really just want me for sex?


"Derek?" My voice shaky, cracked again. He attempted to turn his head towards me again to look at my face, his eyes were squinting as if he was about to get hit. "Derek, why didn't you talk to me or swing by my grandfather's cabin since then? Derek looks at his mother and she quickly looked towards the door. We sat in silence for a few moments until Mrs. Stacy's phone began to ring. Derek looked at her while she looked at her phone, biting her lip. What the hell is going on here? She answered the phone and they talked for at least ten minutes as derek and I sat there quietly eavesdropping on the phone call, but pretending as if we were watching television. 


"Yes, she's here" Her voice softened. "Micah, Derek wanted her here. " She continues and after a few seconds she continuously repeated hello? into the phone speaker. Who ever Micah is surely was mad and hung up on her.


"Mrs Stacy, who was that?" I say concerned from the horrifying look she gave Derek. The look of fear lays upon his scratched face. He then hid his face under the blanket as if he doesn't want to see my reaction to who Micah is.


"Megan, Micah is... uhm.. Derek's biological father."

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