Unknown Connection

Megan JoLynn Samson's life was forever changed the summer before her junior year. Derek Jordan Stacy, a fellow student at Megan's school, fell in love and doesn't know how or why. Will they unite with their mysterious connection, or will Derek chose popularity over personality and push Megan away? Will Megan ever recover from the life threatening events of the summer?What will they do when school starts in September?


2. Chapter 2

June 13th

"Megan?" I hear my grandfather yell from the kitchen. I look at the time... 8:00 AM! Breakfast! I grab my clothes and run to the bathroom. I shower as quickly as possible knowing I was to be awake a half an hour ago. After my easy ten minute shower I get dressed and look at myself in the mirror. The little tattoo I got is now perfectly healed. I touch it and smile remembering the morning after. I walk out of the bathroom and speed walk across the cabin to the kitchen. The smell of french toast, hash browns and sausage filled the entire place. I see grandfather preparing the plates as i walk in.


"Grandfather, I'm sorry I'm late." I apologize and sit at my spot at the table. He turns around with a grin on his face and smiles.


"A princess is never late, you're just on time." He sets my plate in front of me and places my mother's in the microwave, she's never awake this early anymore. Grandfather places the extras in the center of the table. He places his plate down across from me where my father once sat. "Princess, Darling, how are you and Derek?" His name cuts like knives on softened butter, easy. I look at my grandfather and take a bite of my french toast.


"I've told you every morning since that night, Grandfather. We are just friends. Just friends..." I sigh and fake a smile. My grandfather ate another bite of sausage and nodded in disbelief. Grandfather always knows what's right and wrong before you even tell him what's going on. I didn't know whether to continue a conversation or not. So, we sat in silence as our plates slowly emptied. Once our plates were empty and our stomachs were full, Grandfather began to clean up. A few moments later there was a knock on the door. Not an ordinary knock, a powerful one. "Grandfather I'll get that." I mumble off as he started to clean the counters. He looked back at me, smiled then nodded. Who is coming over at 8:50 in the morning? a nut that's who! I open the door to see Mrs.Stacy, Derek's mom.


"Hello, Mrs. Stacy, What can I help you with on this early morning?" I spoke confused voice with a slight hint of hope. The hope quickly disappeared when I saw her eyes blood shot and tears running down her round face. "Is Derek okay?!" I whisper knowing nothing is more important to her than her son. Her face then began to scrunch and tears began to fall again.


"No, Megan."Her face lifted and looked me in the eyes. "He is not okay." She fell to her knees and I wrapped my arms around her weeping body. I have never seen her cry before. She's the wife of the mayor, she's always perfect to a T.


Unsure whether to ask her or not, I spoke softly and hesitantly, " What happened?" Her face hovered over my chest and looked through me as if I wasn't even there and she was watching a horror movie. Her face went red then pale again.


"Megan," Her voice stuttered, "He's hurt." He voice numb. "He's very, very hurt." Her eyes soaked with tears, "They don't know if he'll ever wake up." Her eyes wander around the room as if looking for some hope. "The plice officer said he asked where you were and that he wants to see you... then he.. he.. fainted." He face tightened and she took a deep breath. " I've been looking for you and trying to get a hold of you for the past thirty minutes." I could've helped her sooner if I could've just had my phone at the breakfast table...


"Mrs stacy, I'll be right back" I rub my face and look around. "I'm grabbing my shoes and then we are rushing to the hospital." I let go of Derek's limp and sobbing mother and ran quickly to my room. I grabbed my yellow vans and before running out my bedroom door I was stopped by the mirror hanging near my window. why would he want to see me? slipped past my mind. I jolted back to Mrs. Stacy while yelling to grandfather that I'll be home as soon as possible that Derek is hurt. He replied with a simple okay and I lifted Mrs Stacy off the floor and carried her to my car. "Which hospital?" my voice cracked.


She looked at me and mumbled " North Central" and as simple as that I sped off.

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