Unknown Connection

Megan JoLynn Samson's life was forever changed the summer before her junior year. Derek Jordan Stacy, a fellow student at Megan's school, fell in love and doesn't know how or why. Will they unite with their mysterious connection, or will Derek chose popularity over personality and push Megan away? Will Megan ever recover from the life threatening events of the summer?What will they do when school starts in September?


1. Chapter 1

May 29th

"Megan, honey?" I heard my mother shout. I rolled over to feel the wet, sticky mud against my face. greeeeeaat. I look at my mom as she stands on the front porch of grandfather's cabin. I closed my eyes, ignoring my mother, hoping this migraine would just disappear. Suddenly a large, warm hand laid on my side. I turn to face this mysterious man. I open my eyes and at first I was relieved and calm. Then I realized whose hand was laying upon my body, Derek Stacy's. He was lying next to me, in the muddy grass, shirt-less. We were laying down on the front lawn of his country cabin. DEREK FUCKING STACY! The hottest, most popular guy in the entire school. I took a deep breath and poked his nose as I hear my mother go back inside. His face scrunched up and he grabbed my side slightly tighter. I smile and tap his nose once more. This time instead of scrunching his face up his beautiful eyes fluttered open. He let a small smile creep across his face when his eyes met mine.He lifted his head up and looked over at me.With one hand on my side he lifted the other up to my cheek, graising it softly. He plopped back down on the muddy earth next to me while letting out a "uhhmph".He turned his body to face me. I let a small smile slide across my face.


"Megan?" He says with a soft and sweet face. I look at him confused and slightly concerned of what he was going to say next. When he realized the concerned look on my face. He lets a small laugh out and places his hand on my cheek. I looked at him with a unsure face. " Megan, you're incredibly beautiful." I sit up and look at him with a perplexed look. He sits up in front of me laughing once more. I look at him and see a small tattoo on his neck. It was a small, little one it was just.... small. Derek touches my shoulder, breaking my gaze from his neck and causing me to look back at his face. He removed his hand from my shoulder and tapped my collarbone lightly. I look down at where he tapped and see an identical tattoo of which I just found on him. 


"when did.. these... happen? I looked up at Derek and say him looking back down at me. I smiled and looked into his golden ringed eyes. He just shrugs and smiles.


He continues, " I'm not sure, but I like them." He laughs and hugs me tightly with our muddy bodies pressed against one another. He pushed away slightly and softly kisses me.As our lips meet and move in sync I let my body go weak. Derek leans over me, holding himself up with one hand on the muddy dirt. I softly bite his lip. Then his hand slipped beneath the our bodies. He fell on top of me and we laughed.He rolled off of me and we laid there looking around at the trees, silt and cloudy skies. We laid there next to each other with not even a single word breaking the peaceful silence for a few moments.


"Megan, can I ask you something?" He said with a nervous look upon his perfect face. I smile, an apprehensive smile. I nod and he takes a deep, hot breath. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as if questioning himself whether it was worth continuing. He opens his eyes and looks at me." What do you remember from last night? Like what happened that made me fall so deeply in love with you?" His face looks relieved and antsy at once. I look at him in silence, trying to figure out what exactly happened the night before.

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