Lies (Sequel to The Truth?)

Sequel to The Truth?
It's been 16 years after Charlotte has died. Michael, Calum, Sapphire, Ashton, and Luke all have families now. 16 year old James has to find out what the truth actually is and what people have been hiding all along.


9. 9

A/N: Okay I would just like to say sorry it's been such slow updates I suck I know. Also the last chapter was really sad and I'm so sorry for that it was just showing you into Grace's background more. On with the story.

James' P.O.V.

I walk to school and I see Julia in front of the school building. I run up to her and put my arms around her waist spinning her around. She jumped a bit but relaxed when she realized it was me. "Hey Jules," I said leaning into kiss her. "Hey," she said closing the space between us. "Haven't seen you lately." She said with a joking pout on her lips. "Sorry ,babe, I was stuck doing homework then being in full on stalker mode then family shit." I explained. "It's fine I just miss you sometimes." She says staring into my eyes. "Well how bout we have a date night tomorrow night?" I asked staring back. "Fine see you at 7:00?" Julia asked. "Sounds good," I pecked her on the lips and then the bell rang. We went our separate ways to our different classes.


"Marcus how have things been since you told your dad's about you being gay?" I asked Marcus when seeing him in the hall. "Good my dads are so much more comfortable with taking to me about guys then attempting to talk to me about girls." We both laughed and just talked about random things until the bell rang luckily we both had English with Mr. Burner. Once we got to class we were the first ones there. "Boys showing up early today I see. Hope those notes came in handy with your questions about Charlotte." Mr. Burner said smiling walking over to our desk. "There are still a few questions but I think I know a majority of it thank you so much." I said with a grin on my face. "No problem, Marcus did you finally tell James and your fathers what you needed to tell them?" Mr. Burner asked Marcus. "Yes sir and they all support me and I think I'm going to tell the rest of the really close family friends." He said with a smile on his face. "Good to know that you have a loving family." Mr. Burner said with a beaming smile. "I sure do, I'm glad I do too I can't imagine a world without this stalker." He said making us all laugh. Then he just stared at me and I don't think he noticed he was doing it but for some odd reason I didn't mind even though I hate people staring at me with him I didn't mind it.

A/N: So I'm sososososososoososososossososososoossosoossoso sorry that I haven't updated any of my books the reasoning behind it is because my laptop was dead and my charger was broken but then last night I tried charging it with the charger just in case it would work and it did and I'm so happy cause I was going insane without my laptop... Well then I have decided on dates that I will updated my books those will be posted next chapter. Also can we just rant for a second if you are in the potato fam and saw a recent video like the last 2 or 3 then you would know that people signed up for the world tour and didn't pay so that made them go from 72% which is amazing to like 45% I think it was but it made me so mad because like don't do that. okay so be waiting for the next chapter love you all lovelies.

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