Lies (Sequel to The Truth?)

Sequel to The Truth?
It's been 16 years after Charlotte has died. Michael, Calum, Sapphire, Ashton, and Luke all have families now. 16 year old James has to find out what the truth actually is and what people have been hiding all along.


7. 7

A/N: If you read the A/N's then you know I'm obsessed with YouTube and I make super lame band jokes so basically I was talking to one of my friends shockingly, yes, I have friends. So I made a Muke joke then I made a Danny and Paul joke then I made a Ryann Minajj joke then a Coll is Cool joke then a Dan and Phil joke then I made a Twamiz joke then I made a Vamps joke then another 5SOS joke then an All Time Low joke then I said a joke from a fanfiction I'm reading then I said a joke from The Truth? I think I need help by this point but I didn't stop there some where in all this craziness I some how said gotta Zayn and no my friend didn't speak unless it was what the fuck are you talking about? Okay I don't know any more. Plus I rarely talk. I will shut up now.

Marcus' P.O.V.

I finally admitted to James that I'm gay. I finally did it. "Do you think my parents will hate me if I tell them?" I asked worriedly. "I think your parents will be fine I don't think they can disown you or hate you considering they're gay and married." James says in an attempt to calm me down. "Right well will you at least come with me to tell them?" I asked I'm always more confident with James around. Plus I feel even though they probably won't be that if they get mad it will be less mad than if I told them alone. "Of course are you going to tell Lucy at the same time?" He asked. "I think so I don't know." "Well do you want to go now?" "Yeah," I say getting up to my feet. "Hey mum, hey dad Marcus and I are going over to his house for a bit." James yelled into the kitchen seeing as both of his parents are cooking dinner. "Okay honey are you going to be home for dinner?" Sapphire asked. "I think so I don't know." James says taking my hand and dragging me out the door.


We arrived at my house and I unlocked the door. I found my dads cuddling on the couch and I'm assuming Lucy was taking a nap since her light as off and door was shut. "Hey Marcus oh James what are you doing here?" Dad (Michael) asked trying to sit up a bit while pausing the TV. "Um D-dad and Pap I h-have something I need to tell you." I say tripping over some of the words. "What's wrong is everything okay?" Pap (Calum) asked. "Yeah uh can you guys sit up this is kinda important." I say and look down at my feet. They sit up and dad goes to turn on the lights so we can see each other better. "Marcus you can tell us anything you know?" Pap asked again. "Yeah this is just hard." I say mustering up all my courage to say the words. "I-I'm g-gay but please don't hate me don't abandon me please I really love this home and please don't hate me." I start to cry. I feel four arms wrap around me tightly. "Marcus how could you ever think we would hate you or abandon you for something you can't control plus if you haven't noticed your father and I are gay so we can't really hate you." Dad said. Then James kneeled down and started singing an old song that everyone that was in the room knew. Tidal Waves by All Time Low. With our parents always playing their old music we knew all the songs that they listened to. We all started to sing along and before I knew it we were all watching a movie with Dad and Pap on the couch and James and I on the love seat.

A/N: Thank you to anyone who has commented on any of my stories. They always make me smile when ever I have a shitty day so thank you. Love you xx also if you ever need to talk just talk to me.xx

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