Lies (Sequel to The Truth?)

Sequel to The Truth?
It's been 16 years after Charlotte has died. Michael, Calum, Sapphire, Ashton, and Luke all have families now. 16 year old James has to find out what the truth actually is and what people have been hiding all along.


3. 2

James' P.O.V.

I'm so fucking cold why the fuck did my mum do that? Oh that's right I wouldn't get up. I looked in my closet and I decided on wearing a Green Day shirt and some black ripped skinny jeans with a hole in the right knee. My dad says I get my style from him because let's face it we have the exact same style. "James come down breakfast is ready!" I heard my dad yell up the stairs. "Kay be down in a sec." I yelled back. I went to the little mirror I have in my room it is a small compact because I hate mirrors they scare the living shit out of me. I checked to make sure my hair was the way I liked it and I made sure that the lines under my eyes weren't visible or the concealer last thing I need is people on my back. "Good morning father, mother," I said with a joking glare. "I said you needed to get up." She put her hands up in defense. "Yeah, yeah whatever what's for breakfast?" I asked hungry. "Bacon and eggs," my dad said handing me a plate. "Thank you," I said digging in. "Oh James we are all going to your uncle Michael's and uncle Calum's for dinner tonight." My mum said putting away her dishes. "Okay will uncle Luke and Aunt Ch- I mean Grace be there?" I asked oh shit I almost slipped up. "I don't know I'll ask later but you young sir must be off to school now bye hun." My mum said kissing me on the cheek. "Okay bye see you later love you." I said slipping on my converse. I walk into school and see Julia standing by her locker getting some stuff in there. I sneak up behind her and start to tickle her sides. She gets into fits of laughter and says "st-stop!! I w-wont give you a-any k-kisses!!" I stopped then turned her around and said in a funny voice "we'll hello there." She laughs and pecks my lips and I pout saying "is that all I get?" She giggles then kisses me and a few minutes later we pulled away. She smiled at me so I smiled back at her. I kissed her forehead and brushed the hair out of her face. "What happened? Your hair is all wet." She said confusion painted on her face. "Well let's just say don't mess with my mum in the morning." I said pecking her lips. "Okay well are you busy tonight?" She asked stepping closer. "Yeah I have this thing at my uncles' house but you can come if you would like my mum said you could." I said pecking her lips one more time. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see who it was. "Oh hey Marcus," I said smiling at him. "H-hey James," he stuttered I don't know why but he always did this around me. "What's up?" I asked looking at him eye level he's in my year but he is 15. "My dads were wondering if you and your parents are still coming over for dinner." He said looking down at his feet. "Yeah of course is it still alright if I bring Julia?" I asked kind of jokingly kind of not. "Yeah it's fine the more the merrier as dad always says." Marcus laughed a bit. "So I have a quick question do you know who this is?" He took out a photo of Charlotte (dead) and a photo of Michael. "Yeah, that's Charlotte and your dad." I said chuckling a bit at the photo. It was her looking beyond confused while Michael was doing a weird ass face. "Wait but Charlotte is like ten." He said confused. "Charlotte was a member or this little friend group our parents had 'back in the day' as my dad puts it. It was both your dads, my parents, Luke, and Charlotte." I said I remember very little about her. Did I even have a brain when I met her? But she used to take care of me all the time. "Cool so was Charlotte named after Charlotte?" He asked. "No well they claim she's not but we all know she was." The bell rang signaling us to hurry up and get our asses to class or we're dead motherfuckers. "See you guys later." I said as we all parted our separate ways.
After school went by pretty quickly. I was in my last class of the day English. I didn't mind English it was one of my mum's favorite subjects it was one of Charlotte's from what my mum has told me. "Mr. Irwin can I see you after class?" The teacher Mr. Burner asked. "Yeah what's up?" I asked confused I thought my grade what good in this class. "Uh sorry to uh interrupt Mr. Burner but uh my dad was wondering I-if James needed a ride to uh m-my h-house?" Marcus came in asking looking down. "Oh go ahead this will be short do you need a ride?" Mr. Burner asked. "Uh no I think my mum and dad are taking Julia and I. "Okay," Marcus said about to leave. "Oh Mr. Hood-Clifford," Mr. Burner stopped him. "Yes?" Marcus asked a bit of worry in his voice. "Your essay was amazing keep up the good work." Mr. Burner smiled at him. Marcus just scurried out of the room. "Okay anyways Mr. Irwin I'm  a bit concerned about your most recent essay." He said taking it out. "What about it sir?" I asked confused. "Is everything alright at home are you okay?" He asked me concerned. "Of course everything is fine at home and I'm feelin' dandy." Okay so sometimes my mum's side comes out in me. "Okay it's just you wrote about a boy who was done with the world who was self harming who was being abused at home. Sometimes our writing is a way of letting all of our feelings out and we write about things that have personal relations behind them. Sometimes it has to do with things we relate to." "Was this about someone you know or knew?" "Loosely based on a true story yes." It was based on Michael and Charlotte combined don't judge. "Who?" "One of my parents old friends and sorta my uncle but he was more like personality than what happened to the character." "Who was this person exactly?" "I doubt you know her, her name was Charlotte." "I knew Charlotte one of my best students I would have these same talks with her. She would always deny it she was good at lying she was good at denying things she was good at escaping reality. She would always write poems about escaping into music or an alternate universe. She was good at hiding things building walls never letting people in. She and that group of friends she had I could see a genuine smile when she was with them you could tell how much she cared about things by that little speck of light in her eyes. She never took anything for granted you two were a lot alike so I want to give you this. It's her old writing it may come in use for you." He said he handed me this stack of papers and on the front it said A Life Time Away: A girls journey to finding her place and her happiness. "Thank you," I said smiling. "Any time you are dismissed now." He said waving me off. So I took the long journey home.
"Hey sorry I'm late the teacher caught me on my way out the door." I said coming into the house with Julia and my mum sitting on the couch and my dad mouthing 'help me' "Oh dear you're home finally now we can go." My mum said picking up the keys and getting into the car. "Hey so did Mr. Burner go easy on you?" Julia teased everyone knows I'm one of his favorite students. "Oh Mr. Burner still teaches there he was an awesome teacher he was really fun as well." Mum said arriving at Calum and Michael's house. We walked in dad has a key because who knows why. "Hey pop how many sets of silverware do you want me to put out?" Marcus asked Calum. "Oh uh...11 I think let me make sure yeah 11." Calum said focusing back on cooking. "Hey," my mum said to get Calum's attention. Nothing happened that's when my dad stepped in. "Hey pup how are you doing?" My dad said straddling Calum's hips it's fun to see them act like teenagers again well to some extent. "I'm doing fine kitten how bout you he said turning around. "ASHTON!" We all started laughing. "Oh hey guys uh Marcus can you go help your little sister she doesn't want to get changed out of her pajamas." Michael said coming from Lucy's room. "I mean who can blame her?" Marcus said making us all laugh. "So you must be Julia." Michael said coming over towards us. I had my arm around Julia's waist. "Yeah I am and you must be Calum?" She asked hopping she was right. "No I'm actually Michael has James not told you anything about us?" Michael asked jokingly offended. "No he has I just don't pay attention." Julia said looking at me. "Well we'll see what you get for your birthday." I said jokingly. She tried to kiss me but I stopped her. "Nope you lost my interest you can go now." I said jokingly giving her the 'talk to the hand' look. "Well fine then be that way." She said leaving. "No stay I need you!" I shouted she turned around laugh and pecked my lips. "Yay!" I said like a five year old. "Just like us kitten." Calum said grabbing Michaels waist and kissing him on the cheek. " Finally," Marcus said coming out of Lucy's room breathless. "You got her in her cloths oh wait what did you bribe her with?" Michael said knowingly with a smug look. "Four chocolate bars," he said with a sorry face. "Don't worry I have a payment plan one every week." He said now smiling. "Hey Marcus can I show you something in privet?" I asked careful not to give anything away. "Yeah sure," he said leading me to his room. I have been in his room like once or twice but I never got a long look at it. He had black walls with band posters hung up not to much different from my room but my room has navy blue walls. "What did you need to show me?" He asked once we entered the room and he shut his door. "Okay so here is a video I got from my mum's phone. It's of everyone in their little friend group." I said handing him my phone. "No Sapphire stop recording you motherfucker!" Charlotte yelled getting her face hit by Calum's pillow. "Fuck you Hood!" Charlotte said throwing a pillow in his direction. "You have a bad, bad mouth for such a sweet, sweet girl." Michael taunted. "Sweet? You have met me right?" Charlotte asked laughing. And that was the end of the video. "So that was Charlotte?" Marcus asked cracking a smile. "Yeah that was her." I said chuckling. "So what happened to her?" Marcus asked. "Oh she killed her self." I said maybe to easily. "Wow uh that's wow,'' was all he could get out. "Can I see that picture of her really quick?" I asked. "Yeah here," he said handing me the picture of her. "Wait what's this on the back?" I asked. It read 'The truth,' "The truth what could that possibly mean?" I asked before  was interrupted. "Guys dinner is ready." Calum said ushering us downstairs.

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