Lies (Sequel to The Truth?)

Sequel to The Truth?
It's been 16 years after Charlotte has died. Michael, Calum, Sapphire, Ashton, and Luke all have families now. 16 year old James has to find out what the truth actually is and what people have been hiding all along.


20. 18

Charlotte's P.O.V.

After the movie James and Marcus were still cuddling. Now I'm super curious I mean yeah I've cuddled with my guy friends before and I've cuddled with my girl friends before but someone would have said something. I decided to let it go. Until I saw something that made me positive they weren't just good friends. They kissed. Not on the cheek but on the lips.

"Ooh are you guys dating how cute." I squealed. "Yep still the same Charlotte." Luke said and everyone started laughing.

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