Lies (Sequel to The Truth?)

Sequel to The Truth?
It's been 16 years after Charlotte has died. Michael, Calum, Sapphire, Ashton, and Luke all have families now. 16 year old James has to find out what the truth actually is and what people have been hiding all along.


18. 16

A/N: Okay so I know I haven't updated in a while but I have had writers block and little time and ugh. So I will be updating this and another one of my stories today. Love you all!xx Luke's P.O.V. "Wait why did Josh try to kill you?" I asked Charlotte. "We were never on good terms. I was feeling like shit that day we had our first fight. I started cutting but then Josh walked in. He saw me cutting and he started hitting me then he went to strangling me. I was out and he thought he had killed me. He was trying to cover his tracks. I was too weak to get myself down when you found me and when I finally did get down Josh found out and he said he actually would kill me if I ever came out of hiding." Charlotte said I eloped her in a hug. "So how are all of your lives going?" Charlotte asked. "Good Calum and I are married and we have two kids, Marcus, who is 15 and ,Lucy, who is 6." Michael said smiling. Calum grabbed his hand. "How about you guys?" Charlotte asked Sapphire, Ashton, and James. "Good we're married now." Ashton said. "What about you?" She asked me. "Good I missed you so much." I said and I stared kissing her. "Do you have a wife and kids." Calum said. "Oh right about that Grace and I aren't really married and Charlotte is Grace's daughter." I explained. "Wait what?" Calum asked me once again. "You see after we thought Charlotte had died you guys said I needed to get back out there so that's when I met Grace an actress who was already married and had a daughter named Charlotte coincidentally. So I asked her if she could pretend to be my wife and she said yes. Therefor I am not cheating." I said as all of them looked dumbfounded.
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