Concert Romance

Violet Foster is one of 5 Seconds Of Summers' biggest fans, when her friend gets her tickets to their upcoming show she tweets the band. She gets a reply from the band acc which shows one of the members has taken a liking to Violet but she doesn't know who, when she finally meets the band backstage at the concert will she find out which one has the hots for her? Read it!

Also guys I literally don't have a name for this so I named it concert romance? Like idek. So if you have an idea for a name plz let me know on my page ��


9. Chapter 7: Plan B πŸš«πŸ˜‡

I run to the elevator to tell Sophie what just happened. When the door finally opens to the lobby I run to her.

'Oh my god!' I say as I approach her.

'What?!' She says looking alarmed.

'I swear to you on my life I just met Michael Clifford' I whisper shout.

'No freaking way!?' She whisper shouts back 'How?'

so I tell her the story and we start walking to the restaurant.

'Thats crazy!' She says as we get to the entrance, it looks so nice in there. We open the for and are immediately hit with amazing smells.

β€’*skip to the end of the night*β€’

'I am stuffed from that meal!' I say flopping onto the bed in our room.

'Me too' Sophie says flopping on top of me. We both burst out laughing

'Get off! You're crushing me!' I shout laughing.

She rolls off the bed and stands up.

'Im going to get changed' she says and goes to the bathroom. I get out my phone and decide to call my mom.

The phone rings a few times before she picks up.

'Hello' I hear her voice

'Hi, Its me' I say.

'Hi honey' she says, it sounds like she's smiling 'how are you?'

'Im good, the hotel is amazing. How's everything at home?' I ask her.

'Its good, your dad has been waiting for your call' she says. I laugh.

'Is he there?' I ask her.

'Yeah he's ready to talk, you know how he is' she says and we both giggle.

'Okay, it was nice talking to you.' I say.

'You too, here's your father' she says and hands over the phone.

'Hi dad!' I say

'Hi Violet, are you okay? Is the hotel nice?' He asks talking fast

'Yeah yeah it's great here, me and Sophie are having loads of fun' I say smiling.

'Good' he says sounding relieved 'are you looking forward to the concert?'

'Yes! I can't wait' I say, should I tell him about Michael?

'You haven't been anywhere alone have you? Sophie stays with all the time right?' He asks, maybe I won't say anything yet.

'Yeah we're literally joined at the hip' I say 'don't worry'

'I know I'm just looking out for you' he says

'I know, well I need to go now me and Soph are gonna watch a movie' i say.

'Alright, see you soon' he says.

'Bye love you' I say.

'Love you too' and the line goes dead. He worries too much, I know it's good for him to care but I can look after myself I'm almost 18. I decide to forget about it and get changed. I put on some shorts and a cropped jumper that says

'The walking dead' on it, one of my favourite shows.

I look at my phone and scroll through facebook, then Sophie came out if the bathroom in shorts and a shirt that has the number 17 on it and wet hair.

'We have no soap' she says siting on the bed.

'What? There was tonnes!' I say going into the bathroom, she's right there's none there.

'I know! I only had a quick shower' she shrugs.

'You used it all didn't you?' I say folding my arms

'Accidentally' she says smirking. Liar I think to myself.

'Really?' I ask her raising an eyebrow.

'Its not a big deal, you just have to go to one of our neighbours and ask for some' she says.

'This has nothing to do with the fact that an extremely hot band is our neighbour?' I say. She laughs.

'What? No' she says 'oh c'mon just go and ask!'

'No way! They need private time, I could tell when I was talking to Michael' I say combing my hair.

'Please, we need more soap and you know it' she says.

Should I? What's the worst that could happen I mean they probably won't even answer anyway.

'Okay, but you come too!' I say she suddenly goes shy.

'Erm no, I can't see Luke!' She says shaking her head.

'If I can see Michael you can see Luke. All we do is knock on the door and if they answer just apologise and ask if they have soap. If there's anything I learnt with my thirty second conversation with Mikey it's that they're normal guys' I say holding out my hand. She takes it and sighs.

We walk out if our room and into the hall and we approach their door. I knock three times and wait. Just after I knock Sophie lets go of my hand and runs back into our room.

'Okay then, plan B' I say to myself, suddenly there's a noise from inside the room.

'Who is it?' As voice asks, it was Australian so I know it's one of them.

'Erm, I'm staying down the hall and we have no soap' i say. I hear mumbling from inside the door and then a click, the door opens.

Ashton and Calum are standing there they look down at me, I forgot I'm wearing like nothing right now.

'Hi' I say feeling awkward.

'You need soap?' Ashton asks me.

'Yeah, but if you don't have any it's fine' I say.

'We do I'll get it' Calum says walking away.

There is a long silence between me and Ashton but then I see a door open behind him and Michael comes out.

'Hey, it's you again' he says walking over to the door.

'Hey' I smile he comes over and leans on the door frame.

'What are you doing here?' He asks.

'Oh my friend used all our soap' I say.

'Oh, you wanna come in?' He asks stepping aside.

'What? Are you sure?' I ask looking at. Ashton for approval. He shrugs and nods. I walk into the room which is very similar to ours. But there are four beds and the lounge area is much bigger.

'This is nice' I say looking around.

'Thanks?' He laughs I laugh too.

'So are you excited about your show tomorrow?' I ask him smiling.

'Yeah, we love performing' he says and Ashton nods.

'Do you two know each other?' Ashton asks.

'Yeah I bumped into him in the hall earlier when I was texting' I said.

'I knocked her over' Michael says.

'Oh, hey I like your shirt' Ashton says.

'Thanks, I love the show!' I say

'Me too' Ashton says. I suddenly remember the song Marie gave me.

'Hey wait here for one second' I say holding my hands out at them.

I run out if the room and down to mine and I barge in the door. Sophie jumps and looks at me waiting for me to tell her what happened.

I grab the song out of my bag and grab her arm and pull her with me. I run back to the room and push her in just as Luke is coming out of his room and she goes flying into him. I stop and smile, worked out quite well.

I walk up to Ashton and hand him the song.

'My friend at home wrote this, she loves you and was wondering if you would read it later or something?' I ask him. He takes the piece of paper and puts it in his pocket.

'Sure, I will' he says I look over to see Sophie is now standing up.


'Oh my god I'm so sorry' I say cover ing my face

'Its fine' he says taking my hands away. He looks down at me and our eyes meet. Then I hear a voice shouting.

'I found it!' And Calum comes running in with soap. Our eyes separate as we look at Calum and he hands me the soap.

'I need to go' I say 'Sorry again'

'Its okay, see you' he says. I smile and we walk to the door.

'Bye guys, thanks' Violet says and they all wave and say bye before we shut the door and walk out.


'Omg you and Luke!' I shout.

'I hate you' she laughs as we go into our room.

'Pleas don't be mad, I helped you meet the man of your dreams' I say giving her puppy eyes.

'I can't believe I actually met Luke' I say smiling.

'He caught you, he was like your knight' she says laughing

'Shut up that's so stupid' I laugh and we look at each other.

'Did we actually just go in their room?' I ask.

'Yes, yes we did' she says.

'Michael was so into you, he could stop looking at you!' I say jumping.

'Really?' She asks jumping too.

'Yeah!!' We stop jumping and sit on our beds.

'Im never gonna sleep' I say shaking my head 'I'm too excited'

'Lets watch a movie' Violet says looking through all the films in the room.

'Do you think they'll recognise us tomorrow' I ask her.

'Hopefully' She smiles 'i found mean girls?'

'Sure' I say.

We order room service popcorn and fall asleep watching the movie. I dreamt about the concert tomorrow! I hope they remember us...

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