Concert Romance

Violet Foster is one of 5 Seconds Of Summers' biggest fans, when her friend gets her tickets to their upcoming show she tweets the band. She gets a reply from the band acc which shows one of the members has taken a liking to Violet but she doesn't know who, when she finally meets the band backstage at the concert will she find out which one has the hots for her? Read it!

Also guys I literally don't have a name for this so I named it concert romance? Like idek. So if you have an idea for a name plz let me know on my page ��


8. Chapter 6: Do I Know You? โ‰๏ธ

I decided to get changed for dinner, I picked out a long sleeved burgundy dress that was tight at the top and more flow-y at the skirt part and it came just above my knees, I wore some black laced-up boots that had a tiny heel on them and I straightened my hair.

I did my makeup quite natural, I just wore darker eyeshadow and some darker lipstick.

'Im ready!' I shouted Sophie who was in the bathroom.

'Just a minute!' She shouted back, I walked over to the window and looked out. The sun was just setting and it was beautiful. I feel like I'm the luckies person in the world right now. Plus my favourite band was staying in the same hotel as me just across the hall. That's also pretty good.

I was deep in thought when the bathroom door opened, Sophie looked amazing! She was wearing a black crop top and a black skirt. Her hair was curly and her makeup subtle but dark.

'Wow' I said looking at her

'Rich coming from you! That dress is amazing' she said walking over, when she stood next to me she was much taller. I looked down and saw she was wearing black heels too, it's not difficult to be taller than me considering I'm 5"3 but still.

'Where should we go?' I ask her

'Apparently there's this amazing italian restaurant like ten minutes away' she said picking up her phone and bag off of the table.

'Sounds great' I say I pick up my black bag and we walk out if the door. We are half way down the corridor when i remember that I forgot my phone.

'Shit, my phone' I say stopping 'I'll meet you in the lobby' I say turning round

'Okay!' Sophie says and gets into the elevator.

I go into our room and get my phone I walk out and lock the door. I look at my phone and see I have a message, I'm reading it and walking and as I turn a corner I bump into someone and get knocked onto my ass.

'Fuck' I say, I look up to see a talk guy dressed in black. 'Sorry' I say

He reaches out a hand 'it's fine'

I take his hand and he pulls me up, when I'm face to face with him I recognise him straight away.


'No it's my fault I was texting' I say holding up my phone.

'Texting and walking isn't a great combination' he laughs.

He's perfect! I can't pretend I don't know who he his.

'Hey, sorry but do I know you?' I ask him quietly.

'Probably' he smirks

'Youre Michael clifford right?' I ask him, smiling.

'Yeah' he says, smiling too.

'Your band is amazing!' I say 'I'm seeing your concert tomorrow night'

'Really? That's cool' he says.

'I love your hair' I say, it's bright red.

'Thanks, I like yours' he says picking up a strand.

He touched my hair omg

'Thanks' I laugh

'So, I'll see you at the concert tomorrow night then?' He says, it's kind if a question.

'Yeah, definitely' I say, my smile literally could not be bigger.

'Cool' he says.

'Cool' I copy. He smiled one last time and walks past me and disappears down the corridor.




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