Concert Romance

Violet Foster is one of 5 Seconds Of Summers' biggest fans, when her friend gets her tickets to their upcoming show she tweets the band. She gets a reply from the band acc which shows one of the members has taken a liking to Violet but she doesn't know who, when she finally meets the band backstage at the concert will she find out which one has the hots for her? Read it!

Also guys I literally don't have a name for this so I named it concert romance? Like idek. So if you have an idea for a name plz let me know on my page ��


6. Chapter 5: The Hotel πŸ’πŸŒ‡

'Violet' I hear someone say 'violet!' I hear again

'Hmm what?' I say. I wake up to see Sophie standing over me.

'We're here' Sophie says smiling so wide.

I stretch and look out of the window, it looks so nice! i get up and follow Sophie to the exit we climb down the step and walk down the corridor. Then we go through some security and we can collect our bags. We pick them up off the spiny that goes round (idk what it's called) and we wait for Sophie's parents.

They appear round the corner and they collect their bags, we go through a little more security and then we are out!

As soon as we walk out of the door it feels boiling! I regret wearing black jeans now. We walk out to then road and call a taxi. The taxi stops and a man gets out.

'Hey guys, where you headin'?' He asks as he puts our bags into the trunk.

'The Ritz-Carlton please' Sophie's dad says and then we get into the taxi. The ride is short, about twenty minutes. We turn down this long road with palm trees lining it. We park outside this beautiful entrance. There is a huge fountain and lots of people dressed in fancy dressed and tuxedos. There is a hug sign above is that says:

"Welcome to The Ritz Carlton"

We get out of the taxi, collect our things and the man drives away. We walk up the long red carpet and the doorman opens the door.

'Thanks' I giggle and Sophie giggles too. We have never been anywhere so fancy! It must be courtesy of Sophie's parents work. The floor is marble and super shiny, the elevators are gold and there is an indoor fountain as well! We approach the front desk which is lined with a few candles and these gorgeous jewels.

'Hello, welcome to the Ritz Carlton how can I help you?' A well dressed man asks.

'We're checking in under Foster' Sophie's dad says.

'Okay... Ah here we are, room 114 and 115. Here's your keys, if there's anything you need please let me know' he says and hands the keys to us.

We walk to the elevator and press it to floors 100-150. We exit the elevator to what looked like 40 girls all screaming and banging on a door.

'Whats going on?' I ask Sophie

'I don't know' she says looking at the girls. Squeeze past them and about three doors down we stop at our rooms.

'Okay girls, we are right next door if you need anything. I'll have my cell on all day and night. There should be food in the mini fridge and just enjoy yourselves! Be careful if you go out and don't party on the balcony' Sophie's mom says, she hugs us both and we go into the room.


This is nicer than my house.

There are two double beds next to each other, made with crisp white covers and a mint on each pillow. I put my bag down next to a bed and look around. There is a door which takes us to a room with a small open kitchen and a couch. Then there's another door which is a bathroom. There is a bath and a shower and a line up of different lotions and perfumes and things.

I decide I want the bed next to the balcony and Sophie agrees and takes the other bed. I turn on the TV but there's nothing good on.

'What should we do?' I ask Sophie

'Lets go see what those girls are doing, someone famous could be there' she says

We open the door a little and peer out, they are just standing there. Not screaming any more.

'Maybe they've gone' one of the girls say. All the others let out a sigh and then they eventually leave.

We go back inside, who is in that room??

We just stand and look at each other.

'Wanna go to the pool?' Sophie shrugs.

'Yeah sure' I say. I go over to my suitcase and get out my black bikini and a lace crop top that is quite see through. I also wear some flip flops.

We go down to the pool and see two loungers not being used, we lay our stuff on them and run and jump in the pool.

Everyone moans at us but we just laugh, we spend about a half hour messing around before we decide to sun bathe.

It's complete silence and in almost asleep when I hear girls screaming again, I open my eyes and sit up. There's a whole crowd dining.

'There coming this way!!!' I hear someone shout.

'What?' I say to Sophie

'Lets get out of here' she says, we pick up our stuff and try to get through the girls but they are like a solid rock. We decide to find another way. We go round the back of some sheds selling stuff and see a mesh fence. We jump the fence and about two metres later there's another fence we jump that too and find ourselves on the other side of the hotel. We walk around until we see we are back at the entrance.

I see a black limo driving extremely fast up to the door, it skids to a halt and peeps the horn. Then like three guys dressed in black and four other guys with hats and glasses on quickly climb in and the limo speeds off again.

I'm getting fed up with these mystery famous people, I want to find out who it is. I walk up to the door man and ask him.

'Who was that?'

'Im sorry I can't say' he says

'Why?' I ask

'Because they requested security, you're probably a crazy fan' he says smirking

'Well considering I don't even know who's here then is say NO' I say

'You're really not a fan?' He asks looking me up and down

'We are just here for a holiday' I say pointing at Sophie

'Alright, you know how there's some 5 seconds of summer concerts here? It starts tomorrow night? Well they're staying in one of our supreme rooms for a week' he whispers

'What?' I say. I can't believe it. How the fuck did I not know my favourite band was staying here? I'm disgusted that I call my self a fan.

'Okay thanks. We don't really like that band. We're more metal rock. Bye!' Sophie says, she grabs my arm and pulls me through the door.

'OH MY GOD' I about

'Shhh' she says 'we can't make a big deal they might ask us to leave'

'Oh yeah' I say. We quietly go back to our room, and I notice a sign on the elevator.

"Supreme Suites"



'Sophie! We are staying in a supreme suite. They are drying in a. Supreme suite' I whisper shout

'I know!' She shouts back

We get into our room and I shout.

'What the hell!!!! You knew?' I ask her

'Wellllll I saw the video of them in the hotel room and asked my dad if he knew the hotel and he said from the look of the room it's his hotel. So I asked if we could stay here and he said 'we'll see' and here we are' she says

I jump onto her.

'You truly are the best friend ever ever ever' I say

'Yeah yeah' she says pushing me off

'Now what?' I ask

'Dinner? And then band stalking time' she smiles

'What an amazing plan' I smile.

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