Concert Romance

Violet Foster is one of 5 Seconds Of Summers' biggest fans, when her friend gets her tickets to their upcoming show she tweets the band. She gets a reply from the band acc which shows one of the members has taken a liking to Violet but she doesn't know who, when she finally meets the band backstage at the concert will she find out which one has the hots for her? Read it!

Also guys I literally don't have a name for this so I named it concert romance? Like idek. So if you have an idea for a name plz let me know on my page ��


1. Chapter 1: Surprise! πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰

'Hey girl!'

I looked up from my phone to see my friend, Soohie, smiling at me from across the room.

'Oh hey' I smiled before going back to my phone.

'I'm great thanks' she scoffs before sitting down in the seat next to me.

'Sorry, I'm a little distracted today' I say, not taking my eyes off the screen.

'No shit. Why?' She says whilst she likes her books onto the table.

'The tickets go on sale today, in 2 minutes to be precise' I say, closely watching the timer on my phone.

'Oh yeah! That band you like right? 5 seconds if summer?' She asks

'Yeah, I REALLY want to go' I say 'and you're coming with me'

'Cool, if you get the tickets that is' she says. I immediately look at her and then back at the screen.

'You know you're my friend you're supposed to support me!' I say, only 30 seconds left on the timer - I got this.

'Sorry' she said and put up her hands.

The teacher Mr James walked into the class.

'Phone away Violet' he says placing his brief case on his desk.

'Just one second' I say, 5 seconds left.

'Excuse me?' He says. I look up to see the whole class staring at me wide eyed.

'What?' I say

'Phone away, now' he says and turns the the chalk board.

I look down at the screen. The large red letters stamped across the screen literally killed me.


I burry my head into the desk. Ugh I hate Mr James! Why can't he ruin someone else's life? Now I'll never get to meet them, or even see them.

I look up and start copying the work into my book, I don't want another lecture.

An hour of class goes by before the bell rings, everyone puts their books into their bags and flees the class before the teacher can give us homework.

In the corridor I felt a hand touch my shoulder, I turned round to see Sophie again.

'What?' I snap

'Jeez, I didn't even say anything!' She said, now walking beside me.

'Sorry, I just wanted those tickets so bad!' I say 'you don't even know'

'Actually, I do' she says smiling.

'What?' I ask her, I'm confused.

She reached into her bag and whips out two tickets - this cannot be happening

'Surprise!' She shouts.

I stop walking, grab then out of her hand and start reading some of the ticket out loud.

'5 Seconds Of Summer, Soundcheck, Standing, VIP! Oh my god Sophie!' I say hugging her so tight. She starts laughing.

'How did you get these?!' I ask her

'Pre-sale' she chimes, why the fuck didn't I think of that?

'Plus, my dad is the technician at the arena they're playing' she said

'Thank you so much! You're the best friend ever!' I say hugging her again, I may cry.

'Its fine! Honesty!' She says giggling.

The rest of the day goes so slow, I just want to go home and start planning what I'm gonna wear and where we're gonna stay!

Finally the home bell rings and I run straight home, burst through the door and yell

'I got tickets!'

My dad comes into view smiling.

'Hey, good job!' He smiles 'were they expensive?' He asks.

Parents, it's always the money.

'Well Sophie's dad is the technician at the arena so he got like THE best tickets!' I shout showing him mine.

'Wow! I need to talk to Sophie's dad' he says reading it before handing it back to me.

'Yeah okay I'm gonna go and plan the day now' I say, I hug him before going up to my room.

I turn on laptop and go straight to twitter and tweet the boys:

'@5SOS my amazing friend @SophieMac3 got me tickets to your show on Friday! Best friend ever!'

I close my laptop and go over to my wardrobe. Okay, it's Wednesday today so that means I have two days to plan an outfit - that is not enough!

I'm looking through my clothes when I hear a beep. I go over to my laptop and open it, my twitter is blowing up!

The first thing I see is a tweet from a girl with the username @Vanessa88 that says:

'I can't believe they tweeted you! Congratulations @Vio.lett'

What is she talking about? I scroll through my notifs and see more tweets basically the same. I'm so confused, but then I come to the last tweet. I'm actually taken aback. The tweet is from the band acc!!!

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