Out Go The Lights

All dazed. All confused. All in grave danger.


1. Things keep happening

Harry woke up. He had been sweating for a long time, partly due to the fact that the room he woke up in was air tight and with no conditioned air. He looked around him; blood stains were on the rotting tiled walls and he observed 9 others who had been tied to chairs too. They were awake and Harry asked them what was happening.

"We've no bloody idea, mate!" One of them replied. Harry established that his name was Sam because his name was written on a McDonald's name tag pinned to his sweat-stained shirt. He could see that everyone else looked just as terrified as Sam. Their eyes were wide and their skin looked worn out. Harry tried to speak some more but his words couldn't come out. All he did was squeak and gasp like a suffocating mouse.

"What's gonna happen to us now?" One of them asked. "Babestation's on tonight and I can't miss it".

"And I have a wedding reception to attend" Another replied, wearing a wedding outfit.

"Can we start with some names please?" Somebody said. "My name's Becky".

"Mine's Sam" said the McDonald's worker.

A girl no older than about nineteen said, "I'm Lori".

"My name's Quentin" said a guy with a Game of Thrones t shirt.

The man in the wedding suit said, "I'm Daniel".

"I'm Philip" said a tall bloke with greasy hair.

A girl even younger than Lori said, "I'm Delphina".

"My name's Arthur" said a chap with a vomit-stained pair of Chuck Taylor's.

"I'm Levi" were the words of a small man with parted black hair.

"And I guess that leaves me. I'm Harry. Good to meet you everyone. Now let's try and work out what the bloody hell's going on around here".

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