Out Go The Lights

All dazed. All confused. All in grave danger.


10. The search

Harry's eyesight was still blurry after what had occurred. He slowly got up and began to look around the room for the others. Nothing was there so Harry checked down the secret passage and in the hostage room where he had spent several endless nights screaming for his life. All of the chairs in the room had gone and a foul smell of burnt toast came into contact with his nostrils. All of a sudden, Harry heard a scream from the air vents above. He quickly launched himself into the air and grabbed the vent before pulling himself inside. The burning smell was now stronger in there. Harry moved on and was almost gasping for breath before he reached the dead end. He pushed violently against the blocked up wall and it gave way. Harry crawled inside and met an awful sight:

There, lying upon the floor, was Delphina. She was clearly dead as her eyes were no longer in her head and her throat was slit. Harry gagged with disgust. He crawled past her, holding his nose just in case he smelled the rotting stench again, and he was at another dead end. This clearly was a dead end because it did not move or give way when Harry pushed all of his weight on it. He slithered to the ground and was disturbed by a loud thumping noise from underneath him.

"Who's there?" He called.

"It's me, you cautious twat," a Daniel-sounding voice replied. "I need to get you out of here".

Harry launched himself through the air vents and he landed on the floor next to Daniel.

"Well that was an entrance and a half," Daniel said as Harry brushed himself off. "Come on, I can see light from here".

This was light.

But not the light they were expecting to see.

This was fire. And it was heading towards them.

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