Out Go The Lights

All dazed. All confused. All in grave danger.


7. The Passage

The remaining others were sleeping, except for Harry, who was wide awake. He wandered aimlessly around the room, thinking to himself about what might have happened to Levi. At that moment, a hidden crack in the wall opened up and Levi's lifeless body was thrown into the room. Harry looked through the crack to find what might have thrown him in, but it was pitch black. He woke Sam up and told him that he found Levi dead. Sam looked over at Levi. "How did he die?" He asked. Now, Levi only shot himself several times in his imagination, but he died in his mind as well as in reality. So his body was lying in front of Harry and Sam, but the blood and bullets holes weren't, seeing as they never happened i the first place, along with the TIE Interceptor, the stripper, etc.

"I'm gonna go through this hole and find an exit out of this madhouse" he said firmly.
"Be careful, dude" Sam replied, checking to find Levi's cause of death.

The passage stank like a monkey house as Harry crawled through it. With that being said, the smell could also be coming from Harry, who did nothing but sweat and spit for several days straight. The walls of the passage were so tight, he got stuck several times. He managed to pull himself free, however. He reached the end of the passage, but there was nothing.

"Come on, you damn thing," Harry mumbled. "You managed to get a corpse down here so you sure as hell can bring a living person up". He pushed the wall multiple times but nothing happened. He had just given up when his hand caught against something sticking out of the wall. Whatever it was, it opened the dead end.

"Bloody hell, that is ace!" He clambered through it and saw Arthur, sitting in a chair. He was quite notably in shock and quite notably in pain.

"Arthur!" Harry raced over to him.

"Stop!" Arthur put out his hands to stop Harry. "They'll only hurt you more than they've hurt me!"

"What do you mean?"

"It means," a figure appeared from the shadows. "It means that we're gonna fucking kill you". This man was quite definitely the owner of that mysterious voice.

"You piece of shit! You killed several people!" Harry shouted at the man but he simply smiled.

"I didn't kill them. I gave them a task. They killed themselves. You ever seen that movie, Saw?"

"No" Harry said coldly. "You should ask my mate Quentin though. he's big on that kind of shit".

"Maybe I will. I haven't killed him yet, have I?"

"No, you haven't" Harry tried to keep his cool but his anger was slowly taking over.

"Also, you know Arthur's shoe? It had no significance to anything at all. Silly gullible Becky. Got herself killed. Over a fucking shoe" The man smiled unpleasantly and Harry lunged at him. The man had a Taser and shocked Harry in the chest.

"I'm shocked!" The man said as Harry writhed in pain on the ground. "Ha. Get it? Shocked?"

"F- Fuck you, you fat piece of slimy shi-"

"Watch your mouth, young man!" The man put a gun in Harry's mouth. "Or I'll have to wash it out!"

"Stop what you're doing!" Sam and Quentin had appeared in front of the man, who backed away quickly.

"This isn't fair, now. Is it?" He said with his hands in the air. "Four against one. Actually, no. Three against one".

They all looked at Arthur, you had fallen unconscious.

"Don't worry. I'll wake him up!" The man put two large Crocodile clips on Arthur's head pulled a lever. This sent electricity all over his body and he shrieked out loud.

"Told you!" The man said. Arthur's head sizzled for a short while, then he fell limp. He was dead.

"Oh shit," The man slapped Arthur round the face. "He's fallen asleep again. Ha ha!"

Suddenly Sam threw himself on top of the man. He plummeted his fists into his face and they all heard something they had never heard before. The man actually started crying in pain. A psychotic middle-aged man was crying as a scrawny McDonald's worker battered his face to a pulp. The man crawled back up again, grabbed his gun and shot Sam directly between the eyes. He fell down dead instantly.

"You bastard!" Harry kicked the man in the stomach.

"Ha ha!" The man got up again but Harry kicked him back down. Quentin grabbed the man's gun and pointed it directly at his head.

"I know what you're thinking, punk," Quentin began but the man interrupted. "Oh, fuck off" He said as he pulled another gun from his pocket and fired it at Quentin. It hit him in the shoulder but he did not go down.

"That all you got, you dick-less piece of shit?" He said, but Harry could tell that he was in pain. The man hit Quentin several more times, and that was when Quentin finally went down. "I'm alright, Harry. Go to the others!". Harry did as he was told and slid down the passage to the room he was originally in. He told everyone of what had happened and they followed him back up the passage.

"Hello, guys!" The man stood over Quentin's now dead body. "Look at my newest addition to the collection!"


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