Out Go The Lights

All dazed. All confused. All in grave danger.


5. Philip's turn

Philip gulped as he stood up. He looked at Sam and Harry, who both nodded to him. "Where do I start my task?" He asked. An orange door had appeared before him and he stood corrected. "See you then".

"Yeah. See you. Or whatever," Lori waved at him and he waved back. "Don't lose your head".

Philip laughed in spite of himself as he walked inside and closed the door.

It smelled as if a mass murder had just taken place in there. However it looked relatively normal; there was a chair, a table with a steaming bowl on it, a spoon, a flower pot and the persistence of memory hung from the wall. Then the voice came back.

"Your task is to eat the contents of the bowl before you. But beware, it's a bit hot".

Philip sat at the table politely and held the spoon. It felt silky smooth like fresh chocolate. He put it into the bowl and saw the contents. An acid-like liquid bubbled inside it. It was bright orange like lava and frothed a little. He put a considerable amount of it onto his spoon and put it in his mouth. It scorched him and he spat it out and gagged.

"That," the voice spoke, "is an enzyme called Bromelain. It's main function is to break down on protein and meat, meaning that it is eating you alive. It's good at reducing swelling. But not much else".

Philip coughed so hard that he vomited. A sand timer was ticking on a screen in front of him. 6 minutes, 59 seconds remaining. Philip had to eat this bowl of Bromelain despite the fact that it was eating HIM. He gulped and gagged as he had another mouthful, but this was a strong form of Bromelain and it was burning a hole in his stomach and throat. he could no longer speak; she shook and he dropped the spoon which crashed to the floor. Blood dripped quickly onto the table and he gagged for breath. He fell down with a crash and slowly died with the spoon next to him.

Back in the hostage room, the others were entertaining each other by playing Quentin's game of "Guess that movie" where somebody says a film quote and the others have to guess the movie it's from (Author's note: It's a very fun game. I played it once on the way to Somerset and it definitely passed a few hours).

"I give up" Daniel said.

"It was Battle Royale!" Quentin jumped up and down in frustration. "I spelled it out with my fingers in the air!"

Suddenly the voice returned. "Philip has failed you, too. Now it's Levi's turn to die- I mean, test his luck"

Levi stood up.

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