Out Go The Lights

All dazed. All confused. All in grave danger.


6. Levi's time to shine

A black door appeared in front of Levi. He walked to it and pulled the door open, then stepped inside and closed it.

And there was nothing. Not anything as far as he could see. Not even light. There was just darkness. Darkness and a cold feeling. And the voice spoke to him.

"This is the mind of a person suffering from depression. I am led to believe that you think that you are depressed. This is what you must want. Enjoy".

Levi looked around; he didn't like the look of things to him. All this time he was only pretending to be depressed for attention and he never expected it to be like this. He shouted as far as he could to hear an echo, but there was nothing. He couldn't even hear himself speak. It was like he was in space, with no sound. He felt humble and small compared to this vast majority of nothingness. He wanted this to be over soon as it was hurting him inside but every minute felt like an hour. He thought to himself, "I wish somebody was here with me". And all of a sudden, somebody approached him. It was Becky.

"It can't be!" He said. "Hang on," he thought. "It CAN'T be. Becky's dead".

This was true. This entire world on which he was standing was just a fantasy in his mind. Whatever he thought of would appear in front of him. And seeing as he thought of Becky for some reason, she was there.

"Great! I wish for... hmm...." he thought hard. "A stripper!" And to his astonishment, there was one. Levi was liking this a lot and he was thinking about everything he wanted: A sports car, a Chopper driven by a naked girl, a TIE Interceptor, a Lightsabre, a crown and a signed copy of "Death of a Bachelor" by Panic! at the disco.

He was so happy when the naked girl on the Chopper told him, "This isn't real, Levi".

"Of course it is! It's right here!"

"It's also right here," she pointed at the spot in between his eyes, "In your head".

"Get out of my mind, you dumb girl!" He thought up an ALFA Defender and shot her twice in the head. Her blood leaked out like a fountain on the ground and he stood over her body, triumphant.

"I'm glad she's out of my head" He told himself gladly. He then thought of what she had said. Is everything happening right now all in my head? He thought. He imagined everything around him disappearing. And they did. One by one, his prized possessions vanished before his eyes; the car, the crown, the stripper, the signed album, the Chopper, the dead naked girl, the lightsabre and the TIE Interceptor.

All that remained was the gun, still only missing two bullets.

And the voice returned. "Your insanity has reached its peak. Time to stop".

Levi was imagining himself in a straight jacket, chained to a chair, screaming for the pain in his mind to go away. He thought of whoever owned that horrible voice would reveal their face before shooting itself, but of course that never happened. The voice was controlling Levi's mind, and it wasn't budging.

"The girl was right. This is in your head. Everything has been in your head. Or...has it?"

"Fuck off!" Levi shouted at the voice. "Fuck off and leave me alone to die, if that's what you want me to do!"

"I don't want it. But you do".

Levi imagined Becky reappearing again, her skull crushed and her eyes removed from her head. And Philip with a huge gaping hole in his torso and his throat, gasping for breath.

"ENOUGH!" Levi yanked the gun and pulled the trigger as many times as he could. Each and every bullet hit him and he fell to the ground, blood oozing from his neck, mouth and other various parts of his body.

"Why aren't I dead?" He asked. "Are you keeping me alive for some experiment or something? Huh?"

The voice replied, "You have to imagine your own death. You imagined the bullets firing, now imagine the aftermath".

Levi thought of his death. And it happened.

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