Out Go The Lights

All dazed. All confused. All in grave danger.


3. Is he still breathing?

Delphina spent time scrambling into the air vents, looking for any sign of Arthur.

"He's obviously dead! And we're all dead soon!" Levi grumbled. "This is a bloody waste of my time!"

"He's not dead!" Delphina insisted. "I can sense it!"

"What are you, freaking Spider-Man or some shit?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"Shut up. He definitely isn't dead!" Delphina lunged herself into the air vents and the remaining seven could hear her stomping through them, groaning.

"I've never heard someone as loud as Delphina go through an air vent before" Harry exclaimed.

A minute or so passed before they heard Delphina crawl back and poke her head out of the vent. "I can't find him! The air vent leads to a dead end but he isn't anywhere on the path!"

"Jesus Christ," Lori said. "He must have vanished!"

"Or maybe he was massacred and dragged away by some demon entity that only he can see" replied Philip.

"I saw something like in a film once" Quentin remarked.

"Shut up for a minute about films, would you?" Becky said rudely.

Suddenly an Arthur-sounding shout was heard from the telephone, which was conveniently placed in the wall. Harry raced over to it and answered. "Arthur?"

"No. Not quite." A dark voice responded with a strong hint of menace. "I'm gonna play a game with you guys. It's called, "Bang, Bang, out go the lights"". They all froze in terror. "Each of you is given a task and if you complete it, you may leave and never speak of what just happened. If you cannot complete it, then, out go the lights!"

"This is highly unexpected," Quentin butted in. "But we agree. We're going to attempt whatever bullshit you have to challenge us with".

"Very good" the voice said, "I say that...." the voice decided for a second. "Becky. You're up!"

Becky stood still.

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