Out Go The Lights

All dazed. All confused. All in grave danger.


11. Burn, baby, burn

Daniel and Harry were not aware of the danger of what lied ahead of them, but they proceeded to walk towards the light. The thermal energy attracting to Daniel's black (and slightly blood-stained) tuxedo was making him hot as well as Harry in his black skinny jeans.

"It's as hot as Mount Doom round here!" Harry moaned. "OI!" He shouted at the man but there was no response. "You big murderous dick! Turn the air-con on!"

"He won't do it," Daniel said calmly. "You'll have to put up with it, I'm afraid".

"Fine then" Harry grumpily marched towards the light before realising that it was in fact flames. "Jesus Christ!" They exclaimed as at the end of the path they were walking down, a huge ball of flames was brewing.

"Shit! Run!" Daniel spun round and ran back towards the air vents.

"Daniel! Wait!" Harry raced after him. They ran past each other, tugging at each other's shirts to get out of the way.

"Run!" Harry shouted as Daniel was out of breath. "For fuck's sake, run!"

"There's no point!" Daniel called back. "Let's face it, we're dead!"

"We're not dead! We'll get out of here and we'll be fine!" Harry replied, his voice and his fingers shaking with fear. The flames were coming towards them.

"Where are we, Harry? Where the FUCK are we?" Daniel lay down, gasping for breath. "I'll just sit here and die, thanks!"

Harry hesitated and was about to fight back before he realised that Daniel wasn't budging. "Suit yourself" Harry climbed up the pipe in front of him. Daniel saw what Harry was doing and got back to his feet.

"Harry, I'm coming!" He started to climb the pipe but it snapped and he fell on the ground. Harry noticed the fire was raging down the corridor at lightning speed. Daniel was about to climb a new pipe before he was engulfed by heat. In a millisecond, Harry saw Daniel's entire body obliterate. By the time the fire had passed, Daniel was gone and all that remained was a carcass. Harry climbed quicker than ever and reached a small window. He could see outside and there were many people in a bustling market square.

"Finally," Harry said to himself, as all of his friends were now dead. "I can escape from this mad house"

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